Red Imposter MOD APK 1.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

Red Imposter MOD APK 1.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

Red Imposter is a stealth action mobile game inspired by the wildly popular Among Us. As a murderous imposter astronaut, you sneak around a spaceship slaughtering crewmates without getting caught. With simple controls and addictive gameplay, Red Imposter delivers a fun stealth experience for Among Us fans.

Overview and Gameplay

Red Imposter belongs to the stealth/action genre. The goal is to kill all human crewmates on a spaceship before they complete their tasks or expose you. Core gameplay elements include:

  • Stealth kills – Sneak up and stab crewmates when alone
  • Vents – Hide in vents to evade detection
  • Tasks – Crewmates try completing tasks to win
  • Sabotage – Disrupt systems to slow the crew’s progress
  • Ejections – Get caught and crewmates vote to eject you

The premise mirrors Among Us but plays as a single player 3D action game. Matches are quick and intense – kill all crew before being exposed. Clear levels swiftly and unlock new character skins.

Graphics and Visuals

The retro 3D visuals pay homage to Among Us with a different art style.

Characters use blocky astronaut suits with glowing visors. Imposters wield deadly knives for swift assassinations.

Environments depict the sterile interior of spaceships. Rooms connect via vent tunnels for stealthy traversal.

Animations are smooth and polished. Crewmates move naturally doing tasks. Imposter knife attacks are visceral and satisfying.

While simple, the graphics have plenty of charm. The retro 3D aesthetics combined with bloody violence creates a unique tone.

Red Imposter MOD APK

Game Modes

Red Imposter focuses on single player content with various game modes.


The campaign mode spans 50+ levels across different ships. Each level introduces new hazards and challenges. Reach the end to unlock all character skins.


Endless mode generates infinite procedurally generated ships. Kill as many crewmates as possible before defeat. Compete for high scores on the leaderboards.


Daily challenges provide specific objectives, like killing 10 crewmates undetected. Complete them to earn upgrade points and currency.

Core Mechanics

Red Imposter executes the essential imposter gameplay well. Key mechanics include:

Stealth Kills

Sneak up behind crewmates and tap the knife button to instantly kill them. Time your attacks when no one is looking. Bodies left in the open will trigger alarms.


Hide in vents to evade crewmates. Vents teleport between rooms letting you traverse the ship unseen. Master vent positioning to strike unseen.

Crewmate Tasks

Crewmates perform tasks like swiping cards and recording data to win. Sabotage tasks to slow their progress. If too many tasks get completed, you lose.


Use sabotage to disrupt systems like Oxygen and Reactors. This distracts crewmates from completing tasks. Time sabotages wisely.


Get spotted near a body or acting suspicious and crewmates will call emergency meetings. Survive the voting round or you get ejected into space.

Red Imposter MOD APK

Progression and Unlocks

Earning stars from completing levels lets you unlock new content.


Unique astronaut skins change your character’s appearance. Collect them all by finishing levels.


Upgrades like increased movement speed and vent cooldown timers improve your chances.


Special abilities give you new ways to kill, like throwing knives or creating dark fog.


Fresh weapons like the laser crossbow offer new assassination options beyond the classic knife.

Progression stays rewarding with fun cosmetics and helpful upgrades to earn.

Controls and Interface

Red Imposter uses intuitive touch controls and interface.


Tap to walk around levels and interact. Swipe to look around. Tap knife icon to assassinate.


A map displays crewmate and objective locations. The task bar shows overall completion progress.


Settings include sensitivity, music, resolution and more. Tweak them for your preferred experience.

Controls are optimized for touchscreens. The interface provides necessary information cleanly and efficiently.

Review Summary

What’s Great

  • Satisfyingly gory stealth kills
  • Hiding in vents adds depth
  • Fun variety of game modes
  • Polished 3D graphics and animations
  • Great controls optimized for touch
  • Meaningful progression system

What’s Lacking

  • Can feel repetitive after long sessions
  • Crewmate AI is fairly simple
  • Story and characters are thin
  • Limited customization/progression options


For Among Us fans seeking a single player focused stealth experience, Red Imposter is a bloody good time. Slaughtering crewmates and hopping between vents captures the imposter fantasy well.

While the core gameplay loop grows repetitive after extended play, there is enough variety across game modes and progression to keep it enjoyable. Polished controls and presentation deliver a solid mobile gaming package.

Hardcore stealth genre fans may find the mechanics too simple, but more casual players should appreciate the pick-up-and-stab accessibility. Overall, Red Imposter successfully translates the appeal of Among Us into a compact mobile action stealth experience.

Red Imposter MOD APK

Full Review


Among Us took the world by storm in 2020, becoming one of the most popular mobile and PC games around. The social deduction gameplay struck a chord, with groups of friends deceiving each other as imposter aliens infiltrated spaceships.

Red Imposter brings the imposter fantasy to life in single player form. Rather than convince a crew you’re innocent, the goal is simply to slaughter them undetected. If you loved the idea of being the imposter in Among Us but disliked the conversations and debates, Red Imposter lets you focus purely on stealthy assassinations.

Developed by Gamejam, Red Imposter launched on iOS and Android in 2021. The retro 3D graphics and bloody violence put a fresh spin on Among Us’ formula. Across a variety of game modes, you stab, sabotage, and vent your way through over 50 handcrafted levels.

This in-depth review will cover every aspect of Red Imposter to see if it’s worth your time and money. Key factors like gameplay, controls, progression, and presentation will be analyzed. Let’s jump in!

Gameplay and Modes

Red Imposter nails the core imposter experience of stealthily assassinating crewmates. Kills are visceral and vent traversal adds depth. The campaign provides escalating challenges while endless mode offers quick pick-up-and-play action.

As a murderous imposter astronaut, your goal is simple – kill the entire crew before they complete tasks and expose you as an intruder. Gameplay consists of:

  • Sneaking up on crewmates and stabbing them when alone
  • Hiding bodies so kills go undetected
  • Traversing vents to move unseen between rooms
  • Sabotaging systems to distract and delay the crew
  • Avoiding getting voted off if suspicious behavior is witnessed

It’s like Among Us but plays out in third person 3D rather than a 2D map. The emphasis is on stealth and action rather than talking your way out of trouble.

Satisfying Stealth Kills

When you’re alone with a crewmate, tap the knife button to violently stab them in the back. A fountain of blood sprays out as they slump to the ground lifeless. It feels great every time you land a perfect hidden kill.

Just be sure to hide the body in a vent afterwards – if another crewmate stumbles on a corpse they’ll trigger emergency alarms. You need to strike the balance of keeping kills frequent but hidden.

Vents Add Depth

Vents let you swiftly traverse between rooms of the ship unseen. Master vent positioning and you can drop in on any room for an ambush. Vents make navigation deeper than just walking between doors.

But vent too frequently and crewmates will notice the sounds and get suspicious. Use them strategically as an escape tool or for sneaking up on hard to reach areas. Overall, vents add immensely to the stealth options.

Red Imposter MOD APK

Crewmates Must Complete Tasks

The crewmates will go about their tasks trying to keep the ship running. These include swiping ID cards, recording data, fixing wiring, and more.

As imposter, you can sabotage tasks to slow everything down. But if the crew completes all tasks before you kill everyone, you lose. It becomes a tense race against the clock.

Sabotage Adds Variety

You can activate sabotage abilities to sow chaos and distraction. Drain oxygen from rooms, shut off the reactor, close doors to trap crewmates, and more.

Time sabotages wisely to send the crew scrambling while you pick them off. But overuse abilities and the crew will realize something is very wrong. Sabotage opens up creative options.

Ejections Raise the Stakes

If a crewmate catches you killing or acting suspicious, they can trigger emergency meetings. You’ll have to survive a voting round. Convince the crew of your innocence or it’s out the airlock.

Ejections force you to be hyper aware of your surroundings. Get careless and let a witness escape and your imposter run ends swiftly.

Campaign Mode

The full campaign mode spans 50+ handcrafted levels across various ships and environments. The campaign introduces mechanics and hazards gradually while increasing difficulty.

Early levels start simple with just a few crewmates to kill on a small ship section. By the end, you’ll be assassinating dozens while dealing with cameras, guard bots, and more.

Completing campaign levels earns stars for progression. 5 starring every level shows true mastery. The sense of rising stakes and challenges keeps things engaging.

Endless Mode

For quick action, endless mode generates an infinite series of random ships. Kill as many crewmates as you can in each one before being discovered and ejected.

You earn points for each successful kill. See how high you can score before defeat. Endless mode is perfect for pick-up-and-play sessions and honing skills.

Challenge Mode

Daily challenges give you a specific objective, like killing 10 crewmates undetected or completing a level only using vents. Challenges test your abilities and knowledge of mechanics.

Completing them earns upgrade points and currency. Having a fresh challenge each day keeps gameplay varied.

Visuals and Presentation

While simple, the retro 3D visuals have plenty of charm and fit the stealth gameplay well. The user interface is also clean and intuitive.

Graphics and Visual Style

Red Imposter uses a minimalist low poly 3D art style that helps it run smoothly on mobile. The retro graphics have plenty of charm despite lacking detail.

Characters use chunky astronaut suits with glowing visors – reminiscent of Among Us crewmates while still unique. Imposters menacingly wield large knives for satisfying backstabs.

Environments depict the sterile futuristic interiors of spaceships with metallic walls, doors, vents, and accents. Locations like laboratory, reactor room, cafeteria, and barracks have distinct looks.

Animations are simple but smooth. Crewmates move naturally while doing tasks. Your imposter swipes knives aggressively. Vents open and close dynamically when used.

Effects like blood sprays when you assassinate crewmates add visceral flair. Sabotaging systems triggers visual sparks and flames for chaos.

Visual Feedback helps you assess situations quickly. Icons indicate crewmate vision ranges and whether they are suspicious. Alert symbols pop up when bodies are discovered.

Art Style Creates Tone

While retro, the art style creates a unique tone. The stark 3D environments with bloody violence contrasts Against Us’ cute 2D bean characters

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