ProbMap Coordinates MOD APK 5.6.2 (Premium Unlocked)

ProbMap Coordinates MOD APK 5.6.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Pro Map Coordinates – A Handy Android App for Adventurers

App Name Pro Map Coordinates
Publisher Soft Stack Dev
Genre Maps Navigation
Size 130MB
Latest Version 5.6.2
Update on Oct 7, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Get it on Google Play
Pro Map Coordinates is an Android app that provides a suite of powerful mapping and location tools for navigators, adventurers, and anyone who needs to pinpoint locations. With an intuitive interface and a wide range of useful features, it has become a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

ProbMap Coordinates MOD APK

The app allows you to view different map layers, search for places, save locations, measure distances, and share GPS coordinates with others. The pro version unlocks additional professional-grade capabilities.

Eight Main Features

Pro Map Coordinates shines with its versatility stemming from these eight excellent features:

1. Interactive Maps

The app comes loaded with interactive maps from various providers like Google, Bing, Satellite view and more. You can smoothly pan and zoom maps to examine areas closely.

2. Current GPS Location

The app gets your current location using GPS and shows it on the map. This allows you to orient yourself and track your movement in real-time.

ProbMap Coordinates MOD APK

3. Search for Places

You can search for any location using the intelligent search feature. Results include coordinates that you can copy.

4. Save Favorite Locations

Found a nice camping spot or beautiful vista? Save it to your favorites for quick access later. You can name locations and organize favorites into folders.

5. Measure Distances

Use the distance measurement tool to calculate distance as you draw a path on the map. Great for planning hikes and trips.

6. Share Locations

Easily share locations with friends by creating a URL or QR code for saved coordinates. Friends can open the locations in the app.

7. Import / Export

Import and export your saved locations to share them across devices. You can also export to GPX files.

8. Coordinates Formats

Copy lat/long coordinates of any location in various formats like degrees decimal minutes (DDM), degrees minutes seconds (DMS) and more.

ProbMap Coordinates MOD APK

Feature Description
Interactive Maps Pan and zoom maps from various providers
Current GPS Location View and track current location
Search for Places Intelligent search finds locations and coordinates
Save Favorite Locations Name and organize saved spots into folders
Measure Distances Calculate distances by drawing paths
Share Locations Share spots via URL and QR code
Import / Export Transfer saved places across devices
Coordinates Formats Copy coordinates in different formats

What is the Mod APK?

The mod APK is a tweaked variant of the app with the pro features unlocked for free. This mod unlocks tools like importing GPX files, using coordinates offline, removing ads and more without paying.

Benefits of the mod include:

  • Unlocked pro tools free
  • No ads
  • Offline access to coordinates
  • Increased limits on favorites and folders
  • Dark theme support
  • GPX import capability

So if you want the full suite of professional tools without paying, grab the mod! It also gets rid of pesky ads.

ProbMap Coordinates MOD APK

Benefits in Detail

Let’s expand on some key benefits of this app:

Map Variety

The availability of interactive maps from Google, Bing and other providers gives you choice. You can select the best map for your purpose – browsing roads, checking terrain or viewing satellite imagery. Smooth zooming and panning makes examination easy.

Location Tracking

Know exactly where you are with the GPS tracking feature. Watch your position update in real-time on the map as you move. This gives you situational awareness and helps avoid getting lost.

Comprehensive Search

Finding places is a breeze with fuzzy search that offers suggestions. Search results include coordinates that you can instantly copy. This cuts out the need for manually looking up coordinates.

Seamless Sharing

Instead of sharing hard-to-remember coordinates, create a URL or QR code to share spots with friends instantly. They can open the location directly within the app for navigation.

Flexible Exporting

You can export saved locations as GPX files for easy transfer across devices. GPX is a standard format recognized by most navigation apps.

Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions about Pro Map Coordinates:

Q: Does the app work offline?

A: The free version requires an internet connection to load maps and search locations. But the mod APK unlocks offline use of saved coordinates.

Q: Can I import and export waypoints?

A: Yes, you can import/export your saved locations as GPX files across devices. The modded APK can also directly import GPX files.

Q: Is there a desktop version?

A: Currently it is only available as a mobile app for Android devices. But you can access your saved places from any device using the shareable URL.

Q: Does it track movement?

A: Yes, enable GPS and the app will plot your movement on the map in real-time. This shows your heading and tracks the path taken.

Q: Can I customize maps?

A: Yes, you get options to set map types, select visible layers and customize how places are displayed.

So in summary, Pro Map Coordinates is a very capable mapping and navigation assistant for outdoor aficionados. With versatile features, intuitive interface and handy pro tools, it deserves a spot in every adventurer’s pocket!

Premium Unlocked

- Location search now offers search suggestions from History & Favorites - Coordinates type can now be changed from the map screen - There is a new option to follow the live location on map - Multiple bugfixes

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