Project Sekai APK 3.2.0 MOD [Menu/God Mode/Autoplay/Unlimited Money]

Project Sekai APK 3.2.0 MOD [Menu/God Mode/Autoplay/Unlimited Money]

The Captivating Story Behind the Notes

App Name Project Sekai
Genre Music
Latest Version 3.2.0
Update on Dec 22, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Get it on Google Play
In the colorful world of Project Sekai, music has the power to connect hearts and spread joy to the masses. You play as an aspiring music producer who stumbles upon the technologically-advanced city of Sekai, where music is woven into every aspect of daily life.

Upon arriving, you meet the five members of the up-and-coming virtual band “Vivid BAD SQUAD” – gifted teens who pour their souls into crafting catchy songs but struggle to find an audience.

Recognizing their talent, you take it upon yourself to promote Vivid BAD SQUAD and help them share their music with the world. Leading them from small street performances to sold-out stadium shows, you help the band reach stardom while forging life-long bonds of friendship and unity through the universal language of music.

As their producer, the band’s success rests on your shoulders. Can you guide them to the top of the charts? The story is yours to shape!

Project Sekai MOD APK

Main Features Bringing the Music to Life

Vibrant 3D Animations

Vivid BAD SQUAD’s virtual performances are brought to life through vibrant 3D animation and modeling. Watch their signature dances and mannerisms unfold on the screen as they belt out lyrics in their distinctive styles. Over 100 unique character animations capture the band’s infectious enthusiasm.

Rhythm Gameplay

At the core of Project Sekai’s gameplay lies its rhythm mechanics. Tapping and flicking perfectly in sync with the beat, you will rack up combos and points as the band performs their hit songs. Miss too many notes and the show is over! With adjustable difficulty settings, both casual players and seasoned rhythm game veterans can enjoy the beat.

Customizable Performances

Put your own spin on Vivid BAD SQUAD’s live concerts using the Stage Mix mode. Here you can customize everything from the band’s outfits to the stage lighting, fireworks, and camera angles. Additionally, you can pick songs from their discography and assign members to lead vocals or center stage. Make it your own show!

Multiplayer Concerts

In the Concert Hall game mode, you can join a lobby and rock out to Vivid BAD SQUAD’s tunes alongside three other players. Compare your high scores and show off your rhythm skills to friends and players worldwide in this asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Collectible Cards

Collect over 300 different character cards featuring stylish outfits and animations to show off your favorites. Level up the cards you obtain to increase their rarity and power. Then, apply the cards in gameplay to give your performances an extra edge!

Original Music

Project Sekai features an original soundtrack with over 30 songs performed in Japanese by the characters’ talented voice actors. The catchy tunes span a variety of genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronica.

Story Mode

Progress through the game’s story chapters to unlock new customization items, songs, cards, and more while learning about the band members’ backstories and motivations via visual novel-style story sequences.

Augmented Reality Camera

The AR camera mode lets you view and photograph life-size 3D models of the characters right in your actual environment. See them dancing and singing as if they were really in the room with you!

Project Sekai MOD APK

Mod Features – Enhancing the Rhythm and Tones

The Project Sekai mod APK unlocks additional customization features and gameplay tweaks for a different musical experience.

Unlocked Songs & Outfits

Access all songs and cosmetic items without needing to progress through the story. Get your favorite tunes and costume combinations instantly with no grinding needed.

Faster Progression

The mod speeds up progression by providing unlimited virtual currency to spend on leveling up your cards and skills faster. Maximize your scores quicker!

Custom Song Support

Load up custom song charts and enjoy user-created beatmaps of your favorite Vocaloid and anime opening songs not included in the main game. Expand your playlist!

Practice Tools

Special practice tools like slow speed and no fail mode help you master even the trickiest song charts without pressure. Learn at your own pace!

Project Sekai MOD APK

Q&A About Project Sekai

Q: What platforms is Project Sekai available on?

A: Project Sekai is currently available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Q: Is the game free-to-play?

A: Yes, Project Sekai uses a gacha-style monetization model with microtransactions. However, the core rhythm gameplay is free.

Q: Can I play custom song charts?

A: Custom songs are supported through the mod APK on Android. The official iOS and Android versions don’t support customs.

Q: Is there an English version?

A: Project Sekai is currently only available in Japanese. However, fan translation mods provide partial English translations.

Q: Does it require an internet connection?

A: Yes, an internet connection is required for all game modes due to the online multiplayer features.


Project Sekai MOD APK


With its blend of rhythm gameplay, visual novel storytelling, and multiplayer integration, Project Sekai hits all the right notes as a leading mobile rhythm game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or casual music fan, it offers accessible gameplay fused with the allure of following an upstart band trying to make it big. Let the music move you!

【v3.2.0アップデート内容】 ・[改善]ひとりでライブ・チャレンジライブでライフが0になっても最後までライブができるように改善 ・[改善]スキル発動時にスキルLv.が表示されるように改善 ・[改善]リザルト画面・演出のスキップ挙動を改善 ・[改善]リザルト画面のフレンド申請・プロフィールボタンの判定領域を拡大 ・その他細やかな調整、および不具合の修正

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