Restaurant Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Restaurant Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Gameplay Features

Restaurant Story Mod Apk is a free-to-play cooking and restaurant management simulation game developed by Storm8 Studios for Android. The core gameplay involves cooking various recipes, serving customers, earning coins, and expanding your restaurant empire. The game starts with the player being given an initial small restaurant with limited equipment and recipes. The main objectives are to cook food, serve customers, keep them happy, earn coins, and expand the restaurant.

Restaurant Story MOD APK

Cooking and Serving Food

To cook food, the player selects a recipe and assigns it to a cooking appliance like a stove or oven. Different appliances can cook different recipes. Recipes take time to cook based on their complexity. Once cooked, food needs to be served quickly before it spoils. Customers enter the restaurant and order dishes. The player needs to monitor food levels and cook additional batches to meet demand. Serving customers earns coins. As the player levels up, more complex recipes, ingredients, and cooking equipment gets unlocked. Managing all the dishes across multiple appliances tests your multi-tasking skills.

Decorating the Restaurant

A big part of the game is decorating your restaurant to improve ambience and keep customers happy. You can choose from thousands of decor items like tables, chairs, wallpapers, floors, artwork, and more. Decorating is important because a well-decorated restaurant attracts more customers, keeps them happier, and earns you more income. You can customize the restaurant’s look and theme based on your preferences. New decor items get unlocked as you level up. You can also purchase special limited-time event decorations. The decorating aspect allows you to express your creativity.

Expanding Your Restaurant Empire

As your starter restaurant gets successful, you can expand your empire by opening new restaurants. Each new restaurant starts small just like your first one. The gameplay loop of cooking, serving, and decorating gets repeated across all your restaurants. You need to manage all of them simultaneously to grow your empire. With each new restaurant, you can try out a different cuisine style or decor theme. This allows you to explore new recipes and decor combinations.

Social Features

You can visit your friends’ restaurants to give them tips and gifts. They can visit your restaurant in return. You can also help each other out by sending ingredients. The social features create a sense of friendly competition. You can check out how your friends have designed their restaurants and get new decoration ideas. Overall, Restaurant Story provides a highly addictive and rewarding gameplay loop of cooking, serving, decorating, and expanding your empire. The social features add another layer of fun.

Graphics and Design

Restaurant Story features cute cartoonish graphics with bright, vibrant colors. The visual design is clean and polished while still being easy on the eyes.

Restaurant Visuals

The restaurants start out quite small but can be expanded into large spaces as you progress. All the restaurant elements like tables, chairs, counters, and decor items are neatly designed. The decor items span various themes like pirate ships, jungle safari, medieval castle, etc. This allows you to customize your restaurant’s look and feel. The visuals make the restaurants feel alive, with customers walking in, sitting, ordering food, and enjoying their meals. Small animated touches bring everything to life.

Food Visuals

Hundreds of food dishes are represented in vivid detail, from appetizing main courses to delicious desserts. The dishes look good enough to eat. When you serve a dish, you can see customers enjoying them on their plates. The visuals make the food prep and serving loop feel rewarding.

Character Designs

The customer characters have simple but expressive cartoon designs. Their visual cues like order bubbles, eating animations, and satisfaction help you serve them better. Your chef character is likewise designed in a cute cartoon style. The visuals keep the mood fun and lighthearted throughout.

Visual Polish

The game features a clean interface. Icons and buttons are intuitive and visually appealing. There is nothing too distracting on the screen. The polished graphics make the restaurant simulation immersive and satisfying. You feel like you are running real restaurants even though the visuals are cartoonish. Overall, the graphics and visual design create a fun and inviting atmosphere while being easy on the eyes. The excellent visual polish enhances the gameplay experience.

Restaurant Story MOD APK

User Reviews

Restaurant Story has a 4.3 rating on the Google Play Store, indicating largely positive reviews. Many users praise the addictive and rewarding gameplay. However, some common complaints can be seen.

Positive Reviews

Positive reviewers say the game is highly addictive and provides endless fun. They like the gameplay loop of cooking, serving, and decorating. Reviewers also enjoy the frequent updates and social features. Many mention they have played for years and are still not bored. They feel a sense of accomplishment from growing their restaurant empire. Customizing restaurants and trying new recipes are other positives highlighted.

Negative Reviews

Some common complaints are about glitches causing progress loss and unresponsive gameplay. Others feel the game pushes players to make in-app purchases to progress faster. A few reviewers feel the game has become too repetitive and shallow. Some also complain about annoying video ads and want an ad-free purchase option.


The addictive restaurant simulation gameplay clearly resonates with many players. But glitches and excessive monetization are pain points. More gameplay depth and polish is desired. Overall, the positive sentiment indicates Restaurant Story succeeds in its core gameplay loop. But the developers need to address technical and balancing issues.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks to progress faster and get more enjoyment in Restaurant Story:

  • Cook multiple batches of one recipe together on multiple stoves to serve customers faster.
  • Place popular quick recipes on stoves and longer recipes in ovens to balance speed and earnings.
  • Rearrange appliances to group similar recipes together for easier cooking and serving.
  • Only hire waiters after you have sufficient appliances to constantly cook food.
  • Send gifts to friends to get free ingredients and recipes in return.
  • Keep some spare tables and chairs in storage to quickly seat more customers when needed.
  • Only expand your restaurant when you have enough staff to manage increased customers.
  • Theme each restaurant uniquely – keep decor combinations limited but classy.
  • Refer to the food mastery meter to identify most profitable recipes.
  • Do not spend gems on speeding up recipes – use them only for expansion.


Restaurant Story offers a highly polished and addictive restaurant simulation for mobile. The gameplay loop of cooking, serving, and decorating is incredibly rewarding. Technical issues like glitches, balanced monetization, and shallow late-game progression need improvement. However, the core loop still shines through. With regular updates and tweaks, Restaurant Story has the potential to provide endless restaurant empire building fun. The social features also enhance replayability. For restaurant management simulation fans, Restaurant Story is easy to recommend. The game does the core gameplay loop exceptionally well. Just be prepared to get hooked for hours on end!

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