Pocket Ants APK 0.0892 MOD (Unlimited Coins and Money) for android

Pocket Ants APK 0.0892 MOD (Unlimited Coins and Money) for android

App Name Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator
Publisher Ariel-Games
Genre Strategy
Update on Jan 3, 2024
Requirements 5.1
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Pocket Ants is a popular android game developed and published by Ariel Games that allows players to simulate managing an ant colony. With over 10 million downloads and a 4.4-star rating from over 300,000 reviews on the Google Play Store, it’s clear that Pocket Ants offers an accessible yet deep ant colony builder experience perfect for mobile.

Pocket Ants MOD APK

The Premise

In Pocket Ants, you take on the role of an ant tasked with expanding and managing your colony. Starting with just a queen ant and a single worker ant under your control, you must gather food and resources to feed larvae and breed more ants. Your goals are to expand the underground nest, unlock new ant types like soldier ants to protect your colony, capture other insects to force them to work for you, and raid enemy ant colonies. With simple touch controls and colorful 2D graphics, Pocket Ants makes learning ant behavior fun.

Pocket Ants MOD APK

Main Features

Gather Resources for Your Colony

As a worker ant, one of your main jobs is to venture out and collect resources like food fragments, seeds, and straw to bring back to your colony’s chambers. Depositing these resources allows you to upgrade parts of the nest and feed the queen ant and larvae. This loop of exiting the nest to grab resources and return them home creates a satisfying gameplay loop.

Unlock New Rooms and Ant Types

As your colony grows from a few ants to dozens to hundreds, you’ll unlock the ability to build new rooms like Soldier Chambers to breed soldier ants for defense and Exploration Chambers to discover new areas. Each room provides colony bonuses like increased resource storage or faster breeding times to give a sense of progression.

Capture Other Creatures

In addition to gathering basic resources, you can capture other insects like beetles and spiders. Adding them to your army allows you to progress through challenging side quests. There’s a big incentive to capture all the available creatures, as having a diverse army strengthens your colony.

Raid Enemy Colonies

Once your colony army grows strong enough, you can launch raids on red ant colonies. Winning these battles earns valuable bonus resources to fuel further expansion at home. It creates a compelling loop where building up your colony enables bigger and better raids.

Join a Clan for Multiplayer

In addition to playing solo, you can join clans to take on multiplayer challenges. For example, seasonal events allow clan members to contribute resources towards community goals for unique rewards. Even without direct battles, the clan system makes your colonies feel part of a larger world.

Enjoy Regular Content Updates

Pocket Ants receives frequent content updates that introduce new features, quests, and areas to explore. These updates keep the game feeling fresh for both new and returning players. The developer interacts heavily with fans on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to take suggestions.

Accessible Controls and Detailed Tutorials

Despite having lots of systems at play, Pocket Ants features intuitive touch controls by having you simply slide your finger to move ants around. Tutorial popups introduce new mechanics gradually so as not to overwhelm new players. This makes getting started a breeze.

No Pay-To-Win Elements

Although Pocket Ants monetizes via ads and optional in-app purchases, the game can be completed and enjoyed without spending money. There are no pay-to-win elements that gate progression behind real money. Players have achieved high levels playing completely free, making it friendly for casual gaming.

Pocket Ants MOD APK

What is the Pocket Ants Mod APK

The Pocket Ants mod APK is a modified version of the game for Android that unlocks premium features without paying. For example, the mod APK provides unlimited resources like food and building materials to speed up expansion. Additionally, all ads are removed for uninterrupted play. The mod also fully unlocks all available creatures and areas that would normally need to be earned over days of playtime. This allows you to access late game content faster.

Overall, the main benefits of the mod are:

  • Unlimited resources to reduce grinding
  • Unlock all creatures immediately
  • Remove all ads
  • Access all areas without needing to progress
  • Free premium currency purchases

This makes the mod APK ideal for players who want to experience the full breadth of content without grind or ads. The tradeoff is losing a sense of progression, so it depends on your preferences.

Pocket Ants MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pocket Ants require an internet connection?

No, Pocket Ants can be played completely offline once downloaded. However, you need an internet connection to download game updates or make in-app purchases. Multiplayer clan features also require an internet connection.

How much storage space does Pocket Ants need?

Pocket Ants requires about 75MB of device storage space for the base game download. This storage requirement may grow over time as updates add more content. Ensure you have at least 100MB free to be safe.

Can I play Pocket Ants on PC?

Unfortunately Pocket Ants is not officially available for PC. The game is built specifically for Android mobile devices and does not have a desktop version. However, you can try using Android emulators for PC like BlueStacks to run the mobile version on desktop. Controls may not translate perfectly to keyboard and mouse though.

Is there a way to recover my game progress if I get a new device?

Yes, Pocket Ants uses a cloud save feature connected to your Google Play account. As long as you sign into the same Google account, your progress including unlocked creatures, nest upgrades, and resources will carry over to a new Android device. This makes switching phones hassle-free.

How often does Pocket Ants receive updates?

Pocket Ants receives substantial updates around once per month. Updates generally introduce new seasonal events, quests, creatures, and nest upgrades. Smaller bug fix updates happen more frequently. Overall the developers are very active with new content releases.

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Pocket Ants MOD APK


With accessible touch controls, regular content expansions, and deep ant colony management gameplay, Pocket Ants stakes its claim as one of the most polished mobile colony simulators available. The mod APK makes the experience even more convenient for casual gaming by providing unlimited resources and removing ads and progression gates. Whether you love ants or management games generally, Pocket Ants is easy to recommend for Android gamers. Download on the Google Play Store today to start growing your empire.

Pocket Ants APK 0.0892 MOD (Unlimited Coins and Money) for android

v0.0890 Small changes. Bug fixes. For full release notes, please join our Discord.

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