Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER APK 0.9.89 MOD [Unlimited Money]

Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER APK 0.9.89 MOD [Unlimited Money]

App Name Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER
Publisher ABGames89
Genre Simulation
Update on Jan 3, 2024
Requirements 5.1
Get it on Google Play
Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER is an exciting off-road driving simulator game for Android. Developed by ABGames89, it allows players to get behind the wheel of the legendary Russian off-road vehicle – the UAZ HUNTER. With its rugged military styling and aggressive power, the UAZ HUNTER is ready to take on any terrain.

Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER MOD APK

Game Story

In Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER, you play as a driver who acquires an old UAZ HUNTER vehicle. Your goal is to repair and upgrade this vehicle while exploring a huge open world filled with forests, villages, secret locations and more.

The game features an intriguing story spread across 60 story missions. You will encounter shady characters who will offer you different jobs. Based on the choices you make, you can align yourself with various factions like the police, the clinic, the bandits etc. This freedom of choice leads to different story arcs and endings.

Some of the jobs involve legal delivery work, while some others may border on the unethical side. Whose side will you choose?

Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER MOD APK

Key Features

1. Realistic Driving Physics

Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER features realistic simulation of off-road driving physics. The powerful torque and high clearance of the UAZ allows you to traverse uneven terrains like a pro. You can feel every bump and slide as you drive through forests, streams and beaches. The game uses a clever traction control system taking into account the surface you are driving on.

2. Exploration of a Vast Open World

The game features a massive open world map spanning forests, villages, beaches, bandit hideouts and more. The expansive environment is full of life with dynamic weather, working NPCs and wildlife. You’ll come across random dynamic events as you explore the map. There are lots of secrets and Easter eggs hidden across the world, encouraging thorough exploration.

3. RPG Progression System

As you complete missions and find treasures, you earn money and XP. Using these, you can upgrade various attributes of your character like driving skills, strength, charisma etc. You can also upgrade your trusty UAZ HUNTER with various performance and cosmetic upgrades. This progression loop keeps the game engaging for dozens of hours.

4. Survival Gameplay Elements

To add to the realism, Russian Car Driver also features some survival gameplay mechanics. Your character has stats for hunger, exhaustion etc. which you must manage by eating food and resting. You can go fishing, hunting and foraging for ingredients which can be cooked to prepare various recipes. The day-night cycle and dynamic weather influence such survival aspects.

5. Mini-Games and Activities

When you are not out on missions, you can indulge in various mini-games and activities. You can go fishing peacefully at the lake. Or participate in timed rally races against AI opponents to test your driving skills. There is also a challenging off-road competition called “Offroad Legend” which unlocks at a later stage.

6. Vehicle Customization

You can customize your UAZ HUNTER extensively to make it your own. There are dozens of body customization options like paint jobs, decals etc. You can install better headlights, off-road tires, enhanced suspension and many such performance upgrades. The game also features an in-depth vehicle damage system. So you’ll have to keep repairing and maintaining your ride.

7. Dynamic Weather System

The game features a dynamic weather system which makes the open world come alive. You may start your journey on a bright sunny day. But soon dark clouds gather and it starts raining heavily, reducing visibility. The surface gets slippery, affecting vehicle handling. Such weather effects create unique challenges during driving.

8. Outstanding Visuals

Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER features beautiful console-quality visuals with detailed environments and realistically modeled vehicles. The UAZ along with other vehicles and characters are recreated with remarkable attention to detail. Beautiful lighting effects, detailed textures and excellent optimization help bring the environment to life.

Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER MOD APK

What is the Mod APK?

The mod APK version of Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER comes with certain bonus features not available in the base game. These include:

  • Unlimited Money – Get unlimited money to spend on upgrades and customizations. With money cheat enabled, you can directly buy any item.
  • Free Shopping – All vehicle upgrades and character equipment available for free. No need to grind for money.
  • Unlimited Fuel – Your fuel gauge never goes empty, so you can enjoy uninterrupted driving.
  • No Damage – Your vehicles never get damaged no matter how much you crash!
  • All Skills Unlocked – All character skills unlocked from start. Reach max stats without leveling up.

The mod enhances the pace of progression, allowing you to focus on exploration and driving without worrying about expenses or grinding for money.

Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How big is the game download size?

A1. The standard download size is around 1.5 GB. The optional HD texture pack takes it up to around 2.5 GB.

Q2. Does the game require internet connection?

A2. No. Russian Car Driver is completely offline and does not need internet connectivity.

Q3. Can I play on PC?

A3. As of now, Russian Car Driver is only available on Android mobiles and tablets. The developers have not announced plans for a PC version yet.

Q4. Is there game controller support?

A4. Yes, the game fully supports external controllers including gamepads and steering wheels. This allows for an even more immersive driving experience.

Q5. Will my progress carry over across devices?

A5. Yes, the game supports cloud save allowing you to continue seamlessly even when switching devices. Just make sure to link your Google Play Games account.

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Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER MOD APK

So if you love open world driving games and the Russian wilderness, give Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER a go. With dozens of hours of exciting off-road driving, captivating storylines and fun mini-games, it offers plenty of bang for the buck.

Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER APK 0.9.89 MOD [Unlimited Money]


- Added New Year's quest - Added new Hat (Christmas) - Fix Bugs

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