Project QT MOD APK 18.0 (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage)

Project QT MOD APK 18.0 (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage)

App Name Lost in Paradise:Waifu Connect
Publisher EYOUGAME(US)
Genre Card
Latest Version
Update on Mar 23, 2022
Requirements 5.0
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Project QT MOD APK (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage) is a popular anime-style RPG game for Android that lets you collect and battle with cute monster girls known as “QTs”. With vibrant graphics, fun gameplay, and sexy characters, it has become a hit in the casual gaming world.

Project QT Mod APK

The game features over 100 unique QTs to collect, each with their own skills and abilities. As you progress, you can evolve and power up your QTs to create the ultimate squad.

Real-time strategic battles pit your team of QTs against enemies and bosses. You need to utilize type advantages and special abilities to claim victory. The gameplay is easy to pick up but has depth to master.

The anime art style is bright, colorful and immersive. The QTs are brought to life with cute designs and physics-defying assets. Fans of anime and manga will feel right at home in this game world.

Suggestive themes and partial nudity give Project QT Apk a sexy edge. While the game has some fanservice, it stays just within limits for the Play Store policies.

Free-to-play friendly: While in-app purchases exist, the core game remains very enjoyable and achievable without spending money. This makes Project QT Apk Mod accessible to all players.

Main Features

Project QT Apk 18.0 has many great features that contribute to its popularity, including:

Collect Over 100 Unique QTs

The main draw of Project QT is the ability to collect over 100 unique QTs, each with their own skills and abilities. QTs are divided into classes like Attackers, Healers, Tanks with unique strengths. There’s satisfaction in growing and customizing your own squad.

Strategic Real-Time Battles

Battles in Project QT feature real-time combat that keeps you engaged. Instead of just tapping, you make strategic decisions like switching QTs, managing skills and targeting enemies’ weaknesses. Defeating tough bosses feels rewarding.

Vibrant Anime-Inspired Art Style

The anime art style truly brings the QTs to life with bright colors and fluid attack animations. Fanservice elements like breast physics add to the aesthetics. The UI and menus also feature custom artwork.

Free-to-Play Friendly

Despite in-app purchases, Project QT is very playable for free. There are no forced ads or paywalls blocking progress. While spending accelerates growth, much of the content is still accessible without spending money.

Character Collection and Progression

There is deep progression in collecting more QTs, evolving them and increasing their levels and stats. High-rarity QTs have powerful traits and unlocking them feels very rewarding after grind.

Customizable Base Camp

Players can customize their own base camp with buildings, decorations and facilities. Unique furniture and skins for QTs can be acquired. This personalizes the experience.

Project QT Mod APK

What is Project QT Mod APK v18.0

Project QT Mod APK On islamicmovi is a hacked version of the game with cheat features and everything unlocked. The mods provide players with boosts like infinite HP, auto skill use, auto battle and max enemy damage.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Gems and Gold – Enjoy unlimited currency to spend on pulls, upgrades etc. Greatly speeds up progression.
  • All QTs Unlocked – Instant access to all 100+ QTs without needing to pull them from gacha. Lets you play with dream team.
  • Max QT Level and Stats – QTs have maximum level and stats boosted for insane damage in battles. Makes game very easy.
  • Auto Battle/Skills – Battles can be set to auto mode where skills activate automatically. Allows afk farming.
  • Increased Enemy Damage – Can increase damage taken from enemies for more challenging gameplay. Customize as you like.
  • No Skill Cooldowns – Skills can be repeatedly spammed without any cooldown timers for crazy combos.

Project QT Mod APK

How to Download and Install Project QT Mod APK

Downloading and installing the mod is easy. Here are the step-by-step instructions for both mobile and emulators.

On Android Phone / Tablet

  1. Disable Play Protect / Virus Guards: Temporarily turn off virus guards in device settings during install to prevent removal.
  2. Allow Unknown Sources: Enable install from unknown sources in Android settings if not already allowed.
  3. Download APK File: Click the download button on islamicmovi website to get latest mod APK file for Project QT Download button in below.
  4. Install QT Mod APK: Open downloads folder and tap on the APK file to trigger permissions popup. Accept install.
  5. Launch and Enjoy: App is now installed, launch and enjoy all mod features after logging in or creating new account!

On PC with Emulator

  1. Install Emulator: Download and install a good Android emulator for PC like Bluestacks, LDPlayer etc.
  2. Download APK: Download the Project QT mod APK from islamicmovi.
  3. Install APK on Emulator: Simply drag and drop the APK file onto emulator screen to import and install it.
  4. Launch Game: Launch Project QT from emulator menu and enjoy using the mods!

Project QT Mod APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common queries about Project QT mod:

Is the Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, the mod APK is sourced from trusted sites and is scanned for viruses before uploading so it is generally safe.

Does the mod work on both Android and Emulators?

Yes, the same Project QT mod APK works flawlessly on all Android devices as well as on emulators for PC.

Will my account get banned for using mods?

There is always a risk of bans when using any kind of hacks. However, the chances are low and plenty of people use QT mods without facing bans.

Does the mod have unlimited skill points?

Unfortunately skill points do not come pre-unlocked in the mod. However, you can use the unlimited gems to purchase skill points.

Is there auto-battle and auto-skill functionality?

Yes, the mod has both auto-battle and auto-skill features which allow convenient afk farming.


Project QT Mod Apk offers a fun casual gaming experience with collecting cute monster girls known as QTs, strategic battles and anime-style visuals. The mod APK unlocks unlimited gems, max stats and other hacks for an easier gameplay. With easy installation guide for both mobile and emulators, anyone can enjoy using Project QT mods!

Project QT MOD APK 18.0 (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage)

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