Shadow Knights MOD APK 3.24.228 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

Shadow Knights MOD APK 3.24.228 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)


App Name Shadow Knights: Ninja Game RPG
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Genre Action
Size 130mb
Latest Version 3.24.228
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Mod info Mega Menu, Unlimited Money
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Shadow Knights MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money) is an exciting action role-playing game (RPG) developed by Fansipan Limited for Android devices. With its dark fantasy setting, hack-and-slash gameplay, and deep character customization, Shadow Knights provides an immersive and addictive gaming experience for RPG fans.

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In this extensive review, we will cover all aspects of Shadow Knights to help you determine if this is the game for you. We will examine the game’s:

  • Gameplay and mechanics
  • Graphics and visuals
  • Storyline and setting
  • Character customization
  • Progression system
  • Monetization model
  • Technical aspects
  • Overall fun factor and replayability

So whether you are an avid gamer looking for a new RPG to sink your teeth into, or simply curious about Shadow Knights, read on for the full review!

Gameplay and Mechanics

Core Gameplay Loop

The core gameplay loop of Shadow Knights 3.24.228 apk follows the classic hack-and-slash RPG formula. You take control of a lone warrior and battle through hordes of enemies across dark-themed stages. Gameplay is presented in a 2D side-scrolling perspective.

Your objectives are simple – defeat all enemies in your path, take down bosses, collect loot, and upgrade your character. Rinse and repeat through over 100 levels spread across multiple worlds.


Combat in Shadow Knights on is fast-paced and satisfying. You have light and heavy attack buttons that can be chained into combos. Timing your attacks and dodges is crucial, especially against tougher foes.

As you level up, you unlock new skills and combos, allowing you to string together more devastating attacks. Combat stays challenging throughout thanks to the variety of enemy types, each with their own attack patterns and weaknesses.

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The touch screen controls work well, with options to customize the layout. You can move by tapping the left side of the screen and attack by tapping the right side. Extra buttons provide quick access to skills, dodging, blocking, and more.

The controls are responsive and intuitive, allowing you to pull off combos with ease. Auto-targeting ensures you are always attacking the nearest threat.


Defeating enemies and completing quests earns you experience points (XP) and gold. Gaining XP increases your player level, granting you skill points to unlock new combat abilities. Gold can be used to purchase equipment and upgrades.

The progression system keeps you hooked as you constantly work towards gaining XP and loot to make your character more powerful. Higher difficulties and New Game+ provide stiffer challenges for max level characters.

Graphics and Visuals

Shadow Knights apk features a dark gothic art style with anime-inspired character designs. The sinister monsters you battle fit nicely within the grim fantasy setting. Character animations are smooth and attacks pack a satisfying visual punch.

Backdrops and environments are gorgeously detailed, from eerie graveyards to foreboding castles. Lighting effects, like flickering flames and shafts of moonlight, enhance the ominous atmosphere.

While not the most technically advanced visuals, the art direction and attention to detail immerse you within the haunted world of Shadow Knights. The visual presentation pairs perfectly with the hack-and-slash action.

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Storyline and Setting

Shadow Knights apk contains a serviceable, albeit thin, storyline to provide context for the demon-slaying action. The world was peaceful until dark forces emerged, corrupting the land and its inhabitants. You take on the role of a lone warrior wielding a massive sword fighting back this evil.

Cutscenes between levels reveal snippets of story about the boss characters you are hunting down. Don’t expect an elaborate narrative – the focus is squarely on combat gameplay, not storytelling. The dark fantasy setting complements the gameplay nicely without getting in the way.

Character Customization

One of Shadow Knight’s strengths lies in its deep character customization system. As you level up, you earn points to spend across three skill trees:

  • Warrior – Improves health, defense, and melee abilities
  • Sorcerer – Grants elemental magic attacks and resistances
  • Rogue – Enhances critical hits, damage, and agility

Mixing and matching skills from each tree allows you to create unique builds. Will you make a tanky warrior or nimble spellcaster? The choice is yours.

You can also equip a wide variety of weapons, armor, rings, and amulets found as loot. These provide bonuses to stats and abilities that support your chosen build and playstyle.

With hundreds of collectible items and deep skill trees, you have endless options for customizing your hero in Shadow Knights.

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Monetization Model

Shadow Knights apk utilizes a free-to-play model with optional in-app purchases. The game itself is free to download and play without restrictions. You can access all levels, skills, equipment, and content without paying anything.

There are optional in-app purchases that provide consumable buffs or allow you to unlock additional character classes. However, these are not required to progress or succeed in the game.

The monetization is handled fairly discretely. You won’t hit any frustrating paywalls that halt your progress. Paying provides advantages but is completely optional.

Technical Aspects

From a technical standpoint, Shadow Knights performs well. The game loads quickly and I encountered no lag or glitches during play. Responsive controls and a steady 60 frames per second framerate make combat feel smooth.

The initial download is reasonable (86MB) and the game runs fine even on older devices. Needless to say, the graphics and animations shine on high-end mobile hardware. But you can enjoy the core experience even on a budget smartphone.

One downside is that the game requires an internet connection for progression and saves. You cannot play offline. However, once downloaded, the game does not consume much data.

Overall Fun Factor and Replayability

With its addictive hack-and-slash combat, stunning visuals, and deep progression system, Shadow Knights undoubtedly provides hours of entertainment. The gameplay loop of slaying enemies and growing stronger is as enjoyable as classic arcade beat ’em ups.

Replay value is quite high as well. You can replay levels on higher difficulties or with different characters. The equipment and skill customization also encourages multiple playthroughs to try new builds. Unlocking all achievements will keep perfectionists busy for a long time too.

While the repetitive gameplay may not appeal to all, RPG fans will find Shadow Knights hits the right notes for an entertaining mobile experience.

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Pros and Cons


  • Satisfying hack-and-slash combat
  • Beautiful gothic visuals
  • Deep skill trees and gear customization
  • Addictive progression system
  • Replayable with higher difficulties and NG+
  • Fair free-to-play monetization


  • Thin storyline
  • Repetitive gameplay may bore some
  • Requires internet connection
  • Additional heroes locked behind purchases


Shadow Knights succeeds in providing an engrossing hack-and-slash RPG experience on mobile. With its crisp graphics, responsive controls, and depth of content, Shadow Knights stands out as one of the better free-to-play RPGs on Android.

Fans of the genre should find plenty to enjoy in this dark fantasy adventure. Those seeking an elaborate narrative may be disappointed, but if you desire challenging combat and customization galore, Shadow Knights is easy to recommend.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

Game Details

Genre: Action RPG

Developer: Fansipan Limited

Platforms: Android

Release Date: March 2020

Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Shadow Knights:

Does it require internet connection to play?

Yes, an internet connection is required as player data is stored on remote servers. You cannot play offline.

Are there controller support?

Currently no. The game was designed for touchscreen controls.

How pay-to-win are the in-app purchases?

The IAPs provide minor advantages but are not necessary to progress or beat the game. Skill matters more than upgrades.

Can you play as different characters?

Initially you play as a sole protagonist. Additional heroes can be unlocked via IAPs or earned through gameplay.

Is there a stamina or energy system?

No, you can play levels consecutively without any timers or energy limits. No stamina bars to worry about!

And that concludes our extensive review of Shadow Knights: Ninja Game RPG for Android. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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