Pixiv APK 6.92.0 MOD (Premium/Ads Removed)

Pixiv APK 6.92.0 MOD (Premium/Ads Removed)


App Name pixiv
Publisher pixiv Inc
Genre Social
Size 22 MB
Latest Version 6.92.0
Update on Nov 26, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Premium/Ads Removed
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Pixiv is a popular online community for artists and illustrators to share and promote their artwork. The Android app allows users to access Pixiv on the go and discover new artworks and creators. With over 50 million illustrations, manga, and novels to browse, Pixiv caters to a wide range of artistic tastes and fandoms.

This in-depth review covers the key features of the Pixiv Android app, evaluates its user interface and design, and provides an expert assessment of its utility for artists and art fans. After using the app extensively, I will highlight its strengths and weaknesses compared to the Pixiv website.


Key Features

The Pixiv Android app provides mobile access to the main features of the Pixiv platform:

  • Browse Popular Works – View trending artworks and top rankings filtered by time range and user demographics.
  • Discover New Works – Check out latest submissions from followed users and friends.
  • Search Extensive Library – Search by keywords, titles, tags, and more to find artworks and novels.
  • View Full Images – Tap on thumbnails to view full-sized images and manga chapters.
  • Save to Favorites – Bookmark artworks, novels, and creators to your Pixiv account favorites.
  • Follow Users – Follow your favorite creators to see their new submissions.
  • Comment and Like – Leave comments and likes on artworks to interact with the community.
  • Share to Social Media – Share discovered artworks easily via Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • View Trending Tags – See what topics and fandoms are currently popular on Pixiv.
  • Pixiv Premium – Paid subscription unlocks additional features like advanced search.

Extended Features

In addition to replicating core website functionality, the Pixiv Android app provides some extended features tailored for mobile users:

  • Push Notifications – Opt to receive notifications about new artworks from followed users.
  • Offline Image Saving – Save images to your device gallery to view offline.
  • Multiple Account Support – Log in to and switch between multiple Pixiv accounts easily.
  • Navigation Drawer – Quickly jump between sections like Popular, Following, and Bookmarks.
  • Dark Mode – Switch to dark theme to lower eye strain.

App Interface and Design

The Pixiv app features a clean, modern interface optimized for mobile. Here is an overview of the app layout and key sections:

Bottom Navigation

The bottom navigation bar provides quick access to the main sections of the app:

  • Home – Shows latest popular rankings and recommendations based on your likes.
  • New Works – View latest submissions from followed users.
  • Search – Search Pixiv’s extensive library of artworks and novels.
  • Notifications – See your notifications for new submissions from followed users.
  • Profile – Access your profile, favorites, settings, and more.

Home Page

The home page displays popular and recommended content tailored for you:

  • Popular Works – Top trending works filtered by time range and user groups.
  • Recommended Works – Artworks recommended based on your likes and interests.
  • Featured Tags – Currently trending themes and topics on Pixiv.

Work Pages

Tapping on a artwork or manga thumbnail opens the work page. Here you can:

  • View full-sized images for artworks and read manga chapters.
  • Like, comment, and share the work.
  • Bookmark the work to your Pixiv favorites.
  • Follow the creator directly from the work page.

Profile Pages

User profile pages display account info and options to:

  • View bookmarked artworks.
  • Follow or unfollow the user.
  • Send a message.
  • See their statistics and badges.

Dark Mode

The app offers an optional dark theme to switch from the default white interface. This provides a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments.


The settings page offers various customization options:

  • Change language.
  • Toggle notifications on/off.
  • Switch between multiple accounts.
  • Clear cached data.
  • Open side menu on start.
  • And more.


App Content

With access to Pixiv’s massive library of user-submitted artworks, the app features a diverse range of artistic styles and fandoms.


Pixiv artworks span a wide spectrum of media and genres:

  • Anime & manga illustrations
  • Digital paintings
  • Fan art of movies, games, books
  • Original characters
  • Photography and realism
  • Traditional art
  • 3D renders
  • Comics
  • Animations and cinemagraphs

Novels & Manga

In addition to individual artworks, the app grants access to Pixiv’s library of literary content:

  • Short stories and novels
  • Manga chapters and series
  • Fan fiction for popular series
  • Original fiction works
  • Text novels with accompanying illustrations

Content Rating

Pixiv permits both SFW (safe for work) and NSFW (not safe for work/R-18) content.

  • SFW content is visible by default.
  • NSFW works are hidden until toggled on in account settings.
  • Explicit content is moderated by Pixiv.

This allows the platform to cater to a wide spectrum from PG to R-18 tastes.

App Functionality

Here I evaluate how smoothly the main features of the app work and highlight any issues encountered.

Browsing Content

Rating: 5/5

Browsing and discovering new artworks is a seamless experience. Pages load rapidly with wi-fi connectivity. Scrolling through feeds and galleries is smooth and snappy. The infinite scroll loading allows endless browsing without interruption.

Searching Content

Rating: 4/5

Searching Pixiv’s massive library is easy and intuitive. The autocomplete suggestions help find relevant works quickly. Advanced filters like popularity sorting require a paid account. Slow connectivity can result in long load times for search results. But overall, searching works well.

Viewing Images

Rating: 5/5

Tapping into full images and manga chapters is instantaneous. High-resolution artworks are crisp and clear on a smartphone screen. The viewer supports zooming and panning to appreciate details. However, animated works and videos often load slowly.

Leaving Comments

Rating: 3/5

Commenting requires signing in to a Pixiv account. The comment interface is basic – just a text box without formatting options. Comments load slowly, especially on artworks with many existing comments. But once posted, comments appear instantly without needing a refresh.

Following Users

Rating: 5/5

Finding and following new artists is quick and painless. Tapping the follow button instantly subscribes you to their new submissions. The app conveniently compiles a feed of new artworks from all followed creators.

Saving Favorites

Rating: 5/5

The app makes bookmarking favorites seamless. Tapping the bookmark icon immediately saves artworks and novels to your Favorites collection accessible from your profile. It’s an effortless way to curate a library of beloved artworks.

Overall Performance

Rating: 4/5

On the whole, the Pixiv app delivers a smooth user experience. But performance issues can arise on slower networks. Large images and videos can be slow to load at times. And searches or comment sections for popular works can lag. But for everyday browsing and discovery, performance is excellent.


Comparison to Website

While the Pixiv Android app expertly distills the core website functionality into mobile form, there are some trade-offs compared to accessing Pixiv on a desktop browser.

Pros of the App

  • Convenience – Access Pixiv anywhere without needing a computer.
  • Faster Browsing – Streamlined interface makes browsing more snappy.
  • Enhanced UX – App-specific features like offline saving improve user experience.
  • Feature Parity – Nearly all website features available on mobile app.
  • New Discovery – Push notifications keep you updated on new artworks.

Cons of the App

  • Image Quality – Compressed image quality compared to full website resolution.
  • Slow Loading – Long load times on slower connections for large works.
  • Comment Limitations – App commenting lacks formatting options of website.
  • Limited Filters – Some advanced search filters only available to paid users.
  • No Posting – App does not allow posting artworks (website-only).

Who Is It For?

The Pixiv mobile app best serves more casual art fans who want to browse Pixiv’s extensive library and discover new creators conveniently on mobile. The seamless browsing and bookmarking make it easy to immerse yourself in Pixiv’s vibrant artist community.

But professional artists and power users may still prefer accessing Pixiv primarily on desktop. The website provides higher resolution artworks and additional tools suited for content creators like posting works and managing portfolios.

Casual Users:

  • Discover new and trending artworks.
  • Follow favorite creators.
  • Curate a collection of beloved art.
  • Enjoy Pixiv on the go conveniently.

Artists/Power Users:

  • Manage and upload portfolio of artwork.
  • Utilize advanced search and post options.
  • View high-res images in full quality.
  • Access additional tools and features.


Final Verdict

Overall App Rating: 4/5

In conclusion, the official Pixiv Android app provides an excellent mobile experience for art discovery and community interaction. The intuitive interface, seamless browsing, and extended features like offline saving make engaging with Pixiv’s massive creative library smooth and enjoyable on a smartphone.

While the app comprehensively translates Pixiv’s core website functionality to mobile, the desktop site remains better suited for professional artists and power users. But for casual art fans, the Pixiv app is a superb gateway to Pixiv’s vibrant artist community from the convenience of your phone. With quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, the app has the potential to earn a perfect 5-star rating.


  • Access massive collection of 50+ million artworks on mobile
  • Smooth and seamless browsing experience
  • Easy discovery through trending, recommended, and followed feeds
  • Save favorites for curating collections
  • Interact with community through comments and follows
  • Customizable with light/dark themes and multiple languages


  • Slower loading times on weaker connections
  • Limitations on advanced search filters for free users
  • Compressed image quality compared to website
  • Lack of robust commenting options
  • Inability to post new artwork through app

Overall, the Pixiv Android app excels at making a vast creative universe easily explorable from the palm of your hand. For artists and art lovers who want Pixiv’s vibrant community in their pocket, the app delivers an exceptional mobile experience.

  • Analytics Removed
  • Ads Removed
  • Premium Unlocked

6.91.0 * Bug fixes & improvements 6.90.0 * We've added new search option settings regarding AI-generated work to the pixiv app * Bug fixes & improvements

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