PhotoTune APK 4.3.7 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

PhotoTune APK 4.3.7 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name PhotoTune - AI Photo Enhancer
Publisher Vyro AI
Genre Photography
Size 16 MB
Latest Version 4.3.7
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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PhotoTune is an AI-powered photo editing app that allows users to enhance, restore, colorize, and beautify images with just a single tap. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to improve photo quality, unblur images, sharpen details, and more.

Key Features:

  • AI Photo Enhancement
  • Old Photo Restoration
  • Portrait Beautification
  • HDR Editing
  • Photo Upscaling
  • One-Tap Editing

I tested the PhotoTune app extensively on my Android device. Here is an in-depth review of my experience using this photo editor.

PhotoTune MOD APK

Interface and Ease of Use

PhotoTune has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The home screen displays all the photos on your device in a grid view. You simply select a photo you want to enhance and tap on the “Enhance” button.

The app then processes the image and shows a before-and-after split screen preview. You can scroll left and right to compare the original and enhanced photo. There are also handy zoom controls to inspect fine details.

I found the one-tap enhancement incredibly easy to use. PhotoTune does all the complex editing automatically with its AI engine. There are no manual settings or parameters to adjust.

The app also offers batch processing to enhance multiple photos at once. You just select the images and tap the “Batch Enhance” button. This is useful for editing lots of pictures efficiently.

Overall, PhotoTune sets a new standard for simplicity in photo editing apps. The intuitive interface makes enhancing images almost effortless.

PhotoTune MOD APK

Photo Enhancement

The main feature of PhotoTune is its AI photo enhancement capability. After selecting a picture, tapping “Enhance” drastically improved the image quality.

My test photos were brighter, sharper, and more vivid after enhancement. The AI brought out details that were barely visible in the originals. The improvements were especially apparent when zooming into 100% crop.

The enhancements were natural-looking and avoided overprocessed effects. Landscape shots had better contrast without looking artificial. Portraits had enhanced skin texture and details without appearing overly smoothed or filtered.

PhotoTune uses machine learning to apply different improvements based on image content. Photos with faces got more skin retouching. Dim scenes were made brighter. Flat images gained more contrast.

I’m thoroughly impressed by how intelligent and automatic the photo enhancements are. The app consistently produced noticeable upgrades across various photos.

PhotoTune MOD APK

Old Photo Restoration

In addition to enhancing modern photos, PhotoTune has specialized tools to restore and repair old, damaged pictures.

I tested it on some faded black-and-white family photos from the 1990s. The “Colorize” feature added lively color to breathe new life into these vintage pictures. The AI colorization looked very realistic and natural.

Restoring an old damaged photo of my parents dramatically reduced blemishes and tears for a cleaner image. Their faces also looked more youthful thanks to intelligent skin enhancements.

The “Upscale” tool increased the resolution of a small blurry photo by 4x. This revealed finer facial details and textures that weren’t visible before.

Overall, PhotoTune does an incredible job at revitalizing old photos with its AI magic. It reduces aging effects to make the people and scenes appear more vivid.

PhotoTune MOD APK

Portrait Beautification

PhotoTune has a dedicated “Beautify” mode specifically for enhancing portraits. It utilizes AI facial detection and beautification powered by machine learning.

I tested it on some selfies and family photos. Tapping the Beautify button automatically smoothed skin, whitened teeth, brightened eyes, and refined facial details.

The facial enhancements made everyone look naturally more attractive. Some of my selfies ended up looking like they were professionally retouched.

The app lets you control the beautification intensity from subtle improvements to complete makeovers. There are also manual options to adjust specific attributes like smile lines, acne, eye size, face shape, and more.

So if you take lots of portraits or selfies, PhotoTune can drastically elevate them with instant AI-powered beautification filters.

HDR Photo Enhancement

In addition to overall quality improvements, PhotoTune has an HDR feature dedicated to enhancing image lighting and details.

It uses intelligent algorithms to balance shadows and highlights in high-contrast scenes. This reveals details in both bright and dark areas for a more even exposure throughout the photo.

Testing this on some landscape photos with harsh lighting greatly reduced blown out highlights in bright skies. More shades and textures were recovered in highlighted clouds and water reflections.

At the same time, HDR boosted details in shaded foreground objects. Trees, rocks, and buildings had better definition in previously dark shadows.

The end results were perfectly balanced images with crisp details across all areas. PhotoTune’s HDR enhancement delivered noticeable improvements over the camera’s original dynamic range limitations.

PhotoTune MOD APK

Photo Upscaling

PhotoTune utilizes AI upscaling to increase photo resolution for sharper details. This is useful for resizing images for large prints or zooming into small details.

You can choose to upscale by 2x, 4x, or 8x the original resolution. I tested some low-res photos from old mobile phones and social media.

The 4x upscale worked best for revealing finer details and textures without appearing overprocessed. An old 2MP mobile photo gained significantly better sharpness.

The 8x option produced even larger files with extremely high resolution. But too much upscaling can look artificial, especially in flat areas without much detail.

Overall, intelligently upscaling by 2-4x provides a great balance between resolution and natural quality. Just don’t expect miracles from extremely low-quality sources.

Premium Features

PhotoTune offers premium features and perks for $5 per month or $25 yearly. This includes:

  • Ad-free experience
  • Unlimited high-res photo exports
  • Faster processing
  • Batch edit up to 30 photos
  • Priority customer support

The premium version notably improves the editing experience by removing ads and speeding up enhancements. For heavy users, the productivity boost is well worth the subscription cost.

But the free version is still highly capable for casual usage. You still get the full set of AI photo editing features without paying.

PhotoTune MOD APK

Pros and Cons

Here are the major advantages and disadvantages I found using PhotoTune:


  • Intuitive one-tap photo enhancement
  • Powerful AI improves image quality
  • Tools to restore and colorize old photos
  • HDR and upscaling capabilities
  • Impressive automatic beautification filters
  • Affordable subscription plan


  • Requires internet connection
  • Can’t save custom presets
  • Limited batch processing with free version
  • Rare crashes when enhancing large files


Overall, PhotoTune is an outstanding AI-powered photo enhancer app for Android. It has instantly become my go-to tool for improving all my pictures with just simple taps.

The intelligent photo enhancements breathe new life into images by automatically adjusting colors, lighting, details, and more. Specialized tools also excel at restoring old photos or beautifying portraits.

While the odd glitch does happen, the super easy editing workflow and impressive results far outweigh any minor flaws. PhotoTune delivers astonishing improvements anyone can achieve.

It’s the perfect app for casual users who want great-looking images without complex editing. The affordable premium plan also unlocks batch editing and ad-free convenience for active photographers.

In the end, I highly recommend PhotoTune if you want to take your phone photography to the next level. This clever app puts the power of artificial intelligence to work upgrading all your pictures with true one-click magic.

  • Premium Unlocked

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