ReadEra Premium APK 23.11.271900 MOD (Paid for FREE)

ReadEra Premium APK 23.11.271900 MOD (Paid for FREE)

App Name ReadEra Premium – ebook reader
Genre Books & Reference
Size 22 MB
Latest Version 23.11.27+1900
Update on Nov 27, 2023
Requirements 4.1
Mod info Paid for free
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ReadEra Premium is one of the most popular and highly-rated ebook reader apps available for Android. With over 34,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Google Play, it’s clear that ReadEra offers an excellent reading experience for users.

ReadEra Premium MOD APK

Overview of ReadEra Premium

ReadEra Premium is the paid, ad-free version of the ReadEra app. It offers the following key features:

  • Support for a wide variety of ebook formats – ReadEra can open and display ebooks in EPUB, PDF, DOC/DOCX, RTF, MOBI, AZW3, FB2, DJVU, TXT, ODT, and CHM formats. This covers most common ebook types.
  • Customizable reading settings – You can customize the font, font size, colors, margins, spacing, and other reading settings.
  • Night mode – Read comfortably in dim lighting with the night/dark mode.
  • Text-to-speech – Have the app read books aloud to you.
  • Dictionary – Look up definitions of words instantly.
  • Notes and highlights – Annotate and mark up your ebooks.
  • Bookmarks – Easily bookmark pages to return to later.
  • Syncing – Sync your library, bookmarks, notes, etc across devices via Google Drive.
  • Library management – Organize your ebook library with collections and categories.
  • Fast performance – Quick page turns and smooth scrolling even for large PDF files.
  • Intuitive interface – Simple, clean, and modern design.
  • Continuous development – Regular app updates with new features and improvements.

Let’s explore some of these features in more detail:

Supported eBook Formats

One of the best things about ReadEra is its support for a wide range of ebook formats:

  • EPUB – The most common unprotected ebook format.
  • PDF – Universal format good for more complex layouts.
  • DOC/DOCX – Microsoft Word documents.
  • RTF – Rich Text Format.
  • MOBI – Amazon Kindle format.
  • AZW3 – Enhanced Kindle format.
  • FB2 – Popular ebook format in Russia.
  • DJVU – Format specialized for scanned documents.
  • TXT – Plain text files.
  • ODT – OpenDocument text.
  • CHM – Microsoft Compiled HTML Help.

This comprehensive format support means you can throw almost any ebook at ReadEra and it will handle it. You don’t have to worry about converting formats or installing multiple ebook apps.

ReadEra Premium MOD APK

Customizable Reading Settings

To provide the best reading experience, ReadEra gives you many ways to customize how ebooks are displayed:

  • Font choice – Choose from a variety of fonts like Georgia, Arial, Verdana, OpenDyslexic, etc.
  • Font size – Make text bigger or smaller for your preferences.
  • Line spacing – Adjust line spacing for improved readability.
  • Margins – Increase or decrease margins around the text.
  • Text alignment – Left align, right align, or justify text.
  • Colors – Customize text, background, and highlight colors.
  • Brightness – Set brightness for day or night reading.
  • Text style – Make text bold, italic, underline, etc.
  • Hyphenation – Turn hyphenation on or off.
  • Kerning – Control letter spacing and kerning.

Advanced options like hyphenation and kerning show the degree of customizability offered by ReadEra. You can really fine-tune the reading experience to match your tastes.

Day and Night Reading Modes

To make reading comfortable in any environment, ReadEra provides dedicated day and night modes:

  • Day mode – A bright, white background with dark text is ideal for daytime reading.
  • Night mode – In night mode, the background becomes dark and text light for easier reading in dim light without straining your eyes.

The night mode uses a special algorithm to provide the optimum color and contrast for nighttime reading. This is better for your eyes than just inverting colors.

You can let ReadEra switch between day and night modes automatically based on the time of day. Or choose a mode manually.


For audiobook lovers or people with visual impairments, ReadEra can convert any ebook into audio. It will read the book aloud using synthesized text-to-speech.

You can control the speed, pitch, and volume of the narration. It also automatically pauses at the end of sentences and paragraphs for better comprehension.

Text-to-speech allows you to listen to books when your eyes need a rest from reading. It’s also great for catching up on books while commuting, exercising, cooking, etc.

ReadEra Premium MOD APK

Built-In Dictionary

Don’t know the meaning of a word? ReadEra has a dictionary feature that lets you instantly look up definitions without leaving the app.

Just long press on a word and the dictionary will open with the definition. This works for English words and some other languages like Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

The dictionary lookup helps you learn new words easily while reading and saves you from constantly switching between apps.

Notes, Highlights, and Bookmarks

To create a more active reading experience, ReadEra provides robust annotation capabilities:

  • Notes – Add text notes linked to specific parts of the book.
  • Highlights – Highlight important passages.
  • Bookmarks – Bookmark pages to return to later.

All your annotations are easily accessible from the contents pane. You can click on any highlight or note to jump directly to that location in the book.

Notes and highlights are a great way to record key ideas, passages, and quotes while reading. Bookmarks help you mark important pages.

Syncing Across Devices

One limitation of ebook apps is that your reading position, annotations, and collections get trapped on a single device.

ReadEra Premium solves this with syncing via Google Drive. When enabled, it will:

  • Sync your entire library across phones and tablets.
  • Sync bookmarks and last reading position.
  • Sync highlights, notes, and annotations.
  • Sync personal collections and categories.

This allows seamless reading across all your devices. You can pick up right where you left off reading, with all your notes intact.

Syncing works automatically over Wi-Fi. Your data is stored securely in Google Drive.

Managing Your Ebook Library

A key part of an ebook app is how it manages your ebook library. ReadEra provides excellent organization capabilities:

  • Auto library construction – Books are automatically added to your library when opened.
  • Collections – Organize books into user-created collections and categories.
  • Sorting – Sort books by title, author, date, or manually.
  • Search – Quickly search your library by title or author.
  • Book details – View book details like title, author, and current reading progress.

With these features, you can keep even a large ebook library nice and tidy. The collections and sorting options allow custom organization based on your preferences.

ReadEra Premium MOD APK

Fast Performance & Responsiveness

Slow, laggy performance is a complaint with some ebook apps. ReadEra sets itself apart with excellent speed and responsiveness:

  • Page turns – Page transitions are instantaneous.
  • Scrolling – Smooth, fluid scrolling even in large PDFs.
  • Zooming – Quickly zoom in and out without lag.
  • Search – Rapid full-text search speeds.
  • Library – No delays browsing large libraries.

Everything feels snappy and responsive. Page turns feel like flipping physical pages in a paper book. There’s no waiting for pages to render or elements to load.

This level of performance is rare and makes reading much more enjoyable compared to sluggish apps. Even large PDFs with images scroll smoothly.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

ReadEra shines with a clean, simple interface optimized for ebook reading:

  • Minimal design – No clutter. Just the text and basic controls.
  • Intuitive navigation – Easy-to-use menu, table of contents, and page navigation.
  • Unobtrusive controls – Controls fade away when unused to maximize text view.
  • Consistency – Same navigation and controls across all screens.
  • Responsiveness – Interface elements react instantly.

These characteristics make ReadEra effortless to use. Most actions like opening books or adjusting settings are just a tap or two away.

Advanced features are available but tucked away so they don’t distract from the main reading experience. Overall, the app is very intuitive.

ReadEra Premium MOD APK

Regular Updates and Improvements

Many ebook apps get abandoned by developers after launch. But ReadEra sees continual improvement with frequent updates:

  • Active development – The app receives updates multiple times per month.
  • User feedback – Many updates are based on user feedback and requests.
  • New features – Exciting new functionality gets added regularly.
  • Bug fixes – Developers quickly address stability issues.

This level of post-launch support is impressive. Bugs get squashed fast. The feature set expands often. It’s clear the developers care about making ReadEra the best ebook app possible.

The frequent improvements make the app even better with time. Your purchase is supported for the long term.

ReadEra Premium Subscription Options

ReadEra offers its premium features through a one-time purchase or subscription:

  • One-time purchase – $14.99 forever unlocks all premium features.
  • 1 month subscription – $2.99 for 1 month of access.
  • 1 year subscription – $14.99 for 1 full year of access.

The one-time purchase is the best value if you know you’ll use the app long term. Subscriptions work well for short-term access.

Both options unlock the exact same features. You can choose whichever fits your needs and budget.

What’s Included in ReadEra Premium?

The premium version of ReadEra includes a number of beneficial features beyond the free version:

  • No ads – The app is completely ad-free.
  • Syncing – Sync your library and progress via Google Drive.
  • Custom fonts – Use your own fonts for ebooks.
  • Extra color themes – Additional color options for day/night modes.
  • More highlight colors – Highlight text in different colors.
  • Enhanced notes – Sophisticated notes with filtering and search.
  • Page thumbnails – See page thumbnails for navigation.
  • Batch editing – Edit metadata for multiple books.
  • Dark widget – Dark version of the home screen widget.

These premium extras take the core app to the next level. Features like syncing, custom fonts, enhanced notes, and page thumbnails really improve the experience.

For serious readers, the premium upgrade is highly recommended. But the free version is still excellent.

ReadEra Premium MOD APK

ReadEra User Interface Walkthrough

Now let’s look at the ReadEra app itself and how the main screens work:

Home Screen

The home screen shows your recent books, progress, and recommendations:

  • Recent books – Quickly open books you’re currently reading.
  • Reading progress – See your reading stats and progress.
  • Recommendations – Discover new recommended books to read.
  • Navigation menu – Switch between Home, Library, and Book sections.

It’s a simple launchpad that lets you resume reading or find new books fast. Your current reading stats keep you motivated.


Your full book library is accessible through the Library tab:

  • Collections – Group books into custom collections.
  • Sort order – Sort books different ways.
  • List view – See all books in a list.
  • Grid view – Grid view to visually browse books.
  • Search – Search your library by title or author.

Managing a large library is easy with all the sorting, viewing, and search tools. Collections allow you to categorize books just like real shelves.

Book Reader

The book reader itself has everything you need for an immersive reading experience:

  • Page controls – Tap sides to turn pages forward/back.
  • Table of contents – Quickly jump to any chapter.
  • Bookmark ribbon – See bookmarked pages and easily add more.
  • Annotations – View and navigate all your highlights and notes.
  • Navigation – Jump to page numbers or content headings.
  • Text select – Long press text to highlight or add notes.
  • Settings – Customize how the book displays.
  • More options – Look up words in the dictionary, search the book, etc.
  • Patched
  • Full Version

• TTS optimization. • Editing collections is now more accessible: added Edit and Delete options when long-pressing on a collection in the Collections section. • Separate buttons for adding selected text to the Dictionary and Notes. • Added control of the 'Bookmark by touch' button in the app settings. New in ReadEra Premium: Quote filter by color and search function in the 'Quotes and Notes' section.

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