Popcorn Burst Mod Apk 1.5.16 (Unlimited Coins)

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk 1.5.16 (Unlimited Coins)

APP INFO: Popcorn Burst Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Category Games
Size 64 MB
Version v1.5.16
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Welcome to Popcorn Burst Mod Apk! In this game, you have the challenge of popping as many pieces of popcorn as you can in a limited amount of time. To start playing, just click on any piece of popcorn and it will burst into smaller pieces that are worth different amounts points each. You must try your best to collect the highest number possible before time runs out! The more times you play, the better score you’ll get – so don’t give up! Good luck and happy bursting~.

Gameplay Overview

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk is a simple yet fun game where you can test your speed and accuracy. The goal of the game is to pop as many pieces of popcorn as possible in the time limit set before each round starts. To do so, simply click on any piece of popcorn that appears on screen, which will then burst into two or three smaller pieces worth different amounts points respectively. As long as you keep clicking fast enough to earn more points than what’s ticking away from the timer bar at every second, you’ll be able to increase your score!

Play With Fun this game?

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk is a great game to play with your friends or family members. You can compete against each other for the highest score, while also having fun and learning how to work together as a team in order to get higher scores than what you could achieve alone! Plus it’s fast-paced enough that even if one person falls behind, they won’t be too far off from catching up! So why not give Popcorn Burst a try today – we promise it’ll provide hours of entertainment around the house (or anywhere else)!

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Popcorn Burst Mod Apk is a single-player game where you compete against your own best scores. You can still enjoy the fun of playing with friends or family as they cheer you on and help to motivate each other towards higher scores! But in terms of actual gameplay mechanics, it’s just yourself who will be popping all those pieces within the time limit set before every round starts.

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Popcorn Burst Mod Apk

Key Feature

Fast-paced gameplay:

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk is all about testing your speed and accuracy, so you’ll need to click quickly on items as they appear in order to earn points before the timer runs out!

Variety of Pieces:

Not only will pieces burst into different sizes after being clicked, but each piece also has a unique point value attached – meaning some are worth more than others when it comes time for scoring!

Increasing Difficulty Levels:

As you progress through rounds, not only does the number of pieces increase faster but also their values become higher too – making sure that every challenge remains just as enjoyable (and difficult!) throughout the game!

Powerups & Bonuses :

Various powerup bonuses can be collected during playtime which provide extra help suchas freezing time or doubling score multipliers temporarily giving an edge over other players if used wisely !

Multiplayer Support :

Even though this is primarily designed with single player fun in mind , there’s still plenty of room for multiplayer competition by linking multiple devices together via Bluetooth – perfect for those who want even more intense popcorn popping action with friends around them .

Leader boards :

To track high scores amongst competing rivals from near or far away , check out leaderboards where everyone ‘ s best attempts get recorded daily and monthly alongside yours — see how much better (or worse) off everyone else really is compared against one another ?

Achievements Galore!:

For further bragging rights unlockable achievements await within certain criteria conditions across multiple difficulty levels providing greater motivation towards improving performance regularly while grinding up XPs at same time !

Customizable Avatars/Profiles / Settings Options:

Players have full control customizing options allowing choice selection between various avatars displaying user profiles along side settings preferences whenever needed easily without any hassle .

What is Popcorn Burst Mod Apk?

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Popcorn Burst game. This modded apk features extra bonuses and power-ups, as well as unlimited coins/points which can be used to purchase upgrades or new characters within the game. It also has additional levels that are not available in the official version, allowing players to explore even more popcorn popping fun!

What is Popcorn Burst Hack Apk?

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk
Mod Key Feature

Unlimited Coins/Points:

With Popcorn Burst Mod Apk, you can enjoy an unlimited supply of coins and points to purchase upgrades for your characters or even unlock new ones!

Extra Bonuses & Power-Ups :

Various bonuses and powerups are available in the modded version which help give players a leg up on their competition — such as freezing time temporarily or doubling score multipliers !

Additional Levels :

The modified apk also features unique levels not present in the original game—allowing gamers to take advantage of more popcorn popping fun no matter what difficulty they’re at!

Popcorn Burst mod apk installation guide

1. Download the Popcorn Burst Mod Apk from a secure online source such as Modloy.com.

2. Go into your phone’s Settings, then Security & Privacy, and enable installation of applications from Unknown Sources if you haven’t done so already (this is important for installing modded apks).

3. Next open up File Manager or My Files on Android devices to locate where the downloaded file was saved — tap on this .apk file in order start its installation process!

4 Once finished , be sure check out all available options such as bonuses/powerups within game settings along with other customizable preferences before jumping straight away onto battle field !

Game Control


The standard method of controlling Popcorn Burst is by using a mouse or keyboard to click on pieces and burst them into smaller ones for points!

Touchscreen Controls :

If you’re playing the game on an Android, iOS, tablet device , then simply use your finger (or stylus) as pointer instead in order select desired popcorn piece with more precision !

Controller Support :

Certain controllers can also be connected either via bluetooth connection if supported – allowing players enjoy further convenience while tackling challenging levels along way .

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk
Game Tips:

Focus on the Big Pieces:

Popcorn pieces come in different sizes and each yields a certain amount of points when clicked — so don’t forget to focus your attention towards those bigger ones for maximum efficiency!

Utilize Powerups & Bonuses :

Keep an eye out for special power-ups or bonuses that can be picked up during gameplay – such as freezing time, doubling score multipliers , etc which give extra advantage over others if used wisely !

Look Out For Combos :

Triggering multiple popcorn bursts at once is key unlocking highest scores possible – look around screen see what combinations set off chain reactions before clicking .

Take Breaks When Necessary:

Timers are always ticking away seconds with every passing move you make but it’s important take breaks however short they may between rounds order maintain sharp mind while playing ensuring performance doesn’t suffer too much overall due tiredness / exhaustion taking toll later down line

Be Patient And Strategic With Your Clicks:

Even though this game all about speed accuracy combined together saving few clicks here there goes long way making sure reach target goals efficiently without any hiccups along journey !

Game Pros and Cons


1. Fast-paced and Fun: Popcorn Burst is a game that will keep you on your feet as the timer ticks down! Plus, it’s filled with plenty of fun bonuses to boost up scores further if used correctly — making sure no two rounds are ever quite the same.

2. Easy To Learn : With its simple controls, anyone can pick up this game without too much trouble – perfect for those who don’t have any prior experience in gaming but still want something enjoyable when taking breaks from work or school !

3 . Multiplayer Support : As mentioned earlier , Popcorn Burst supports multiplayer functionality which makes possible competing against friends (or rivals!) near far away alike – giving extra motivation towards reaching higher levels success than usual single player efforts alone .


1 . Limited Time Frame Each Round / Level The main con here being time limit imposed each round hence having limited amount tries before clock runs out completely whereupon score resets back zero again therefore less chances getting desired high results unless luck happens be one side during session overall

2 No Online Leaderboards Recordings Although there few leaderboard recordings locally stored within device itself however these only show local rankings amongst players around vicinity opposed global standings across wider community instead

3 Repetitive Gameplay After while repetition found factors become increasingly noticeable like sound effects visuals etc leading boredom rather quickly until new content released patch updated bringing freshness into mix once more.

Excellent Graphics And Sound

Beautiful Visuals :

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk boasts vibrant and colourful graphics that are sure to keep players entertained with its delightful cartoon-style art design — complete with a variety of popcorn pieces in different shapes, sizes and colours!

Audio Effects:

The game also features an immersive soundtrack made up of upbeat music tracks as well as sound effects for each burst or powerup collected – providing further enjoyment throughout the experience even when things get intense during later levels !

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk

Popcorn Burst Mod Apk is a great game for those who want to test their speed and accuracy. With its fast-paced gameplay, variety of pieces, increasing difficulty levels and customizable avatars/profiles – Popcorn Burst offers something unique that you won’t find in many other casual games on the market today! And with both single player modes as well as multiplayer support (via mod apk), there’s plenty of fun waiting to be had no matter how much time you have available! So why not give it a try?


Q: Can I play Popcorn Burst with Friends?

A: Yes, you can! You can either compete against each other for the highest score or work together as a team in order to get higher scores than what your individual efforts could achieve. Additionally, there is also mod apk available which supports multiplayer functionality by linking multiple devices via Bluetooth – perfect for those who want an even more intense popcorn popping experience with friends around them.

Q : How do I install Popcorn Burst Mod Apk ?

A : First , download it from secure online source then open up File Manager / My Files on Android device locate where downloaded .apk file saved — tap this start installation process ! Once finished be sure check out all options such bonuses/powerups within game settings customizable preferences before jumping straight onto battle field !

Q What are some tips playing Popcorn Burst ?

A Focus big pieces utilise power- ups & bonuses look combos take breaks when necessary patient strategic clicks save time while grinding XPs regularly unlock achievements condition across difficulty levels customised avatars profiles along side setting preference whenever needed easily without hassle finally enjoy !

Q Is Popcorn Burst suitable for all ages ?

A Yes , the game is designed be appropriate children adults alike with its cartoon-style visuals audio effects powerups bonuses other features available making sure it remains enjoyable everyone playing ! Furthermore, due complexity levels also getting harder time progresses – giving further challenge those who seek more out experience .

Q How do I reset my score and start over again?

A To reset your progress in Popcorn Burst simply go into Settings > Data & Privacy then select Reset Progress option this will erase saved data allowing restart from scratch back square one once more!

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