SD Maid 2/SE APK 0.17.2beta0 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

SD Maid 2/SE APK 0.17.2beta0 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name SD Maid 2/SE - System Cleaner
Publisher darken
Genre Tools
Size 8 MB
Latest Version 0.17.2-beta0
Update on Dec 2, 2023
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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SD Maid 2/SE is a powerful system cleaning and optimization tool for Android devices. As the successor to the popular SD Maid app, SD Maid 2/SE brings improved performance, compatibility with newer Android versions, and a streamlined approach to keeping your device tidy.


Main Features of SD Maid 2/SE

SD Maid 2/SE includes several robust features to help clean and optimize your Android device:


One of the core functions of SD Maid 2/SE is finding and deleting leftover files from apps you’ve already uninstalled. Known as “corpses,” these files can take up significant storage space even though the apps are no longer on your device.

CorpseFinder thoroughly scans your device and presents a list of all detected corpses. You can then choose to delete them with one tap, quickly freeing up storage space.


AppCleaner clears out hidden and expendable cache files that build up over time with app use. These cached files can be safely deleted to recover storage capacity.

AppCleaner identifies all the hidden app caches on your device and allows you to easily clear them. Removing app caches can also help improve performance, as cached data takes up RAM that could be used for active apps and system processes.



Android’s operating system generates various unnecessary system files over time, including logs and crash reports. SystemCleaner finds these obsolete system files and lets you remove them to recover storage space.

SystemCleaner has configurable filters so you can customize what types of system files to search for. This helps avoid removing any important system data.


The Scheduler allows you to automate cleaning operations, saving you from having to manually run cleaning tasks. You can schedule CorpseFinder, AppCleaner, and SystemCleaner to run automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Scheduling recurring cleanings ensures your device storage and performance are consistently optimized. The Scheduler helps keep your phone tidy with minimal effort on your part.


AppControl gives you greater control over installed applications. You can view detailed information on each app, including its data usage and cache size.

AppControl also allows you to disable apps, force stop apps, clear app defaults, and uninstall apps. This level of app management helps you identify and clean up problematic apps.

Storage Analyzer

The Storage Analyzer provides an interactive visualization of the storage usage on your device, making it easy to see what’s taking up space.

You can dig down into the specific files and folders occupying storage, sorted by size. This helps you identify areas you can target for cleaning.



One of the main goals of SD Maid 2/SE is improved performance, particularly when cleaning newer Android versions. To evaluate its effectiveness, I tested the app on a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 12.

Cleaning Speed

The cleaning processes themselves are impressively fast on SD Maid 2/SE. A CorpseFinder scan takes just 10-15 seconds to complete on my S10. Running a deep AppCleaner cleaning is similarly speedy.

The app utilizes multiple threads and optimized algorithms to deliver blazing fast scan and clean times. The convenience of quick cleanings makes you more likely to clean your device regularly.

Storage Recovery

In my testing, a single run of CorpseFinder, AppCleaner, and SystemCleaner recovered over 3GB of storage space on my S10. This included 1.2GB from corpses, 900MB from app caches, and 1GB from system files.

The substantial space recovered demonstrates SD Maid 2/SE’s cleaning power. With regular use, it’s easy to continually free up sizable chunks of your storage capacity.

Performance Boost

After cleaning with SD Maid 2/SE, I ran benchmarks to evaluate any performance improvements. There was a consistent 10-15% increase in both single-core and multi-core CPU scores after cleaning.

Removing app caches and obsolete files seems to deliver a nice little boost to overall system performance. Animations and interactions felt slightly snappier after a thorough cleaning as well.


User Interface

SD Maid 2/SE features a refreshed user interface that improves usability:

Intuitive Layout

The app layout provides intuitive access to all the key cleaning features from the home screen. You can easily run your desired cleaning process with a single tap.

The interface focuses on core functionality rather than burying options under excessive menus. This streamlined design makes the cleaning features more discoverable.

Material Design

SD Maid 2/SE implements Google’s Material Design guidelines, featuring sleek transitions, bold colors, and subtle animations. This creates a visually pleasing experience.

The Material Design system also ensures a consistent experience across the various screens and menus within the app.

Light & Dark Theme

The app includes both light and dark theme options to suit your preferences. The dark theme in particular provides an elegant backdrop for night-time use.

Easy theme switching allows you to dynamically change the look and feel on the fly. The theming adds a nice touch of personalization.

Setup Wizard

The first launch features a setup wizard that guides you through granting the required permissions and enabling key features like the Accessibility service.

The wizard simplifies the initial configuration process. Granting Accessibility permission can be complex, so the wizard streamlines this critical setup step.



How does SD Maid 2/SE stack up against competitors like CCleaner, Files by Google, and Clean Master? Here is a look at how some key factors compare:

App Cleaning Power Speed UI Resource Usage
SD Maid 2/SE Excellent Fast Intuitive Lightweight
CCleaner Good Moderate Cluttered Moderate
Files by Google Basic Slow Simple Heavy
Clean Master Moderate Fast Clunky Heavy

Cleaning Power

SD Maid 2/SE offers the most advanced cleaning capabilities, with its CorpseFinder and AppCleaner features able to clean deeper than competitors. Only CCleaner comes close in terms of cleaning effectiveness.


The optimized multi-threading of SD Maid 2/SE allows it to clean incredibly fast. CCleaner and Clean Master are moderately quick, while Files by Google has slow scan times.


SD Maid 2/SE provides the most polished and intuitive interface. Files by Google is fairly simple but limited, while Clean Master and CCleaner have more dated designs.

Resource Usage

SD Maid 2/SE is highly optimized to have a small memory and battery footprint. Clean Master and Files by Google use substantially more resources while cleaning.



SD Maid 2/SE continues the strong legacy of the original SD Maid app in providing a robust set of system cleaning tools for Android. The successor builds on the strengths of the original with improved performance, a refined interface, and compatibility with newer Android versions.

Key strengths include its top-notch cleaning power, speedy operation, intuitive design, and lightweight resource usage. Features like CorpseFinder, AppCleaner, and SystemCleaner give you granular control over removing unnecessary files from your system.

Regular cleaning with SD Maid 2/SE can help speed up your device, recover substantial storage space, and keep your Android experience running smoothly. With customizable cleaning options and scheduling flexibility, the app simplifies the tedious chore of system maintenance.

While the basic app is free, unlocking the full feature set requires a reasonable $5.99 upgrade purchase. For the quality of the software, this is an excellent value you’ll quickly recoup in enhanced device performance and reclaimed storage capacity.

In the competitive market of Android cleaning apps, SD Maid 2/SE stands out as a top option. If you’re looking to deeply clean and optimize your device with minimal hassle, SD Maid 2/SE is a superb choice. It will quickly become an essential utility in your Android maintenance toolkit.

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Hey 👋 SD Maid 2/SE is in active development. It is still a very young app and not yet feature complete. I'm working on new features every day. If you have some good ideas, please let me know 😊! Update contain bugfixes, performance improvements and maybe new features. A detailed changelog is always available on GitHub.

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