PixelLab APK 2.1.2 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

PixelLab APK 2.1.2 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name PixelLab - Text on pictures
Publisher App Holdings
Genre Photography
Size 30 MB
Latest Version 2.1.2
Update on Oct 26, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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PixelLab is a popular photo and image editing app available for Android. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, it is one of the most widely used apps for adding text, stickers, shapes, and other design elements on top of photos.

PixelLab MOD APK

Overview of Main Features

PixelLab comes packed with a wide array of powerful features to unleash your creativity:

  • Text editing – Add stylish text with custom fonts, colors, alignments, shadows, strokes etc.
  • 3D text – Create text with a 3D look and feel.
  • Text effects – Apply cool effects like emboss, reflection, gradient, blur etc.
  • Stickers – Choose from hundreds of stickers, emojis, shapes, icons etc.
  • Drawing tools – Freehand drawing to annotate images.
  • Background editor – Change background color or gradient.
  • Image effects – Filters, vignette, sharpen, blur etc.
  • Remove background – Erase and cut out backgrounds.
  • Quotes browser – Browse and add quote images.
  • Project save – Save designs to access later.

With these features, PixelLab provides a versatile toolbox for crafting stunning image compositions and graphics for social media, YouTube thumbnails, logos, posters and more.

Below we explore some of the key capabilities of PixelLab in more detail.

PixelLab MOD APK

Powerful Text Editing

One of the core strengths of PixelLab is its text editing capabilities. The app makes it extremely easy to add text overlays on images and customize them in endless ways.

Add Text

  • Tap on the Text icon (T) to bring up the text editor.
  • Type any text you want.
  • Pinch to resize, drag to move the text box.

Formatting Options

You can customize the text as needed:

  • Fonts – Choose from 100+ fonts. Even add your own custom fonts.
  • Size – Set font size from 8 to 200.
  • Color – Pick any color or gradient fill.
  • Alignment – Left, center, right align text.
  • Line spacing – Adjust line height.
  • Tracking – Increase/decrease spacing between letters.
  • Opacity – Set transparency of text.

Styling Text

PixelLab provides advanced text styling options:

  • Stroke – Outline text with any color and width.
  • Shadow – Add shadow with custom blur, opacity etc.
  • Inner shadow – Add inner shadow for a cool effect.
  • Background – Add color fill behind text.
  • Reflection – Add a reflection effect.
  • Emboss – Embossed 3D text effect.
  • Blur – Gaussian blur effect.
  • Mask – Cut out text with custom shapes.

With these powerful tools, you can stylize text in amazing ways.

Curve Text

A unique option is to curve text along custom paths:

  • Add any shape or line.
  • Tap the Curve text icon.
  • Drag text onto the path to curve it.
  • Adjust curve intensity and spacing.

This lets you create cool curved text effects for banners, logos etc.

3D Text

PixelLab lets you convert text into 3D forms with realistic depth and perspective:

  • Tap the 3D text icon after adding regular text.
  • Adjust 3D angle, depth and color.
  • Add multiple 3D text elements with ease.

The 3D text feature opens up creative possibilities for 3D logos, titles, quotes and more.

Clearly, PixelLab provides extremely robust text editing capabilities rivaling desktop publishing software. The multitude of fonts, styles, effects and adjustments enable incredible text-based designs.

PixelLab MOD APK

Stickers, Shapes and Icons

In addition to text, PixelLab provides a vast library of stickers, shapes, emojis, icons and clipart that can be added to images.

The stickers panel includes diverse categories:

  • Facial expressions – Hundreds of animated emojis.
  • Objects – Food items, vehicles, accessories etc.
  • Text bubbles – Comic style text boxes.
  • Celebrations – Party poppers, confetti, fireworks.
  • Flags – Flags of all countries.
  • Shapes – Geometric and abstract shapes.
  • Arrows – Directional arrows in various styles.
  • Icons – UI icons for social media, tech etc.
  • Art – Flowers, animals, scenery illustrations.

You can browse this extensive collection and drag and drop stickers onto images with ease.

Once added, stickers can be resized, rotated, recolored and adjusted like any other element. This provides limitless options for sticker-based designs.

The stickers panel transforms PixelLab into a full-fledged graphic design toolbox for crafting social media posts, thumbnails, banners, visual ads and more.

Drawing Tools

PixelLab provides freehand drawing capabilities for annotating images:

  • Tap the Draw icon to access drawing tools.
  • Adjust brush size, color and opacity.
  • Draw anything onto the image by swiping.
  • Erase parts of the drawing if needed.

Drawings act as vector shapes that can be manipulated like other elements:

  • Resize, rotate or flip drawings.
  • Change color and opacity.
  • Add effects like shadow, reflection etc.

So you can start with a rough sketch and refine it into polished graphics with the drawing feature.

PixelLab MOD APK

Background Editor

PixelLab makes it easy to customize or replace the background of images:

  • Tap the Background icon.
  • Choose a solid color or gradient.
  • Use the color dropper to pick a color from the image.
  • Import any image from gallery to use as background.
  • Adjust blur and brightness of image backgrounds.

With these options you can experiment with different backgrounds to make your graphics pop.

The color erase brush is also a powerful background editing tool:

  • Select the Erase icon.
  • Pick a brush size.
  • Tap on colors in the image to erase.
  • Completely remove backgrounds this way.

Overall, PixelLab provides all the background editing tools you need to extract subjects and change scenes.

Image Editing Capabilities

In addition to creative elements like text, stickers etc., PixelLab includes a full suite of image editing features.

You can enhance the actual photos and images used in your designs in many ways:

Filters and Presets

  • Filters – Vintage, black & white, vintage, HDR etc.
  • Presets – One click filters for popular looks.


Fine tune images with:

  • Exposure – Brightness and contrast.
  • White balance – Temperature and tint.
  • Hue/Saturation – Vibrance and saturation.
  • Sharpen – Increase sharpness and clarity.


  • Vignette – Darken or lighten edges.
  • Grain – Add film grain effect.
  • Blur – Gaussian, radial or motion blur.

Selective Editing

Make localized adjustments:

  • Brush – Paint adjustments onto specific regions.
  • Radial/Linear – Apply effects to a portion of image.

Cropping and Transformations

  • Crop – Cut out unwanted areas.
  • Rotate and flip – Spin or flip horizontally/vertically.
  • Perspective – Adjust perspective and skew.

With this comprehensive image editing toolkit, you can optimize images to make graphics pop.

PixelLab MOD APK

Quotes Browser

PixelLab has a built-in quotes browser to easily add inspirational quote images.

  • Browse categories like love, life, friendship, success etc.
  • Search for specific keywords to find relevant quotes.
  • Tap on a quote to add it with attribution.
  • Share quote cards directly from the app.

The quotes browser makes it super simple to create shareable social media quote posts in seconds.

Project Save and Export

PixelLab allows saving complex designs as projects that can be accessed later:

  • Tap the Save icon.
  • Name and save the project.
  • Projects are available under the Load option.

Saved projects preserve all elements and settings, so you can pick up where you left off anytime.

Final graphics can be exported and shared in multiple ways:

  • Save image – Export jpeg/png file.
  • Share image – Post to Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • Copy to clipboard – Copy design for pasting in docs or apps.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely user-friendly interface
  • Powerful text engine
  • Massive sticker library
  • Background editing capabilities
  • Comprehensive image adjustments
  • Curve text, 3D text, reflections etc.
  • Drawing tools for annotations
  • Quotes browser for social posts
  • Free with no watermark


  • Can be slow on low-end devices
  • No batch editing features
  • Limited layout templates
  • No content aware fill for backgrounds


PixelLab provides a feature-packed design environment for creating stunning graphics with text, stickers, shapes and visual effects. The multitude of customization options give you the freedom to realize any creative vision. While it lacks certain advanced features like batch processing, the app delivers an unparalleled balance of usability and power. For hobbyists and professionals alike, PixelLab is an essential creative toolkit for mobile image editing and graphic design.

PixelLab MOD APK

Tutorials and Guides

Now that we have an overview of PixelLab’s core features, let’s go through some step-by-step guides and tutorials on how to use it for common use cases.

How to Add Text to Photos

Adding text overlays is one of the most popular uses of PixelLab. Here is how to add stylized text on photos:

  1. Open PixelLab and import a photo.
  2. Tap on the Text icon.
  3. Type your desired text. Resize and position it.
  4. Select a font and formatting like bold, italic etc.
  5. Adjust text size and color.
  6. Add effects like stroke, shadow, reflection.
  7. Adjust alignment, spacing, opacity.
  8. Optionally curve or rotate text.
  9. Export and share the edited photo.

Follow these steps to quickly add customized text to any image.

How to Remove Photo Backgrounds

Removing distracting backgrounds is easy with PixelLab’s erase features:

  1. Import the photo to edit.
  2. Select the Erase icon.
  3. Choose a brush size fitting the objects to remove.
  4. Tap on the background areas to erase.
  5. Switch brush colors to carefully erase background.
  6. Toggle Edge detection to help identify backgrounds.
  7. Erase until only the main subject remains.
  8. Tap Invert to check for any leftover spots.
  9. Optionally add a new background from gallery or colors.
  10. Export the cut-out image or subject.

This gives you a quick way to change backgrounds or isolate subjects from busy environments.

How to Design Social Media Posts

PixelLab is perfect for crafting custom graphics and images for social media. Here is one way to design appealing social posts:

  1. Pick an eye-catching photo for the base.
  2. Optionally apply filters or adjustments.
  3. Add text like headings, captions or quotes.
  4. Insert relevant stickers like icons, emojis etc.
  5. Use shapes and lines for emphasis.
  6. Add your logo, watermark or handle with text.
  7. Apply design styles and text effects.
  8. Choose vibrant colors and gradients.
  9. Export in optimal size for the platform.
  10. Post and share your unique branded content.

With these steps you can consistently design quality social posts that engage your followers.

How to Make YouTube Thumbnails

PixelLab provides all the tools needed to make custom YouTube thumbnails that get more clicks:

  1. Start with a high quality base image relevant to the video topic.
  2. Optionally apply enhancements and filters.
  3. Add titles, subtitles and other text highlighting key topics.
  4. Insert arrows, shapes, emojis to make it eye-catching.
  5. Use 3D text to make titles stand out.
  6. Add borders, backgrounds and branding elements.
  7. Use colors, shadows and effects for vibrance.
  8. Export in 1280×720 resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  9. Upload the custom thumbnail to YouTube.

With PixelLab you can design thumbnails that grab attention and reflect video content.

How to Create Logos

PixelLab has all the design tools needed for DIY logos:

  1. Add your company name or initials as text.
  2. Style it with unique fonts, colors, effects.
  3. Insert icons or shapes associated with your brand.
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  • Internet access cut/disabled
  • Works Offline
  • Optimised by zipaling method
  • Mod movable to SD Card
  • Package name changed
  • All Premium Content Unlocked

Bug fixes.

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