Resso Premium APK 3.7.2 MOD (Premium/No Ads)

Resso Premium APK 3.7.2 MOD (Premium/No Ads)


App Name Resso Music - Songs & Lyrics
Publisher Moon Video Inc
Genre Music & Audio
Size 101 MB
Latest Version 3.7.2
Update on Oct 25, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium/No Ads
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Resso is a music streaming app developed by ByteDance, the company behind TikTok. It was first launched in India in March 2020 and has since expanded to other countries.

Resso differentiates itself from other music streaming services with its focus on social interaction and community. Users can express themselves by sharing lyrics, creating playlists, and connecting with others who share their musical taste.

Some of the key features of Resso include:

  • Huge catalog of over 50 million songs
  • Synchronized lyrics that display in real-time as you listen
  • Social feed to see what friends are listening to
  • Share lyrics, playlists, and comments
  • Create and share short videos and GIFs with music
  • Available as a free ad-supported tier or paid premium subscription

In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Resso app for Android, including its user interface and design, features, music library, audio quality, pricing, and overall user experience.


User Interface and Design

The user interface (UI) of the Resso android app is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The main tabs are located at the bottom for quick access:

  • Home – See recently played tracks and recommendations
  • Friends – View friends’ activity and social feed
  • Search – Search for artists, songs, playlists
  • Library – Access your playlists, favorites, downloads

The now playing screen has a simple, clean layout. The large album artwork is prominently displayed, with the synchronized lyrics underneath. You can quickly like, share, or add the song to your library.

The Vibe videos playing in the background add a nice visual flair. You can choose different Vibe videos for each song from a selection.

Some key UI elements:

  • Intuitive gestures – Swipe left/right to change tracks, up/down to scroll lyrics
  • Minimalist design – Focused on music experience without too many distractions
  • Responsive interface – Dynamic resizing for different mobile screens
  • Animations – Smooth and subtle animations when performing actions

Overall, the UI design is modern, responsive, and focused on the core music experience. The graphics and animations make the app feel lively and engaging.



Resso comes packed with features that enhance the music listening experience. Here are some of the standout features:

Synchronized Lyrics

One of Resso’s signature features is real-time synchronized lyrics. The lyrics display line-by-line as the song plays, so you can read along or sing along. You can even tap on a specific lyric line to play that part of the song.

The synchronized lyrics make the music more immersive and interactive. For songs you don’t know well, following along with the lyrics helps you learn and remember them faster.

Social Feed

The social feed shows recent activity from friends and other users you follow. You can see which songs they are listening to, view lyrics they shared, and listen along to the same music.

This gives you a way to discover new music through friends and connect over shared musical tastes. You can like and comment on their posts to interact.

Short Videos & GIFs

For each song, you can create 15-second short videos or animated GIFs using special effects and filters. These audio-reactive visuals, called Vibes, play in the background while the song is playing.

Vibes help bring the music to life in a visual way. You can choose from recommended auto-generated Vibes or get creative making your own.


You can create and share playlists of your favorite songs or albums. The playlist feature works as expected, letting you organize music into sets for different moods and occasions.

Playlists made by others are also available to stream from the Friends and Home feeds. This makes discovering new playlists effortless.

Lyrics Cards

Easily share lyrics from any song as stylish cards on social media or messaging apps. The pre-formatted cards include the song title, artist, album cover image, and full lyrics text.

Lyrics cards make it super simple to share meaningful verses or the full lyrics with friends.


Music Library

Resso gives you access to over 50 million songs, covering a wide selection of genres, languages, and regions:

  • Global hits – Latest chart-toppers from around the world
  • Regional music – Expansive catalogs of Bollywood, K-Pop, Latin, and other regional genres
  • Indie artists – Emerging independent artists alongside mainstream acts
  • Podcasts – Selection of top podcasts episodes

The catalog includes music from major labels like Sony, Warner, and Universal. However, some gaps exist since Resso doesn’t have full licensing rights yet compared to Spotify or Apple Music.

But Resso’s strength is catering to fans of non-Western music. You’ll find one of the best selections of Indian, Asian, and Latin music streaming apps.

New albums and tracks are added regularly. Playlists are frequently updated with hot new releases and current chart hits.

While not as extensive as Spotify or Apple Music, Resso still offers an impressively large music library with strengths in regional music.


Audio Quality

On mobile, Resso streams music at 128kbps for free users and 256kbps for premium subscribers.

The 256kbps bitrate provides excellent audio quality on par with other top music services. The sound is crisp, clear, and detailed even through headphones or high-end speakers.

Resso uses the efficient AAC codec for audio encoding. No option for lossless quality yet, but the standard 256kbps premium streaming meets the needs of most users.

Pricing and Plans

Resso is available as a free ad-supported tier or a paid premium subscription without ads.

The free tier provides access to the full music catalog with occasional audio and visual ads. You are limited to 30 skips per day.

The premium subscription costs ₹99 per month in India (around $1.25 USD). Benefits include:

  • Ad-free listening
  • Unlimited skips and offline downloads
  • 256kbps high-quality audio
  • Exclusive premium-only features

Resso Premium is competitively priced compared to streaming services like Spotify or YouTube Music. It provides good value without being too expensive.

No family plans or student discounts yet. But the low monthly price makes it affordable for individuals.


User Experience

Here are some highlights of using Resso based on my experience:

  • Intuitive interface – Clean and easy to navigate whether you’re browsing or playing music
  • Fun social features – Enjoyable seeing friends’ activity and sharing music
  • Lyrics engagement – Synchronized lyrics make listening more active and immersive
  • Impressive recommendations – Recommended playlists and radios are spot-on to my tastes
  • Smooth performance – No lag or glitches even on slower internet connections

The user experience is polished, unique, and focused on connecting users through music. Small annoyances exist like ads interrupting the flow on the free tier. But the overall experience is excellent.

The social and lyrics features help Resso stand out from being just another music streaming clone. Music discovery is a delight with the tailored recommendations and friends’ activity.

For music fans who want a more interactive, social way to enjoy music, Resso hits the right notes.

Pros and Cons


  • Synchronized and shareable lyrics
  • Social feed shows friends’ activity
  • Create and share short music videos/GIFs
  • Good mix of major and indie artists
  • Impressive recommendations
  • Competitively priced premium plan


  • Music library lacks some newer Western music
  • Limited control over song queue
  • Can’t upload personal music files
  • No lossless audio quality option


Resso offers an excellent music streaming experience that stands out through its interactive lyrics and social features. The app has a solid music catalog bolstered by strong regional music support.

The user interface feels lively and engaging without being overbearing. Music discovery is enjoyable and personalized recommendations are on point.

While the library lacks some newer songs compared to Apple Music or Spotify, it still has an expansive global catalog. The premium plan is also attractively priced.

If you want a music app that goes beyond just tapping play, Resso is a great option. The synchronized lyrics and social feed create a music streaming experience that feels both immersive and connected.

For social and active music listening, Resso hits all the right notes.

  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • All-Region
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Premium Unlocked

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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