Samsung Health [Mod, Unlocked] Apk

Samsung Health [Mod, Unlocked] Apk

Samsung Health: The Ultimate Fitness App

App Name Samsung Health
Publisher Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Genre Health & Fitness
Latest Version
Update on Nov 26, 2023
Requirements 8.0
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Samsung Health is a free health and fitness tracking app developed by Samsung for Android and iOS devices. With over 50 million active monthly users, Samsung Health is one of the most popular fitness apps available .

This article will provide an in-depth review of Samsung Health, including:

  • 5 Key Features of Samsung Health
  • 3 Suggested Mod Features
  • Analysis of User Interface and Tracking Capabilities
  • Comparison to Other Fitness Apps

5 Key Features of Samsung Health

Samsung Health offers a robust set of features to help you monitor and improve various aspects of your health and fitness. Here are 5 of the key features:

1. Step Tracking

The step tracker uses your device’s accelerometer to count your steps throughout the day. You can view your daily steps on the home screen and set a target step goal to motivate you to move more.

2. Exercise Tracking

Easily track various exercises like running, walking, cycling, and more. Samsung Health provides detailed metrics for each workout like duration, calories burned, pace, distance, and heart rate (if using a compatible device). You can also import and export GPX route files for activities like cycling and hiking.

3. Sleep Tracking

Automatically track your sleep cycles and patterns using your compatible Samsung device. The app generates a sleep score based on time slept, sleep stages, and restlessness. Compare your score to others in your age group.

4. Heart Rate Monitoring

Track your heart rate continuously using the optical sensor on compatible Samsung smartwatches and fitness trackers. View trends in your resting, walking, and workout heart rates.

5. Together Tab for Challenges

Compete in step count challenges with your friends and view leaderboards comparing your daily steps with others in different age groups around the world. Great for motivation!

3 Suggested Mod Features

While Samsung Health already offers an extensive set of features, here are 3 suggested add-ons that would make the app even more powerful:

  • Enhanced third-party app integration: Restore ability to connect with popular third-party fitness apps like Strava, Headspace, MyFitnessPal to consolidate data.
  • Custom tracker creation: Allow users to create custom data trackers like meditation duration, gear usage, custom workouts, supplements, etc.
  • More training programs: Expand library of free training programs for running, HIIT, yoga, strength, and more.

Analysis of User Interface and Tracking Capabilities

User Interface

Samsung Health has a clean, intuitive user interface that makes the app very easy to navigate. The home tab displays all your key metrics on rectangular cards that are easy to glance at. The Together and Fitness tabs provide access to social features and training content.

Overall, the simplicity of the interface allows you to quickly view your pertinent health stats without unnecessary clutter.

Tracking Capabilities

Samsung Health provides comprehensive activity tracking, covering everything from basic moves like steps and runs to advanced metrics like heart rate variability and blood oxygen levels (with a compatible device).

While Samsung Health tracks most health signals automatically, you may need to manually log metrics like blood pressure, blood glucose, meals, caffeine intake, and weight.

Ideally, future versions of the app would automatically sync more third-party devices and apps to eliminate most manual tracking. But for most day-to-day fitness tracking needs, Samsung Health performs very well.

Comparison to Other Fitness Apps

Google Fit

Google Fit offers similar basic tracking capabilities but lacks some of the more advanced health metrics offered by Samsung Health. However, Google Fit provides seamless integration with other health apps and devices through the new Health Connect platform.

Apple Health

Apple Health is comparable to Samsung Health in terms of tracking capabilities, but it is limited to only iOS devices. Apple Health also focuses more on consolidating health records from hospitals and clinics rather than just fitness data.


For users focused primarily on fitness wristwear, Fitbit provides the best experience and analysis. However, the Fitbit app lacks some of the holistic health tracking features offered by Samsung Health.


With its wide range of tracking capabilities, intuitive interface, and vast device ecosystem, Samsung Health is one of the premier fitness platform available today. It excels at giving you a comprehensive overview of your health and fitness while providing insights and motivation to keep you on track with your goals. Addressing some of the suggested mod features would make Samsung Health nearly unrivaled in the fitness tracking space.

* With the application of One UI 6, the Home screen has been completely revamped. More information is shown, while bold fonts and colors make it easier to see the information you need most. Your latest exercise results are shown at the top of the screen, and more feedback is provided about your sleep score as well as your daily goals for steps, activity, water, and food. * Various bug fixes and improvements applied.

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