Photoleap APK 1.39.0 MOD (PRO/Premium Unlocked)

Photoleap APK 1.39.0 MOD (PRO/Premium Unlocked)


App Name Photoleap: Photo Editor/AI Art
Publisher Lightricks Ltd
Genre Art & Design
Size 265 MB
Latest Version 1.39.0
Update on Nov 29, 2023
Requirements 8.0
Mod info PRO/Premium Unlocked
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Photoleap is a powerful and versatile photo editing app developed by Lightricks for Android devices. With its wide range of features and intuitive interface, Photoleap allows users to easily edit, enhance, and transform their photos into stunning works of art.

Some of the key features of Photoleap include:

  • AI-powered tools like the background and object removal, photo enhancement, and text-to-image generators
  • Advanced editing features like layers, masks, blending modes, and non-destructive editing
  • Creative filters and effects like dispersion, glitch, light leaks, and more
  • Drawing and text tools to add custom elements to images
  • Collage maker to combine multiple photos
  • Motion editing to add movement and animation to images

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at Photoleap’s interface, key features, performance, and overall usability. We aim to provide readers with all the information they need to determine if Photoleap is the right advanced photo editor for their needs.

Photoleap MOD APK

Interface and Navigation

Photoleap’s interface is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. The app uses a simple bottom tab bar to access the different modules:

  • Edit: This is the main editing workspace where you can find all the adjustment tools, filters, and effects to enhance your photos.
  • Motion: Provides tools to add movement and animation to photos.
  • Collage: Allows combining multiple photos into creative collages.
  • Discover: Gives access to creative assets like fonts, frames, overlays, and more.
  • Profile: Manage account settings and subscribed plans.

The editing workspace utilizes a familiar layout with the toolbar at the bottom and layers panel on the left. The tools are neatly organized into sections so you can quickly find what you need.

Overall, Photoleap’s thoughtful interface design and layout streamlines the photo editing workflow for an efficient yet powerful editing experience. The learning curve is minimal even for beginners.

Photoleap MOD APK

Key Features and Tools

AI-Powered Editing

Photoleap sets itself apart from other photo editors with its AI-powered smart editing tools that automate complex tasks with just a tap.

The Background Remover tool instantly identifies the background and foreground to remove or replace backgrounds cleanly. The Object Removal tool lets you erase unwanted objects and seamlessly fill the space.

The Photo Enhancer applies intelligent adjustments to fix underexposed or blurry photos. The results are natural looking without compromising quality.

Finally, the app includes a Text-to-Image Generator that converts text prompts into AI generated images. This opens up creative possibilities to illustrate your ideas.

Advanced Editing Capabilities

For manual editing, Photoleap provides robust tools comparable to desktop photo editors.

The Layers system allows applying edits and effects non-destructively. Complex photo manipulations can be achieved by blending layers with modes like screen, overlay, and more.

Masking ensures you can selectively apply adjustments to specific parts of the image. The app includes brush and lasso tools to create masks.

An extensive set of Adjustment tools give you precise control over parameters like exposure, contrast, color balance, shadows and highlights, and more.

Filters and Effects like dispersion, glitch, light leaks, and film looks provide creative finishing touches.

Artistic Tools

Photoleap includes a range of tools to add graphical elements and text to your photos:

  • Drawing tools: Pencil, brush, eraser, and gradient tools for freehand art
  • Text tools: Add artistic text with control over fonts, size, color, alignment, and more
  • Stickers: Fun stickers to embellish your photos
  • Frames: Vintage, grunge, film style frames to add borders
  • Overlays: Light leaks, textures, and patterns for unique effects

This makes the app great for creating social media graphics, posters, invitations, and more.


The collage maker provides templates and layouts to combine multiple photos. Options include grid, freestyle, frames, and Facebook cover layouts.

Advanced controls like spacing, padding, auto-fit, and randomization give you flexibility when arranging collage elements.

Motion Editing

Photoleap lets you take static photos and add movement and interactivity to transform them into engaging videos and GIFs.

You can add motion effects like pan, zoom, bounce, spin, and swipe. Cinemagraph effects isolate motion to part of the image.

The dispersion effect creates a spectacular particle dispersion animation. You can control the direction, speed, and area of the dispersion.

For next level motion editing, the app integrates the capabilities of Motionleap so you can access its full suite of video editing tools.

Photoleap MOD APK


Photoleap delivers excellent performance by harnessing the power of AI alongside the mobile device’s computational capabilities.

The AI-powered tools like background removal and photo enhancement produce high-quality results in just seconds. The algorithms train on thousands of sample images to learn what a good output should look like.

Complex adjustments like layers, masks, and filters render quickly without lag or crashes even on older devices. The app is optimized to run smoothly regardless of the editing steps.

Saving edits is almost instantaneous thanks to Photoleap’s non-destructive editing approach. All adjustments are saved to a sidecar file rather than baked into the original image.

Exporting final images retains full resolution and maximum quality. The app uses efficient compression techniques that don’t degrade image quality.

Overall, Photoleap’s excellent performance removes friction from the photo editing process so you can focus on being creative.

Image Quality

Photoleap uses AI and computational photography techniques to deliver stunning image quality that goes beyond typical mobile photo editors.

The AI-powered tools like photo enhancer and background remover use machine learning to reconstruct details in images. This maintains natural textures and colors without introducing artifacts.

Adjustments like exposure and color correction are professionally calibrated for color accuracy. The app provides fine-grained control over parameters for precise adjustments.

Photoleap’s non-destructive editing prevents quality loss during editing by not overwriting original image data.

For exporting, the app uses advanced compression methods to optimize file size without compromising quality. You get full resolution, print-ready images.

The combination of AI, expert calibration, and lossless editing makes Photoleap stand out when it comes to delivering professional image quality.

Photoleap MOD APK

Creativity and Possibilities

Photoleap opens up endless creative possibilities by combining the power of AI with artistic tools.

The AI image generator turns text prompts into surreal artworks that bring your imagination to life. There are no limits to what you can create.

Tools like brush, text, and overlays give you the freedom to add custom graphical elements to images. Take your photos to the next level by incorporating digital art.

The dispensation effect generates stunning particle animations and trails. Add movement with zoom, pan, bounce, and cinemagraph effects.

Collages allow you to remix multiple photos into new narratives and visual stories. Layouts like grids, frames, and shapes provide creative flexibility.

Overall, Photoleap delivers professional results while maintaining an intuitive interface that encourages creativity and experimentation.

Ease of Use

Photoleap is designed to make advanced photo editing accessible to anyone regardless of skill level or prior experience.

The clean interface keeps tools organized so everything is easy to find. AI-powered tools automate complex tasks like background removal with a single tap.

Handy features like undo/redo, zoom, and snap-to-grid allow for precise adjustments and experimentation.

Built-in tutorial guides introduce you to the app and demonstrate how each tool works. Tip cards provide context for when and how to use specific tools.

Photoleap’s excellent usability empowers beginners and casual users to go beyond basic edits. With practice, you can gain skills to take your photo editing to the next level.

Photoleap MOD APK

Subscription Plans

Photoleap offers both free and paid subscription plans:

  • Free: Gives access to all editing features and tools with a watermark on exports
  • Plus: $7.99 per month or $47.99 yearly. Removes watermarks and ads.
  • Pro: $9.99 per month or $59.99 yearly. Adds premium content like fonts, overlays, frames.

Subscriptions unlock additional benefits like:

  • Download images in high resolution without Photoleap watermark
  • Create unlimited projects and access all premium content
  • Get early access to new features and updates

The free plan is quite generous and lets you access the full editing feature set. Subscriptions are worthwhile for professional use or to unlock premium assets.

Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive interface and easy to use
  • Powerful AI-powered editing tools
  • Excellent performance even on older devices
  • Advanced non-destructive editing capabilities
  • Maintains full image quality
  • Opens up immense creative possibilities
  • Generous free plan with all core features
  • Helpful learning resources for beginners


  • No batch editing for applying edits to multiple photos
  • Limited organization features for managing a large library
  • iOS version offers some additional features not yet available on Android

Photoleap MOD APK


Photoleap offers a best-in-class photo editing experience on Android with its perfect balance of advanced features and usability.

The app truly democratizes professional-grade photo editing for casual users and professionals alike. Photoleap manages to pack desktop-class features into a mobile app without compromising on performance or quality.

While the iOS version remains slightly ahead in terms of features, Photoleap on Android delivers tremendous value. The free plan provides ample capabilities for most users.

For anyone looking to take their photo editing skills to the next level on Android, Photoleap is an easy choice that delivers powerful results. It earns a strong recommendation for all user levels and photography needs.

Comparison to Top Alternatives

Photoshop Express: Adobe’s mobile editing app offers basic edits like filters and adjustments but lacks Photoleap’s advanced non-destructive editing and AI tools.

Snapseed: Google’s editor provides quality results but has a steeper learning curve. Photoleap is more beginner-friendly.

PicsArt: Offers creative tools like collage but optimized more for everyday editing rather than professional use.

Lightroom: Excellent for photographers managing large libraries, but focused more on workflow than creative editing.

VSCO: Known for its filters presets but doesn’t match Photoleap’s feature breadth.

  • Premium Unlocked

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