Rescue Dash 2.28.0 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Rescue Dash is an exciting and engaging city rescue arcade game app for Android. In this game, you take control of a rescue team tasked with saving animals that have escaped from the local zoo and wreaking havoc in the city. With challenging levels and addictive gameplay, Rescue Dash is a must-play for fans of arcade puzzle games.

Rescue Dash Mod Apk


Rescue Dash offers players:

  • Addictive, pick-up and play arcade gameplay
  • Engaging city rescue theme and story
  • Charming pixel art graphics
  • Smooth touch controls
  • 100+ challenging rescue levels
  • Powerups and bonuses to unlock
  • Leaderboards and achievements

Genre: Arcade, Adventure, Puzzle

Publisher: Matryoshka


The goal in Rescue Dash is to safely capture all of the escaped animals like seals, dogs, rabbits, raccoons etc from each level and return them to their enclosures.

You take control of the brave rescuer Jessica as she races around town rescuing these animals that are running amok. Using smooth touch controls, you guide Jessica around obstacles to reach each animal. Once near an animal you need to trap it using your lasso rope. After catching an animal, you must guide Jessica back to the zoo while avoiding hazards to safely return the animal.

Each level features various obstacles like cars, trucks, road blocks etc that you need to navigate around. Special powerups can be collected during levels like speed boosts, extra time and more to help you complete the rescue.

With 100+ increasingly challenging levels, Rescue Dash will keep you entertained for hours as you hone your animal rescue skills. Along the way you’ll unlock new locations and earn stars based on your performance in each level. Can you rescue all the animals and save the city?

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Rescue Dash Mod Apk


Some key features that make Rescue Dash a great city rescue game include:

  • Addictive Gameplay – With smooth touch controls and short level sessions, Rescue Dash is easy to pick up and play, but hard to put down.
  • 100+ Challenging Levels – Test your skill rescuing animals across city, forest, beach and other locations in over 100 puzzle-like stages. More levels added all the time.
  • Timed Levels – Race against the clock to complete levels before time runs out. Use powerups like time stop and extra time wisely.
  • Animal Collection – Rescue all kinds of cute animals from seals to rabbits, dogs, pandas, lions and more.
  • Powerups & Bonuses – Collect and use powerups like Speed Boost and Coin Magnet to help you complete levels.
  • Leaderboards – Compare your level scores and times with friends and others around the world.
  • Achievements – Earn stars and trophies for completing challenges.

With its charming pixel graphics, humorous rescue story and engaging one-touch gameplay, Rescue Dash is a winner for casual gamers looking for an entertaining arcade puzzler on mobile.

Rescue Dash Mod Apk

Rescue Dash Mod Apk

For an enhanced gameplay experience, a Rescue Dash mod apk can be downloaded. This hacked version of the game generally includes:

  • Unlocked premium skins
  • Unlimited money / coins
  • All levels unlocked
  • No ads

Using the mod apk, you can access all game content without needing to progress through the levels or make any in-app purchases. This allows you to fully enjoy Rescue Dash from the beginning.

However, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind when using mod apks:

  • Rescue Dash mod apk not available on Google Play store
  • Need to allow installation from unknown sources
  • Increased risk of malware
  • Could have stability issues
  • Developer does not receive revenue from ads & purchases

So while the mod apk provides a great way to unlock everything for free, it does come with some risks. Proceed with caution when choosing third party modded apks.

Graphics and Sound

Rescue Dash features charming retro pixel art graphics that are colorful and detailed. The pixel characters and environments are smoothly animated.

The graphics effectively capture the light-hearted, humorous tone of the game. Whether you are rescuing animals from the city streets, forest campgrounds or sandy beaches, the details and fluid animations help bring each environment to life.

The sound effects equally match the casual arcade style. All the sound effects from collecting items to capturing animals are amusing without being overbearing. Upbeat background music matches the rescue adventures.

Overall, the retro pixel graphics and upbeat sounds perfectly complement the casual pick-up-and-play arcade gameplay. The graphics and audio combine to create an engaging, playful atmosphere.

Rescue Dash Mod Apk

Rescue Dash Gameplay Tips

Here are some useful tips to help you rescue more animals and improve your high scores in Rescue Dash:

  • Take direct routes – When rescuing an animal, try to take the most direct route back to the zoo avoiding obstacles. This will leave you more time to rescue additional animals.
  • Utilize powerups – Powerups like Coin Magnet and Time Stop are key to achieving 3 star ratings. Use them when surrounded by many coins or to freeze the timer when running out of time.
  • Watch the map – Keep an eye on the level map in the corner to efficiently plan the best order to rescue animals and get combos.
  • Combo rescues – Try to rescue multiple animals in quick succession without returning to the zoo inbetween. Big combos result in bonus coins and points.
  • Collect coins – Coins allow you to unlock new animal skins and powerups. Collect as many as you can during a level.
  • Avoid hazards – Stay clear of hazards like cars, water and cliffs that can slow you down or result in a lost animal.
  • Upgrade abilities – Use coins to purchase upgraded lasso strength and dash speed in the shop. This will make completing levels easier.

Follow these tips and you’ll be a top animal rescuer in no time!

Rescue Dash Mod Apk

Rescue Dash FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Rescue Dash:

Is Rescue Dash free to play?

Yes, Rescue Dash is completely free to download and play on Android devices. There are optional in-app purchases available for coins and powerups, but these are not required to fully enjoy the game.

Does Rescue Dash have leaderboards?

Yes, Rescue Dash has global leaderboards so you can compare your level scores and times with other players around the world. There are also leaderboards for most coins collected.

How many levels are in Rescue Dash?

Rescue Dash currently has over 100 engaging rescue levels across a variety city, forest, beach and other environments. New levels are added regularly in updates so there’s always more animal rescues!

Is an internet connection required to play?

No, Rescue Dash can be played offline once downloaded. However, an internet connection is required the first time you open the game and if you want to access the leaderboards.

Does Rescue Dash work on tablets or only smartphones?

Rescue Dash is compatible with both smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 and above. The game auto-scales to fit different sized screens.

Are there other games similar to Rescue Dash?

Some other games with similar arcade rescue gameplay include Pukk, Tuk Tuk Rush, Despicable Bear and Rocky Rescue. But none have quite the same charm and engaging gameplay combination of Rescue Dash.

Should You Download Rescue Dash?


  • Highly addictive and entertaining arcade gameplay
  • Cute pixel art graphics and animations
  • Smooth touch controls for easy rescuing
  • 100+ challenging levels across varied environments
  • Powerups add variety and strategy
  • Global leaderboards for competition
  • Frequent updates with new content
  • Kid friendly rescue theme


  • Can get repetitive after long sessions
  • Contains ads between levels
  • In-app purchases push for coins
  • Needs internet for leaderboards
  • Lacks multiplayer or co-op modes


For fans of casual arcade games, Rescue Dash is definitely worth downloading thanks to its addictive pick-up and play dynamics and charming city rescue theme. With 100+ levels packed with challenge and variety, you’ll be entertained for hours as you rescue cute pixel animals in this engaging puzzler.

While an internet connection is recommended to get the full experience, you can still enjoy hours of fun offline gameplay. And the optional in-app purchases are not required, leaving you to enjoy the core adventuring gameplay for free.

With its smooth one-touch controls, varied objectives, humorous premise and varied level designs, Rescue Dash excels as a polished and rewarding arcade puzzler for Android. If you’re seeking an entertaining pick-up-and-play experience to dive into during spare moments or extended sessions alike, Rescue Dash is a must download.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rescue Dash is a fun and addictive arcade game for Android with a city rescue theme
  • Your goal is to recapture escaped zoo animals wreaking havoc around town
  • Features smooth touch controls and 100+ challenging rescue levels
  • Retro pixel graphics and upbeat music create a playful atmosphere
  • Optional powerups and leaderboards add strategy and competition
  • Mod apk available for full unlocked gameplay
  • Easy to pick up and play with engaging progression
  • Ideal for fans of casual puzzle and arcade games


With its entertaining city rescue premise, smoothly challenging progression, and engaging gameplay mix of speed, skill and strategy, Rescue Dash is one of the best arcade experience currently available for Android. It offers hours of free entertainment and replayability for all ages.

If you are looking for your next casual game addiction to play during brief moments or extended sessions, Rescue Dash should top your list thanks to its polished addictive gameplay and charming retro style. Download Rescue Dash today and help return peace and order to the zoo-stricken city!

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