Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk 13.1.2 (Instant Win)

Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk 13.1.2 (Instant Win)

GAME INFO: Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk
MOD Features Instant Win
Category Games
Size 105 MB
Version 13.1.2
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk is an online two-player turn-based strategy game. It’s easy to learn and fast to play, yet it offers a huge range of strategic options for players looking for challenges. Players build their territories by turning all tiles in one direction on the board until they own as many squares as possible. The game ends when none can make any more moves and the player who owns most pieces win!

Online Multiplayer and Single Player Modes

Reversal Othellonia can be played online as well as offline. Players can join a game against either a friend on the same device or an AI opponent from different devices around the world. It also offers single player mode with several levels of difficulty, where players are challenged to earn coins by beating opponents at increasingly difficult levels.

Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk

Easy-to-Learn Ruleset

The rules of Reversal Othellonia are quite simple yet strategic enough so that even experienced gamers will find numerous possibilities for unique strategies in every game they play. All it takes is to turn all tiles in one direction on the board until none remain unclaimed so that you own more pieces than your opponent when the last tile is turned over!

Stylish Visuals and User Interface

Reversal Othellonia features charming visuals and smooth animations which add dynamism into every click or fold confirming important decisions during each match played using any device due to its optimized user interface specially designed for touch enabled mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Moreover it’s easy navigation makes enjoyable gaming experience accessible anywhere anytime!

Achievements & Leaderboards

While enjoying matches against friends directly or challenging diverse AI opponents from around the world; gamers get achievements under their name along with leaderboard rank based upon their overall progress displayed prominently against eventual triumph receiving well deserved bonuses & rewards showcasing skills acquired while playing this captivating fast paced two player strategy game intelligently rather than going after brute force tactics winning games through luck alone!.

Chat Option

As if competitive nature of most videogames were not good enough; there’s chat integration feature available within matches allowing both rivals engaged to exchange friendly messages while having heated software duels without any hassles thus providing satisfactory circumstances throughout enjoyed wearing stunning graphical presentation especially shaped responsively straight towards small display screens enabling matchmaking via great social platform where hobbies turns into pride eventually pushing passionate ones persevering harder gradually taking them up higher ultimately achieving greater heights no matter how tiny starting point was since very beginning!

Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk

Item Shop/Integrated Store

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On Screen Tutorial Guides Viewers Step By Step

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What is Reversal Othellonia Mod APK?

Reversal Othellonia Mod APK is a modified version of the original Reversal Othellonia game. It provides players with different unlocked features and benefits that can enhance their experience regardless of their level of skill in the game. Players can benefit from access to unlimited coins, items, characters and other special bonuses as well as being able to play through customized levels and challenges that cannot be found in standard versions.

Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk

Features of Reversal Othellonia Mod APK

Instant Win

Reversal Othellonia Mod APK gives players the luxury, with just one click, to instantly win their games. This feature offers both beginners and experienced players a powerful shortcut when mastering the game.

Unlocked Coins:

The modified version of Reversal Othellonia Apk Mod has unlimited coins available for use in-game. A player’s balance of coins increases each time they complete a level or turn that rewards them with currency which can then be used to purchase items within the shop or exchange against opponents and allies alike in order to stay ahead on points!

Unlock Characters & Levels

Reversal Othellonia Mod APK comes with several pre-unlocked characters and levels that players can select from. This feature grants access to top secret abilities and strategies for those who like to spice up their game play. As well as this, unlockable levels provide exclusive challenges unavailable in the vanilla version of the game, keeping opponents on their toes!

In-Game Shopping

Reversal Othellonia Mod APK offers an assorted range of items available in its in-game shop which allows players to purchase different boosters such as super powers or rare pieces for deception tactics. Additionally, it has several limited edition offer packs providing discounted products thus making shopping within the modified version more interesting than ever before!

Multiplied Experience

Playing Reversal Othellonia Mod APK can reward players with double point from their experience, enabling them to level up faster and acquire edge in competitive play unlike anything found in vanilla version. In this approach the advanced gamers can equally share same battlefield experience as beginner by remaining engaged throughout challenging sessions without having unfair advantages based upon knowledge only!

Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk

• Go to or direct download from online sources such as
• Search for Reversal Othellonia Mod APK Free Download and click on Install
• Read and agree with the terms & conditions of the app installation process.
• Once installed, open it up and you can start playing!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Check whether you have an adequate amount of space available on your device to install the game.
• Ensure that you are connected to a strong and stable internet or wireless network for successful completion of the download process.
• Revise if your device is compatible with running Reversal Othellonia Mod APK Free Download as it might not be supported in certain platforms or versions thereof.
• Check if any pending security updates on your device might be blocking installation from proceeding with smoothness, updating them may help conquer this problem!

Visual and sound quality


The developers behind Reversal Othellonia Mod APK had made sure to use the most modern graphical techniques so that users can experience their games in vibrant HD visuals. Every single game element, from boards to characters, are produced with utmost detail and vibrancy which makes them stand out no matter what device you try it on! The smooth animations of each turn make for a relaxing atmosphere and pictorial demonstration of confrontation between multiple opponents.


The game soundtrack of Reversal Othellonia Mod APK is uniquely animated with immersive beats that signify the start of each battle. Every sound and song has been carefully produced to reflect the mood or environment during progression, whether it be a peaceful victory or an intense duel! As players journey through different arenas in search for proper challenges; a selection set fittingly polished construction suitable music glides assimilating pleasantness despite being able absolute uproar all times!

Reversal Othellonia Mod Apk


Reversal Othellonia Mod APK is a revolutionized version of the popular two-player turn-based strategy game. The mod provides gamers with an array of features such as unlockable characters and levels, in-game shopping options as well as instant win features. Players can also find unique rewards along their journey when competing against both friends online and opponents from around the world with its smooth animations for all devices including smartphones, tablets etc.. The game has HD visuals that provide photosensitive details while the accompanying soundtrack keeps you enthralled throughout your experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the Reversal Othellonia Hack APK available for both Android and iOS?

A1: Yes! Reversal Othellonia Hack APK Free Download is available for free download from platforms like as well as other online sources such as

Q2: Does it provide players with unlimited coins?

A2: Yes, the mod provides access to an unlimited amount of coins which makes purchases much easier during gameplay.

Q3 : Are there any rewards within this version of the game?

A3 : Absolutely!This modified version grants access to exclusive rewards unavailable in the vanilla edition that encourages users while they progress thorough levels and gain experience points.

Q4 : What type of modifications have been applied on this version ?

A4 : The mod version of the game has several features such as instant win, unlocked levels and characters as well as an in-game store where limited edition offers can also be found.

Q5: Does Reversal Othellonia Apk Mod require any payment?

A5: No! Reversal Othellonia Apk Mod Free Download is completely free to download and install on any mobile device.


• Reversal Othellonia Modded Apk Free Download is an online two-player turn-based strategy game designed to be easy to learn and fast paced.
• Features include both Online Multiplayer & Single Player Modes, Easy-to-Learn Ruleset, Stylish Visuals & User Interface, Achievements & Leaderboards, Chat Options as well as an Item Shop/Integrated Store among many others!
• The Mod APK version of the game provides players with several unlocked features such as Instant Win Mode and Unlocked Coins along with access to different characters and levels that cannot be found in the vanilla version.
• It also includes InGame Shopping providing gamers with different boosters or superpowers for their matches plus Multiplied Experience which rewards them double point from their progressiveness efforts throughout each set level!.

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