PictureThis APK 3.70 MOD (Premium Unlocked) for android

PictureThis APK 3.70 MOD (Premium Unlocked) for android


App Name PictureThis - Plant Identifier
Publisher Glority Global Group Ltd
Genre Education
Size 95 MB
Latest Version 3.70
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Requirements 9
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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PictureThis is a revolutionary plant identification app that allows users to instantly identify plants simply by taking a photo. With its advanced artificial intelligence and image recognition technology, PictureThis can identify over 1,000,000 plant species with 98% accuracy.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and has become hugely popular among home gardeners, botanists, landscapers, and nature enthusiasts. This comprehensive review will examine the key features of the PictureThis android app, its strengths and weaknesses, and whether it’s worth downloading.

PictureThis MOD APK

Key Features

Accurate Plant Identification

The standout feature of PictureThis is its ability to accurately identify plants. The app has an extensive plant database with over 1,000,000 different species. To identify a plant, simply open the app, take a photo of the plant, leaf, flower, fruit, bark etc and PictureThis will provide you with identification results within seconds.

The advanced artificial intelligence and neural networks powering the app mean it can analyze the visual features of the plant and match it against its vast database to provide a reliable ID with up to 98% accuracy. This makes it more accurate than most human experts at identifying plant species.

Detailed Plant Information

Once PictureThis has identified a plant, it doesn’t just stop there. The app provides in-depth information about the plant such as its common names, scientific name, plant family, origin, growth habit, size, lifespan, light/water/soil preferences, flowering season, edibility, medicinal uses and much more.

There are also high quality photos and illustrations of the plant so you can validate the ID and learn more about the plant’s visual features. Having so much information in one place makes PictureThis an invaluable learning tool for botany enthusiasts or anyone wanting to expand their plant knowledge.

Plant Care Tips and Reminders

PictureThis doesn’t just identify plants, it also helps you take better care of them. The app provides detailed plant care instructions such as watering frequency, fertilizing needs, pruning techniques, pest and disease control etc tailored to the specific plant.

You can even set up custom reminders for when to water or fertilize your plants so you never forget. The advice helps you understand each plant’s ideal growing conditions and how to troubleshoot problems, turning even novice gardeners into plant care experts.

Garden Planning and Management

The PictureThis app allows you to create a virtual garden by adding the plants in your real life garden. You can upload photos of your plants, record details like location, and get customized care instructions for the microclimate and conditions in your unique garden setup.

This makes it easy to plan what to plant where while making sure plants with similar needs are grouped together. You’ll also have all the plant care information for your garden in one place.

Social Sharing and Community

PictureThis has a social network component that allows you to share photos of your identified plants and engage with other users. You can follow other users to see the plants they’ve identified, leave comments, get help with identification, and learn about plants you might never encounter in your own garden.

There are also groups focused on specific plant types like orchids or roses where you can interact with enthusiasts from around the world. It helps you connect with and learn from the PictureThis gardening community.

PictureThis MOD APK

Using the App

Downloading and Signing Up

PictureThis is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. Signing up is quick and only requires an email address. You can sign in through Google, Facebook or your email.

No payment information is needed to access the core features, although there are paid subscription options that provide some additional benefits which will be discussed later.

Taking Identification Photos

Using the PictureThis app to identify plants is an easy and intuitive process:

  1. Open the app and tap the camera icon to access your phone’s camera
  2. Center the plant in the viewfinder and make sure key identifying features are visible. This may include leaves, flowers, fruit, bark, branch structure etc.
  3. Tap the round shutter button to capture the photo. Try to take clear, well-lit, and focused photos for best results.
  4. The app will quickly analyze the photo and provide identification results on the next screen.
  5. Scroll through the results and tap on the plant name that matches your plant.

If the plant hasn’t been identified correctly, you can retake the photo or select ‘Can’t find my plant?” to manually search the database.

Exploring Plant Details

Once you’ve identified a plant, tapping on its name will open an information screen with a detailed profile of that species. This usually includes:

  • Common and scientific names
  • Plant family
  • Origin and regions where it grows
  • Size and growth habit
  • Flowering time and color
  • Light and soil preferences
  • Watering, feeding, and pruning needs
  • Pests and diseases
  • Toxicity warnings
  • Medicinal or edible uses
  • Fun trivia and facts

There are also high quality photos you can scroll through to view the plant’s key features. Everything is nicely laid out and easy to access.

Additional Features

Along with identification, the app has useful features like:

  • Creating a virtual garden to manage your plants
  • Setting reminders for plant care tasks
  • Getting customized plant care guides
  • Taking diagnostic photos of plant problems to ID issues
  • Asking questions and getting advice from botanical experts
  • Downloading your identified plant list as a CSV file
  • Accessing online plant care courses and resources

PictureThis MOD APK

Pros of the App

Huge Plant Database

The most impressive aspect of PictureThis is its expansive plant database covering over 1 million species. Very few plant ID apps have a library this extensive. Whether you’re looking at common garden plants, exotic houseplants, tropical species, or rare native plants, chances are PictureThis will be able to identify it.

Advanced Recognition Technology

PictureThis uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to analyze the visual features of plants and accurately match them against known species. This gives it an edge over rival apps that rely on simpler image matching. The AI is continuously improved as more users add photos, making the app’s recognition abilities better over time.

Detailed Plant Information

You don’t just get a plant name, you get in-depth information covering all aspects of care and cultivation for that particular species. This allows you to look after your plants properly based on their unique needs. Information is collated from plant experts and encyclopedic sources.

Ideal for Beginners

The app is perfect for gardening beginners as it takes you through plant care step-by-step. You can easily look up care instructions for any plant in your garden. Its social features also let you connect with more experienced gardeners to learn.

Easy Sharing and Backup

The ability to share plant photos and information with other users and get help with identification makes PictureThis more interactive than offline plant guides. You can also backup your plant catalog and care needs online.

Works Offline

Once you’ve downloaded the app’s database, you can identify plants without an internet connection which is useful when hiking or traveling. The database receives periodic updates when online.

Cons of the App

Requires Subscriptions for Full Access

While PictureThis is free to download, full access to all features requires a paid subscription – either monthly or yearly. This may limit usage for some users who don’t want to pay. The free version has limited identification credits and lacks certain features.

Not 100% Accurate

Despite having advanced recognition abilities, PictureThis doesn’t provide perfect identification in all cases. Accuracy levels are generally over 90% but it can occasionally misidentify more obscure or juvenile plants. Using the best photos and checking other results improves accuracy.

Doesn’t Work on All Photos

The app requires photos containing visible plant features like leaves, flowers etc. It can’t identify plants from landscape shots or photos showing just a stem. Proper framing is needed for successful identification.

Drain on Phone Battery

The app can drain your phone’s battery more quickly, especially if using the live camera. Having your battery charged before using the app for extended periods helps avoid this. Closing other apps can also optimize power usage.

Requires Online Access

An internet connection is needed the first time you identify a new plant in order to match against the cloud database. Using it offline is limited to plants already identified and saved.

PictureThis MOD APK

Costs of Premium Features

PictureThis offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides basic plant identification capabilities but limits you to 50 identifications per month before requiring payment. Other limitations include:

  • No access to full plant information
  • Can’t create virtual gardens or plant lists
  • No reminders, guides, or expert help
  • Limited sharing and user groups

Unlocking the full features requires a paid subscription:

Monthly Subscription

  • $5.99 per month
  • Unlimited identifications
  • Full plant information and care guides
  • Garden planning and reminders
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Expert consulting

Yearly Subscription

  • $29.99 per year
  • All features in monthly subscription
  • Identification history backup
  • Early access to new features
  • Ad-free experience

There are also options for 3-month ($14.99) and 2-year ($59.99) subscriptions. While the paid options are not mandatory, they enable the full capabilities of the app for serious users. The monthly plan can be cancelled anytime.

PictureThis MOD APK

User Experience

Ease of Use

The PictureThis app provides a smooth, user-friendly experience. The interface is clean and intuitive. Simple prompts guide you to take plant photos which only takes a few seconds. Results are displayed clearly. Tapping on plants brings up neatly organized details. The overall process is quick and seamless.

Speed and Accuracy

Identification is near instantaneous with most results appearing under 10 seconds. The AI technology and cloud processing power enable fast matching. Accuracy levels are also impressive for the vast majority of garden plants, houseplants, and wild plants. Results continue improving through user contributions.

Engaging Content

Exploring the detailed plant profiles is engaging with the wealth of information presented through text, images, and multimedia. The app makes learning about plants fun rather than dry and textbook-like. The social features also allow you to engage with other plant lovers.

Room for Improvement

While the app works well, there are still occasional identification errors and app glitches reported. Expanding the plant database and fine-tuning the algorithm can enhance accuracy further. Reducing battery drain and data usage are also areas being improved.

PictureThis MOD APK

The Verdict

The PictureThis app deserves its reputation as a top notch plant identifier that will appeal to most gardeners, botanists, and nature lovers due to its unmatched plant recognition abilities. However, the push to subscribe can be annoying for casual users who don’t need full access.

If you just need occasional identifications, the free version may suffice. But the paid subscription is worthwhile for serious users who want to maximize the app’s capabilities for plant care and social sharing. It remains one of the best plant ID apps available.

Suitable For:

  • Gardening and plant enthusiasts
  • Botanists and nature guides
  • Landscapers and nursery professionals
  • Foragers, hikers, and outdoor explorers
  • Master gardeners and hobbyists
  • Teachers, students, and homeschoolers

Not Suitable For:

  • Extremely casual users
  • Those not interested in plant details
  • Budget-conscious users unwilling to pay
  • Users needing flawless accuracy

In summary, the PictureThis app leverages the power of artificial intelligence to deliver an unparalleled plant identification and learning experience through your smartphone. While a paid subscription unlocks its full potential, it remains a game changer for understanding the natural world around you.

  • Premium Unlocked

Thanks for exploring the world of plants with PictureThis. In this update, we polished the designs of some screens and fixed a few minor bugs to make your plant care and identification experience as delightful as possible. Update now and enjoy!

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