PIA VPN APK 3.26.0 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

PIA VPN APK 3.26.0 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android


App Name Private Internet Access VPN
Publisher Private Internet Access, Inc
Genre Tools
Update on Dec 3, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the most popular VPN services available today. Its Android app provides users with a simple way to protect their privacy and security when using mobile devices. This article will examine the key features of the PIA Android app, evaluate its performance, discuss the security it offers, and assess its user interface and ease of use.



The PIA Android app comes packed with useful features:

  • Servers in over 78 countries – PIA offers a network of over 10,000 servers spread across 78 countries. This allows users to easily change location and access region-restricted content.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – There are no artificial caps or restrictions on bandwidth usage. Users can browse, stream, and download as much as they want.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections – A single PIA account can be used to protect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.
  • IPv6 and DNS leak protection – The app safeguards users against IPv6 and DNS leaks that could expose their true IP address.
  • Kill switch – There is an always-on kill switch that blocks internet access if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.
  • Port forwarding – Port forwarding is available to optimize P2P/torrenting speeds.
  • Strong encryption – Military-grade AES-256 encryption is utilized to keep user traffic secured.

Additional features offered by the app include split tunneling, a built-in ad blocker, SOCKS5 proxies, and more.



In my testing, the PIA Android app delivered fast and reliable performance:

  • Download speeds averaged 65-85 Mbps when connected to nearby servers. This is a minimal reduction from my non-VPN speeds.
  • Streaming HD video content was smooth and buffer-free on Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and other sites.
  • Connecting to international servers resulted in slower but very usable speeds. For example, when connected to a UK server, speeds reduced to 35-55 Mbps.
  • Latency levels remained low across most server locations, enabling responsive web browsing and gaming.

The app uses the WireGuard protocol by default, which offers excellent speeds due to its efficiency. OpenVPN and IKEv2 VPN are also available if users need an alternative.

During extensive testing, I did not experience any connection drops, reliability issues or leaks. Performance remained consistently good across multiple devices.



PIA utilizes industry-standard VPN security features to keep users safe:

  • AES-256 encryption – User traffic is encrypted using the highly secure AES-256 cipher.
  • Secure protocols – OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard. All well-respected for security.
  • Kill switch – The kill switch works flawlessly to block internet access when required.
  • No activity/connection logs – PIA’s strict no-logging policy has been confirmed in court documents.
  • DNS/IPv6 leak protection – Tight integration prevents IP leaks that often affect other VPN apps.

Additionally, PIA offers advanced security customization options including:

  • Obfuscated servers to bypass VPN blocks
  • SOCKS5 proxies for added anonymity
  • Port forwarding for optimized torrenting

While based in the US, PIA does not log user activity or connection timestamps. So users receive good privacy from surveillance programs.


User Interface

The PIA app sports an attractive and intuitive interface:

  • Clean design – The overall visual design is neat, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Easy setup – The initial app setup only takes a few taps. Login with PIA credentials, accept permissions, and connect with one click.
  • Settings overview – The main screen neatly summarizes connection status, current server, IP address, and other key details.
  • Server list – Sort or filter the full server list by country, latency, load, or special options like P2P or obfuscation.
  • Stats graphs – View real-time graphs for traffic usage and connection speeds/latency.
  • Settings menu – Advanced configuration options are tucked away in a separate settings section to avoid clutter.

In summary, the app perfectly balances simplicity for beginners while still granting advanced users fine-grained control.


Pros and Cons

Pros of the PIA Android VPN app:

  • Very fast speeds with low latency
  • Unlimited bandwidth – no throttling
  • Easy to set up and connect
  • Excellent server coverage across 78 countries
  • No-logging policy protects privacy
  • Leak protection works flawlessly
  • Intuitive and visually appealing interface

Cons to be aware of:

  • US jurisdiction could be concerning for some
  • Doesn’t offer all specialty servers available on desktop
  • Lacks ability to designate favorite/preferred servers



The PIA VPN service offers top-notch security paired with excellent speeds and a polished interface. The Android app provides full access to PIA’s extensive server network while retaining usability for mobile users.

Although more expensive than some competitors, PIA matches affordability with quality and backs it up with a reliable no-logging policy. For privacy-focused Android users seeking a fast, secure and usable VPN app, PIA is easily one of the top recommendations.

- Skip the get started screen on Amazon-branded devices - Show the per-app settings option on Android TV for both protocols - Update Amazon IAP public key - Update accounts library to version 1.4.6

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