Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video APK MOD (No Ads, Premium)

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video APK MOD (No Ads, Premium)


App Name Pure Tuber: Video & MP3 Player
Publisher Pure Tuber Studio
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 22 MB
Latest Version
Update on Nov 7, 2023
Requirements 4.4
Mod info No Ads, Premium
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Pure Tuber is an Android app that aims to provide an ad-free YouTube experience with additional useful features like background video playback, a floating popup player, and video downloads. As YouTube increasingly monetizes its platform with more ads, Pure Tuber offers users an alternative way to watch videos without disruptions.

With over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Pure Tuber is one of the most popular third-party YouTube apps available.

Brief Background on YouTube Ads

Over the last few years, YouTube has significantly increased the number of ads on its platform. Pre-roll, mid-roll, banner, and overlay ads are now commonplace in both video content and YouTube’s own interface.

While ads generate revenue for creators, they can severely degrade the viewer experience. Ads eat into limited mobile data plans, disrupt videos at inopportune times, and slow down page loading.

YouTube Premium subscriptions remove ads, but cost $11.99 per month – too expensive for many users.

Introducing Pure Tuber

Pure Tuber markets itself as an ad-free alternative YouTube client for Android. With the tagline “Say goodbye to video ads“, Pure Tuber promises an uninterrupted viewing experience.

It also provides additional functionality like background playback, downloading, and floating popups using a clean and easy to use interface.

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video MOD APK

Interface and Design

Pure Tuber’s interface will be immediately familiar for any YouTube user. The layout, menus, controls, and overall design closely resembles YouTube’s own mobile app.

Clean and Minimalist Visual Design

Icons, colors, and UI elements are all styled in a minimalist, modern fashion. There is no visual clutter.

Pages load smoothly without lag or choppiness when scrolling. Videos transition seamlessly without pauses or blanks screens.

Intuitive Navigation and Controls

As the interface sticks close to YouTube’s, navigation is simple and intuitive. Users can easily search for videos, browse recommendations, access subscriptions and playlists, etc.

Playback controls like play/pause, seek bar, captions, quality options are conveniently located. The app is responsive.

Lightweight App Size

Despite having a full-featured interface, Pure Tuber APK sizes are reasonably small at just 5-10 MB. This ensures quick downloads and smooth performance even on budget devices.

The app is well optimized to function efficiently on a range of Android versions and hardware specifications.

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video MOD APK

Core Features

Pure Tuber’s main value lies in the additional functionality it adds on top of the core YouTube experience. These premium features set it apart from both the official app and other third-party clients.

Ad Blocker

The ad blocking capabilities are what initially attracts most users to Pure Tuber. An integrated ad blocker automatically removes all forms of video advertising including:

  • Pre-roll ads – Unskippable ads before videos start playing
  • Mid-roll ads – Ads inserted in the middle of videos
  • Banner ads – Persistent banners along the bottom or top
  • Overlay ads – Semi-transparent ads overlaid on the video
  • Pop-up ads – Popups covering part of the screen

This creates a seamless viewing experience free of annoying interruptions. Users don’t have to wait through 15-30 seconds of ads when starting a video.

Background Playback

Unlike the official YouTube app which stops playback completely when minimized or in the background, Pure Tuber has a native background player.

Videos will continue buffering and audio keeps playing even if Pure Tuber is no longer the active foreground app. This is useful for listening to music playlists while doing other tasks.

It also reduces data usage and battery drain by not needing the screen to be on continuously.

Floating Popup Player

A small always-on-top floating widget can play YouTube videos while using other apps. This popup player can be freely moved and resized.

The floating player allows efficient multitasking. Users can check emails, browse social media, or access other apps while continuing to watch videos in the mini player.

Video Downloads

Pure Tuber enables downloading videos at resolutions ranging from low 144p to high quality 4K UHD, including just the audio track.

Downloaded videos can be stored locally and played back offline without an internet connection. This helps users save mobile data costs.

YouTube Premium typically charges extra for this download ability. But Pure Tuber offers it for free even without logging in.

Video Resolutions

By default, Pure Tuber plays YouTube videos at their highest available resolution. Options range from 144p to high definition 1080p Full HD or even 4K UHD quality for newer devices and content.

There is also a manual quality control allowing users to constrain video resolution in order to conserve data. This helps optimize bandwidth usage.

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video MOD APK

Additional Features

Along with the main attractions like the ad blocker and background player, Pure Tuber packs in a number of extra features:

  • Sign in – Sync YouTube subscriptions, watch history, playlists, likes, etc.
  • Comments – Leave comments and participate in discussions
  • Playlists – Create custom playlists and video queues
  • Casting – Stream Pure Tuber videos to TVs and other devices
  • Themes – Dark mode and user interface customizations
  • Updates – Frequent version updates with new features

These value-adds make the experience more well-rounded compared to stripped down novelty apps.

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video MOD APK


As Pure Tuber is an unofficial third-party client not endorsed by Google/YouTube, it does not connect with any Google services.

User data like watch history, subscriptions, or personal info is not collected or stored by the app. All API calls connect anonymously to YouTube’s servers.

This allows for private unlogged browsing. Users don’t have to sign in with an account or share any personal details.

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video MOD APK

Downsides and Risks

While Pure Tuber unlocks many benefits for free, there are some downsides to keep in mind:

  • Bans – As an unofficial app, Pure Tuber risks sudden bans and service shutdowns.
  • No support – There is no customer service or official user support channels.
  • Buggy experience – Some users report intermittent technical issues.
  • Legal gray area – Google may consider such third-party clients illegal.

Users should carefully weigh these factors before migrating from YouTube to Pure Tuber as their main video platform. Relying solely on Pure Tuber poses availability and support risks.

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video MOD APK


Pure Tuber manages to replicate YouTube’s core functionality while exceeding the official app with value-added premium features. For those irritated by ads but unwilling to pay for premium, Pure Tuber is a compelling free alternative.

It eliminates the most annoying aspects of the YouTube experience – ads, background playback limits, downloading restrictions. Extra useful perks like the floating player make it superior to plain YouTube.

Just keep in mind the risks of relying on an unofficial app that could potentially get taken down someday. But as long as it remains online, Pure Tuber is a top choice among third-party YouTube clients for Android.


Pure Tuber punches way above its weight class for a free YouTube client. The ad blocking alone is a killer feature that dramatically improves the viewing experience.

Factor in smooth performance, background playback, downloads, and a floating player – and Pure Tuber looks like a very tempting YouTube replacement indeed.

Casual YouTube viewers who want to eliminate ads may find Pure Tuber’s value proposition compelling enough to switch over from the official app.

At the time of writing, the latest version is Pure Tuber v4.8.0.007. It can be downloaded for free from the developer’s website or trusted third-party Android APK stores like APKPure and APKMirror.

  • VIP Unlocked
  • Ads-Free Access

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