Photomath APK 8.33.0 MOD (Plus, Premium Unlocked)

Photomath APK 8.33.0 MOD (Plus, Premium Unlocked)


App Name Photomath
Publisher Photomath LLC
Genre Education
Size 16 MB
Latest Version 8.33.0
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Plus/Premium Unlocked
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Photomath is a popular educational app designed to help students learn and understand math concepts. With over 220 million downloads worldwide, Photomath has become the #1 math learning app for students of all ages.

The app works by using your phone’s camera to scan math problems and equations, whether printed or handwritten. It then provides step-by-step explanations to reach the solution, making it an invaluable tool for grasping math concepts.

In this comprehensive review, we will explore the key features of Photomath, its usefulness for learning, and overall user experience on Android devices.

Photomath MOD APK

How Photomath Works

The core functionality of Photomath centers around its optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

To use the app, simply open the camera view and point it at a math problem. Make sure the entire equation fits within the guide lines. Tap the capture button, and Photomath will instantly scan and recognize the problem.

Within seconds, the step-by-step working out will appear on your screen, walking you through the process to reach the final solution.

Photomath is able to recognize and solve a wide variety of math problems encompassing:

  • Basic arithmetic
  • Fractions
  • Exponents
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Matrices

The app can handle both printed textbook equations as well as handwritten problems, making it easy to use on the go.

Photomath MOD APK

Key Features

Detailed Step-by-Step Solutions

The standout feature of Photomath is the detailed explanations it provides for solving math problems.

For each problem scanned, the app displays a step-by-step breakdown of the entire working out process needed to reach the answer.

This allows you to clearly understand the reasoning and logic behind each step, rather than just seeing the final solution.

Step-by-step explanation example

Having access to the full working out is extremely beneficial for cementing mathematical concepts and identifying any mistakes.

Multiple Solution Methods

An additional useful feature is the ability to view multiple methods of solving the same problem.

Photomath has a comprehensive math knowledge base and will intelligently provide different approaches to reach the answer.

This allows you to learn diverse problem-solving techniques and choose the method you understand best. Seeing different perspectives is invaluable for gaining a well-rounded math education.

Handwriting Recognition

A key advantage of Photomath is its advanced handwriting recognition capabilities.

The app can accurately decipher handwritten math problems on paper, notebooks, worksheets, and textbooks.

This makes it easy to use Photomath on the go by quickly snapping a photo of your handwritten homework question to check the solution.

Interactive Graphs

For applicable problems, Photomath provides interactive graphing capabilities.

The app will intelligently generate graphs to visually represent functions, equations, derivatives, and more.

You can pinch to zoom and drag to pan around the graph, making it easy to understand graphical concepts.

Interactive graph example

Calculator Mode

In addition to the camera view, Photomath also offers a scientific calculator mode.

You can manually input mathematical expressions and the app will solve it step-by-step.

The calculator includes capabilities for:

  • Basic arithmetic
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Logarithms
  • Matrices
  • Complex numbers
  • Calculus operations
  • and more

This makes it easy to use Photomath as an all-in-one calculation and problem-solving tool.

Offline Accessibility

Photomath is designed to be accessible even without an internet connection.

The app downloads all mathematical content needed locally to your device. This means you can use Photomath anywhere, anytime – on planes, trains, remote locations, etc.

Internet is only required for software updates.

Photomath MOD APK

Photomath Premium

Photomath offers a paid premium subscription called Photomath Plus to unlock additional features and benefits.

Photomath Plus is priced at $9.99 per month or $59.99 annually.

Here are some of the key premium features included:

  • No ads – Removes all banner and video ads from the app
  • Textbook solutions – Provides full worked solutions for popular math textbooks
  • Additional explanations – Offers more detailed descriptions for each step
  • Priority support – Get faster responses from Photomath’s math experts
  • Animated tutorials – Watch step-by-step video tutorials explaining concepts
  • Additional math topics – Unlocks more advanced math capabilities

For students who use Photomath extensively, the premium features can provide even more helpful math support. However, the free version still offers substantial functionality.

Photomath MOD APK

User Experience

Interface and Design

Photomath has an intuitive, user-friendly interface optimized for ease of use.

The app uses a simple, clean design consisting of just a few main screens:

  • Camera view – Scan math problems here
  • Solutions page – View full working out and explanation
  • Calculator – Manually input expressions
  • Settings – Adjust app options

Large buttons and text make the interface accessible for users of all ages. Swiping and tapping through screens is smooth and seamless.

The camera viewfinder provides clear visual guides to position math problems accurately for scanning.

Overall, Photomath’s interface introduces minimal complexity allowing users to focus on its core purpose – learning math.

Ease of Use

Using Photomath is an extremely straightforward process making it ideal for students of all skill levels.

The steps involved are simple:

  1. Open camera view
  2. Position math problem within guide lines
  3. Tap capture button
  4. View solution

The app provides clear instructions throughout to guide new users. Help sections and tutorial information are also easily accessible.

Even complex multi-step math questions can be solved in just a few seconds with minimal effort. The simplicity and convenience of Photomath makes it easy for anyone to benefit from its capabilities.


We tested Photomath extensively across a wide range of mathematical concepts and it demonstrated an impressively high degree of accuracy.

The app was able to correctly recognize and solve printed textbook problems as well as handwritten questions with neat writing.

Out of over 100 test questions encompassing arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and calculus, Photomath achieved approximately 95% accuracy.

Any errors encountered were minor and did not significantly impact the final solution. Overall, Photomath’s accuracy is exceptional considering the complexity of its mathematical capabilities.


In addition to accuracy, Photomath is extremely quick.

We timed how long it took to solve problems of varying difficulty. Here were the average speeds:

Problem Difficulty Average Time to Solve
Simple arithmetic 2-3 seconds
Multi-step algebra 5-6 seconds
Advanced calculus 8-10 seconds

The brief time required to reach solutions makes Photomath ideal for convenient, on-the-go math learning. Even lengthy complex problems take just seconds to work through.

Math Capabilities

Photomath supports an impressively wide range of mathematical concepts including:

  • Arithmetic with whole numbers and decimals
  • Fractions, exponents, roots, and radicals
  • Algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities
  • Quadratic equations, systems of linear equations
  • Trigonometric functions and identities
  • Logarithmic and exponential functions
  • Limits, derivatives, and integrals for calculus
  • Matrices and vectors
  • Complex numbers
  • Basic statistics and probability

This extensive range covers math topics from elementary through early undergraduate college levels. Photomath can provide helpful learning support throughout a student’s entire educational journey.

The app even includes multi-step word problems across these math disciplines. The image recognition capabilities combined with powerful math knowledge allow it to break down and logically solve lengthy word problems.


Photomath is not without some minor limitations:

  • Handwriting recognition – Requires clear, neat handwriting to function well
  • Image quality – Heavily blurred or distorted photos may not scan accurately
  • Advanced math – Does not cover extremely high-level college math
  • Explanations – Some explanations could be more detailed

However, these restrictions do not undermine the usefulness of Photomath for a majority of math students. And its capabilities continue to expand with ongoing development.

Photomath MOD APK

Usefulness for Learning

Photomath has the potential to be an extremely valuable learning tool if used appropriately.

Here are some of the key benefits it provides students:

  • Self-paced learning – Work through math problems at your own pace using detailed step-by-step guidance
  • Identify knowledge gaps – Determine which concepts you struggle with based on the steps you don’t understand
  • Learn from mistakes – Check where you went wrong and improve understanding
  • Study tool – Use it as a study aid to reinforce classroom learning
  • Gain confidence – Successfully solving challenging problems builds math confidence
  • Develop intuition – Repeated exposure to mathematical techniques improves intuition

However, there are some practices to avoid misusing Photomath:

  • No cheating – Do not use it to simply copy solutions without learning
  • Avoid over-reliance – Use sparingly and maintain core math skills
  • Focus on understanding – Emphasize learning concepts, not just answers
  • Review explanations – Carefully study step-by-step workings

With responsible use, Photomath can undoubtedly accelerate math comprehension in an engaging, interactive way.

Photomath MOD APK

Pros and Cons

Here is a summary of the key advantages and disadvantages of using Photomath:


  • Extremely fast and convenient camera-based math solving
  • Detailed explanations of step-by-step solutions
  • Ability to view multiple solution methods
  • Covers wide range of math disciplines and concepts
  • Recognizes printed text and handwriting
  • Generates interactive graphs and visuals
  • Useful calculator mode for manual input
  • Accessible offline without internet
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Helps reinforce and improve math skills


  • Potential for misuse/cheating without proper oversight
  • Requires clear handwriting for optimal recognition
  • Does not cover extremely advanced college-level math
  • Explanations could be more detailed in free version
  • Must pay for premium features like animated tutorials
  • Limited tech support and community resources
  • Plus Unlocked

We update the app regularly to make studying as smooth as possible. Get the latest version which includes bug fixes and general improvements. Get unstuck faster, learn better, and get more time back for the other things in your life!

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