Rumble Heroes APK 1.5.028 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]

Rumble Heroes APK 1.5.028 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]

App Name Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG
Publisher PlayHard.Lab
Genre Adventure
Latest Version 1.5.028
Update on Jan 5, 2024
Requirements 5.1
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Rumble Heroes is an exciting action RPG game for Android developed by PlayHard.Lab. Step into a vibrant fantasy world and lead a team of heroes on an epic quest to save the kingdom’s princess from the clutches of evil knights. With accessible hack-and-slash combat, resource gathering, base building, and hero progression systems, Rumble Heroes offers a fun and addictive gameplay loop that will keep you coming back.

Rumble Heroes MOD APK

The Story

The sole princess of your kingdom has been kidnapped by sinister dark knights. As the princess’ only hope, it’s up to you to assemble a crack squad of heroes to take on fearsome monsters across sprawling lands filled with danger and adventure. By rebuilding your village, gathering precious resources, and recruiting a formidable crew of legendary warriors, you’ll grow strong enough to confront the princess’ captors and bring her home safely.

Core Gameplay Loop

Reconstruct the Village

Your first task is to bring prosperity back to your humble village by clearing debris, chopping trees for wood, mining iron ore, and constructing essential buildings like the town hall, warehouse, and academy. A thriving base allows you to support more heroes.

Recruit New Heroes

Visit the local tavern to add brave adventurers to your party. There are over 30 unique heroes to discover, each with their own playstyles, skills, and personality. Send your champions into the wilds to train them up through intense battles.

Explore Sprawling Lands

Venture into picturesque open zones like lush forests, dry canyons, and frosty mountain valleys. Hundreds of menacing monsters roam these beautiful yet deadly lands. Defeat them in real-time combat to obtain valuable loot.

Unlock Exciting Features

As your village flourishes and your heroes grow stronger, you’ll gain access to fun late game content like challenging boss battles, competitive PvP arenas, clan systems, and limited-time events with exclusive heroes and rewards up for grabs.

Rumble Heroes MOD APK

Addictive Combat

Fight monsters using intuitive touch controls. Tap on foes to unleash basic attacks, or use heroes’ unique skills and spells for devastating area damage. Positioning and coordination between your party members is key. It’s an instantly enjoyable hack-n-slash experience.

Varied Heroes

Collect and command warriors with diverse fighting styles. Quick and agile archers. Tough heavily-armored knights. Elemental mages raining down fire and lightning. Support priests healing allies. Over 30 heroes are ready for recruitment, each with randomly generated traits that influence their stats and capabilities.

Progression Systems

Use coins, gems, and materials gathered from your adventures to upgrade your village buildings, craft powerful equipment, and promote your heroes. Reach new milestones to earn additional party member slots. Progression is quick and rewarding.

Rumble Heroes MOD APK

Premium Currency

Gems are used to speed up construction times or instantly finish hero recruitment quests. They can be slowly earned through normal play, purchased outright, acquired from daily login rewards, or via completing in-game achievements. Gems are not required, but offer convenience.


Short video ads appear occasionally between gameplay sessions. Watching them earns you free gems and buffs. Ads can also be permanently disabled for a reasonable one-time IAP purchase, allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment of Rumble Heroes at your own pace.

Rumble Heroes Mod APK

There are modified versions of the Rumble Heroes app that unlock premium features for free. The mod APK makes gems much easier to obtain, instantly finishes building construction queues, and provides your heroes with ultra powerful equipment otherwise unattainable through regular play. However mods are not officially supported.

Rumble Heroes MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the device requirements to run Rumble Heroes?

Rumble Heroes requires at least Android 5.1 and up. Generally most phones released in the past 5 years can comfortably run the game.

Is Rumble Heroes playable offline?

Yes! Once downloaded, an internet connection is not needed to play. All data saves locally on your device.

How much game content is there?

Currently there are over 30 unique heroes, 100+ monster types, a dozen expansive zones to explore with multiple difficulty modes, lots of village buildings to upgrade, hundreds of equipment varieties to collect, and special limited-time events.

Is Rumble Heroes pay-to-win?

No. All heroes and content can be unlocked without spending real money. There are no gameplay advantages exclusive to paying players.

Is there multiplayer or online features?

A clan system is coming soon that will allow playing cooperatively with others. PvP arena battles are also slated for a future update.

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Rumble Heroes MOD APK


With its casual hack-and-slash combat, charming pixel art style, and addictive progression loop of building a hero squad and village, Rumble Heroes offers an enjoyable and free-to-play friendly take on the action RPG genre for Android. Try it out and let the adventures begin!

Rumble Heroes APK 1.5.028 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]

1.5v Update Notes Summary - New Region "Fiery Plain" - New Hero "Double Shield Kyle" - New Event "Hall of Heroes" - New System "Skin" - Pub improvements - Increased max level

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