Photoroom APK 4.7.6 MOD (Pro Unlocked) for android

Photoroom APK 4.7.6 MOD (Pro Unlocked) for android


App Name PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor
Publisher PhotoRoom Background Editor App
Genre Photography
Size 14 MB
Latest Version 4.7.6
Update on Nov 18, 2023
Requirements 9
Mod info Pro Unlocked
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Photoroom is a powerful and user-friendly photo editing app available for Android. With its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Photoroom makes editing photos on mobile devices easier and faster than ever before.

In this comprehensive review, we will explore Photoroom’s key features, interface, performance, pricing, and more. Whether you are a casual user looking to touch up some vacation photos, or a professional photographer needing to edit high-resolution images, Photoroom has something to offer for everyone.

Photoroom MOD APK

Key Features

Some of the standout features of Photoroom include:

  • Background removal – Photoroom utilizes AI to instantly remove backgrounds from images and replace with a solid color or pattern. This saves huge amounts of time compared to manually selecting and deleting backgrounds.
  • Object removal – Easily erase unwanted objects like logos, watermarks, power lines, etc from images with a simple swipe. The app fills in the missing parts seamlessly.
  • Photo enhancement – Improve lighting, color, and other elements of photos with sliders and presets. Removes noise, enhances sharpness, and more with a tap.
  • Batch editing – Apply edits and effects to multiple photos at once, rather than editing images individually. Saves time when working with large volumes of images.
  • Collages – Choose from a variety of layouts to combine multiple photos into eye-catching collages. Includes grids, frames, shapes, and other designs.
  • Text and stickers – Add text captions and stylish stickers to images to create customized designs. Choose fonts, colors, positions, and more.
  • Blemish removal – The blemish removal tool lets you erase imperfections like acne, wrinkles, and spots on faces. Subtly enhances portraits.
  • Magic resize – Automatically resizes images to fit social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Takes the guesswork out of resizing.
  • Cloud storage – Syncs edited photos across devices through cloud storage. Allows picking up edits across mobile and desktop.
  • Templates – Select from beautiful, pre-made templates tailored to social media platforms. Takes the effort out of design work.
  • Sharing – Instantly share completed creations to other apps and social platforms. No need to save and re-upload images.

Photoroom MOD APK

Interface and Usage

Photoroom sports a clean, minimalist interface optimized for mobile devices. The intuitive design makes navigating the app straightforward for editing photos on the go.

The app launches to a home screen with profile options and a big plus button to import photos from your camera roll. Tapping the plus icon brings up the photo importer.

From there, you can select images to edit. After loading a photo, Photoroom auto-detects elements like the background and key subjects using AI. These detected elements can then be edited independently.

For example, when you load a portrait photo, Photoroom identifies the person and provides granular editing options specifically for the facial features like skin smoothing, teeth whitening, eye enhancing, and more.

The same goes for other objects like products, animals, food, and so on. Photoroom detects what’s in the image and provides tailored editing tools.

The main interface centers around the image being edited. At the bottom is a menu of options like Background, Objects, Text, and Stickers.

Tapping each menu item opens advanced editing interfaces with sliders, presets, and other adjustments. It’s easy to tweak the various elements until you achieve the desired effect.

Some standout interface features include:

  • Cutout mode – Lets you manually fine-tune the edge around cutout objects if needed.
  • Before/after toggle – Quickly toggle between the original and edited versions of photos. Helpful for evaluating edits.
  • Zoom – Zoom in up to 6x to view and edit fine details in images. Critical for precision work.
  • Undo – Step backwards and undo recent changes. Useful for experimenting safely.
  • Presets – Apply preset filters with one tap for quick enhancement. Options like Portrait, Food, Night Mode, and more.
  • Comparison – Compare edited photos side-by-side for easy selection.

Overall, Photoroom’s interface allows both novice users and professionals to edit images efficiently on mobile. But it also retains enough advanced functionality for pixel-level perfection when needed.

Photoroom MOD APK


One of Photoroom’s biggest selling points is its speed. The app leverages AI and machine learning to perform tasks like background removal, facial retouching, and applying filters nearly instantly.

We tested the app on a Google Pixel 6 running Android 12 and were seriously impressed with the performance:

  • Background removal on a 12MP photo took just 2-3 seconds versus minutes of manual work.
  • Blemish removal on portraits took under 1 second per tool tap.
  • Preset filters applied instantly after selecting one.
  • Saving a completed 12MP image took about 2 seconds.

The quick performance applies to batch editing multiple photos as well. We were able to edit 100 12MP photos with a preset filter in under 2 minutes.

Even on higher resolution photos from DSLR cameras, Photoroom performs admirably thanks to optimization. The app makes use of the phone’s GPU for accelerated processing.

Advanced users can also manually adjust the processing priority in the app settings for an even speed boost if desired.

Overall, Photoroom’s excellent performance on mobile platforms is a huge advantage for editing photos on the go. The AI-powered tools make easy work of tedious editing tasks.

Image Quality

In addition to speed, Photoroom also maintains high image quality and precision when editing photos. The AI training utilizes neural networks to preserve details when removing backgrounds, applying filters, retouching faces, and more.

Some examples of Photoroom’s high-quality results:

  • Background removal keeps fine strands of hair intact without chopping them off like inferior tools.
  • Blemish removal subtly minimizes imperfections without losing skin texture and contours.
  • Noise reduction smooths grain without an overly artificial look.
  • Sharpening enhances details without introducing harsh halos at edges.
  • Filter presets apply tasteful color and tone changes without degrading image quality.

We found the editing tools strike a great balance between speed and quality. You can quickly enhance photos in seconds without compromising too much fidelity.

For users that demand maximum quality, the app also provides an “HQ processing” setting. This uses a more advanced algorithm to retain the highest level of detail at the cost of speed.

Overall, Photoroom’s intelligent editing algorithms allow both fast and high-quality photo processing on mobile. Results look natural and professional.

Photoroom MOD APK

Sharing and Exporting

After editing photos in Photoroom, you can quickly export or share them to other apps and platforms right from the interface.

The app supports exporting JPGs at up to 40MP resolution. For super large exports, you can also save uncompressed PNG files without limits.

Some of the handy direct sharing options include:

  • Social media – Share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.
  • Messaging – Send images via text, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more.
  • Cloud storage – Save edited photos to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Ecommerce – Post directly to eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and other marketplaces.

The variety of sharing options makes it easy to publish your edited creations. And you can configure image resize settings for each platform.

For batch exporting, Photoroom includes handy tools like:

  • Batch rename – Rename multiple images with custom prefixes, suffixes, sequences, and more.
  • ZIP compression – Save batches of images compressed into ZIP files.
  • Bulk export – Export entire batches with configurable settings.

Overall, Photoroom provides seamless sharing integration and robust exporting options for getting your edited photos where they need to go.


Photoroom utilizes a freemium pricing model with both free and paid subscription options:

  • Free version – Provides core editing features unlimited times per day. Limited to 8MP resolution exports. Contains ads.
  • Plus – $4.99 per month or $19.99 yearly. Removes ads, provides more templates and backgrounds.
  • Pro – $9.99 per month or $59.99 yearly. Unlocks advanced features like RAW editing, HQ mode, more tools.

Considering the amount of editing power unlocked on a mobile device, we think the Pro plan pricing is very fair and affordable.

The Plus plan offers a nice middle ground for casual users who only need basic editing and template options. Beginners may find the free version sufficient as well.

Overall, the choice of pricing tiers allows users at all levels to access Photoroom’s capabilities at a range they are comfortable with.

Photoroom MOD APK

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely fast editing powered by AI
  • Keeps excellent image quality despite speed
  • Works great on mobile platforms
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Granular control over edits when needed
  • Helpful presets and templates
  • Great integration with sharing platforms
  • Affordable pricing tiers for all users
  • Constant app updates with new features


  • Requires subscription for full feature set
  • Occasional issues with fine details like hair
  • Limited to JPEG and PNG file formats
  • Lacks support for RAW photo formats
  • No desktop version available currently


Photoroom makes editing photos on mobile devices a breeze with its AI-enhanced tools. The app performs editing tasks like background removal and facial retouching in seconds while maintaining pleasing image quality.

The intuitive interface provides both quick presets and granular adjustments for versatile editing. Sharing finished products directly to social platforms and marketplaces saves additional steps.

While RAW photo support is lacking, Photoroom still beats most competitors in efficiently producing great looking images. The pricing tiers also make the app accessible to casual and professional users alike.

For anyone who needs to edit photos on the go, Photoroom’s speed, quality, and ease of use are hard to beat. It earns our strong recommendation as a must-have mobile photo editing app.

Photoroom MOD APK

Comparison to Top Alternatives

How does Photoroom stack up against competitors like Adobe Photoshop Express, Snapseed, and Pixelcut? Here is a brief comparison:

App Pros Cons
Photoroom Fastest performance, excellent AI editing, great templates, affordable pricing No RAW support, occasional fine detail issues
Photoshop Express Tons of editing tools, great for advanced users, syncs with desktop apps Slower than Photoroom, more complex interface
Snapseed Intuitive one-tap enhancements, nice interface, lots of filters Mediocre object removal, fewer advanced tools
Pixelcut Specialized for ecommerce, nice templates, easy background swapping Slower than Photoroom, less precise object selection

Photoroom versus Photoshop Express

Photoroom has faster AI-powered tools while Express provides more overall editing capabilities like layers. Photoroom is quicker and easier for beginners while Express suits advanced users.

Photoroom versus Snapseed

Snapseed offers simpler one-tap tools while Photoroom provides more advanced AI features. Snapseed is better for basic filters and tuning while Photoroom excels at object removal.

Photoroom versus Pixelcut

Photoroom has faster and more accurate object selection. Pixelcut provides templates tailored specifically for ecommerce. Photoroom is better for general use while Pixelcut focuses on product photography.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Photoroom makes mobile photo editing faster, easier, and more accessible than ever before. While competitors may edge it out in certain areas, Photoroom’s balance of automatic AI tools and manual adjustments hits a sweet spot for most users.

The app truly shines for quickly enhancing photos through background removal, blemish fixing, filters, and more on phones and tablets. For mobile photo editing, Photoroom should be one of the first apps you reach for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Photoroom work on both Android and iOS?

Yes, Photoroom is available as a free download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The interface and features are very similar across platforms.

Is there a Photoroom app for desktop?

Not currently. The developers have focused their efforts on optimization for mobile. But you can access your library and edits across devices through the cloud sync feature.

What objects can Photoroom remove backgrounds from?

Photoroom’s AI engine can isolate people, pets, products, foods, vehicles, and more from backgrounds.

  • Pro Unlocked
  • AD Free

This update brings new features and stability improvements to make your PhotoRoom experience even greater. - Access Instant Backgrounds and Instant Shadows directly in the Editor 🪄 - You can now create and edit custom Instant Backgrounds! 🧑‍🎨 - Many fixes and improvements under the hood 🏗

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