Remini APK 3.7.438.202300811 MOD (Full Unlocked, No Ads, Unlimited Pro Cards)

Remini APK 3.7.438.202300811 MOD (Full Unlocked, No Ads, Unlimited Pro Cards)

App Name Remini - AI Photo Enhancer
Publisher Bending Spoons
Genre Photography
Size 264 MB
Latest Version 3.7.438.202300811
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Mod info Full Unlocked/No Ads/Unlimited Pro Cards
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Remini is a photo enhancement app that uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of photos. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Remini has become one of the most popular photo editing apps for Android. In this detailed review, we will take a close look at Remini’s user interface, performance, key features, and how it compares to other similar apps.

Remini MOD APK

User Interface

The user interface of Remini is clean, simple, and easy to navigate.

  • The app opens up to the home screen which shows your recent photos and an option to choose photos from your gallery.
  • At the bottom, there are tabs to access the Enhance, Collage, and Profile sections.
  • In the Enhance tab, you simply need to select a photo and tap on Enhance. Remini’s AI will automatically process the image and show you the enhanced version.
  • The editing tools and options are minimal with just sliders to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness.
  • There are also some filters and color options to choose from.
  • The interface focuses more on automatic one-tap enhancement rather than detailed editing controls.

Overall, Remini has a straightforward design optimized for mobile devices. The simple workflow and lack of complex options make it easy for anyone to use Remini, from casual users to professional photographers.

Remini MOD APK


Remini leverages artificial intelligence to process and enhance photos quickly and efficiently. Here is an overview of its performance:

  • Processing time is very fast. Enhancing a standard photo takes just 2-3 seconds on average.
  • Results are displayed in real-time as you adjust the sliders.
  • Image quality is excellent. The enhanced photos retain details well while reducing noise.
  • Works well on improving low resolution images.
  • File size of output image remains similar to input. Enhanced photos are not resized or compressed.

The only lag is during the initial import of photos from the gallery which can take a few seconds. Other than that, Remini’s performance is snappy and responsive. The quick processing enables enhancing photos on the go before sharing them.

Remini MOD APK

Key Features

Some of the standout features of Remini are:

  • One-tap photo enhancement using AI to automatically improve image quality.
  • Face enhancement to sharpen facial details and textures.
  • Portrait enhancement to smooth skin and make subjects more attractive.
  • Old photo restoration to repair damage and reduce noise in old photos.
  • Low resolution photo upscaling to increase resolution and add details to pixelated images.
  • Blur reduction to sharpen blurry photos.
  • Basic editing tools like crop, rotate, filters, and adjustment sliders.
  • Collage maker with customizable grids and layouts.
  • Slideshow maker to turn photos into video slideshows.

Remini’s magic lies in its AI algorithms that can intelligently analyze photos and enhance them. The facial and portrait enhancement gives great selfies and people pictures. Restoration makes old damaged photos look new while upscaling breathes new life into low-res images.

Remini MOD APK

Comparison with Other Apps

How does Remini compare with other popular photo enhancer apps? Here is a brief comparison:

App Key Features Ease of Use
Remini One-tap enhance, portrait editing, old photo restoration, AI photo upscaling Very easy
Adobe Lightroom Pro editing tools, batch processing, presets, RAW support Moderate
Snapseed Filters, healing tool, brush, face enhancement, tuning tools Easy
PicsArt Collage, drawing tools, filters, frames, text, effects, face editing Moderate
Prisma Art filters, portrait editing, background changer, effects Very easy
  • Remini stands out for its simplicity and AI-based enhancement capabilities.
  • Lightroom offers professional editing tools but has a learning curve.
  • Snapseed is easy to use with a good set of enhancement and tuning options.
  • PicsArt has more creative tools like drawings, frames, fonts.
  • Prisma focuses on applying artistic filters and effects.

So in summary, Remini has carved a niche for itself as an intelligent photo enhancer for quick everyday edits using the power of AI. It may not have the advanced capabilities of pro editors but makes up for it with ease of use and good automatic results.

Remini MOD APK

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key advantages and limitations of Remini:


  • Quick one-tap photo enhancement using AI.
  • Excellent results in improving old, blurry, low-res photos.
  • Intuitive mobile-first interface. Very easy to use.
  • Fast processing time and performance.
  • Face enhancement works great for portraits and selfies.
  • Keeps original photo resolution and quality.
  • Freemium model – free version with paid subscription for full features.


  • Limited manual editing capabilities and filters.
  • iOS version offers fewer features than Android currently.
  • Free version shows ads and has export watermark.
  • Some tools like portrait editing don’t work well on all photos.
  • Lacks batch processing features.
  • No cloud storage or social sharing integration.

Remini MOD APK


Overall, Remini is a great mobile photo enhancement app that achieves excellent results through the power of AI. The automatic one-tap enhancement makes it super simple to use while still improving photos effectively. It may not have the editing depth of pro software but makes up for it through its intelligent AI algorithms tailored for mobile use. The app is blazing fast, free to use and delivers noticeably better photos. Minor shortcomings aside, Remini is a must-have app for anyone who wants to take their smartphone photography up a notch.

  • Premium Subscribed
  • Premium Unlocked

Transform your selfies into breathtaking scenes and unlock a world of possibilities! Try on new hairstyles, explore dream destinations, and step into various roles effortlessly. Dive into the world of AI-powered metamorphosis – your perfect shot awaits! Your experience is our priority, and this update brings you enhanced stability for seamless creativity. Love from the Remini team

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