PGSharp APK 0.297.0 MOD [Unlimited Money, Mod Menu, Joystick]

PGSharp APK 0.297.0 MOD [Unlimited Money, Mod Menu, Joystick]

App Name PGSharp
Publisher Niantic, Inc.
Genre Adventure
Latest Version 0.293.1
Update on Jan 17, 2024
Requirements 8.0
Get it on Google Play
PGSharp MOD APK 0.297.0[Unlimited Money, Mod Menu, Joystick] is a modified version of the popular Pokemon Go game that unlocks exciting new features and enhances the overall gameplay experience. With over 8 million downloads already, this mod apk allows you to auto walk, auto catch pokemon, see IV stats, and much more.

Whether you’re a casual player looking to catch ’em all or a hardcore Pokemon Go enthusiast, PGSharp APK MOD is a must-have companion app on your Android device.

PGSharp mod APK

Key Features of PGSharp Mod APK

PGSharp APK 0.297.0 unlocks the following main features:

1. GPS Spoofing and Joystick

With the built-in joystick and GPS spoofing capabilities, you can walk anywhere in the world without actually being there physically. This allows you to catch region-exclusive Pokemon, raid remotely, and explore new PokeStops.

2. Enhanced Throw Accuracy

The mod improves throw accuracy drastically with features like circle lock, excellent throw overlay, and quick throw to help you consistently land great and excellent throws. This increases your chances of catching high CP Pokemon enormously.

3. IV Stats and Pokemon Scanner

Check IV stats and moves before catching a Pokemon. The nearby radar scanner shows all nearby Pokemon, raids, gyms, stops with filters. You’ll never miss out on a 100% IV or a rare Pokemon again.

4. Auto Walk and Auto Catch

Set a path and let your character auto walk along it. Enable auto catch to automatically throw Pokeballs without pressing anything and catch Pokemon along the way.

5. Customizable Quick Actions

Create shortcuts for various actions like quick treat, auto AR mode disable, quick transfer duplicate Pokemon etc. Saves you tons of time.

6. Enhanced Throw Bonuses

Get throw bonuses like excellent, curveball etc automatically applied without any effort for easy catches.

7. Fast Catch Trick

Catch Pokemon simply by clicking on them without having to go through the entire catch animation each time. Saves minutes on every catch.

8. Sniping Coordinates Feed

Get access to crowdsourced coordinates to snipe 100% IV pokemons, rare pokemon, region exclusives etc from anywhere in the world.

PGSharp mod APK

What is PGSharp Mod APK?

PGSharp MOD APK 0.297.0 is a tweaked version of the original Pokemon Go app packed with cheats, hacks and bonuses that augment the overall gaming experience. It is designed to be installed and used alongside the official Pokemon Go app.

While the original Pokemon Go strictly prohibits cheating, PGSharp MOD APK Unlimited Money opens up features like teleporting, auto catch etc which may violate the terms of services. It is used at the player’s own risk.

Some of the core capabilities unlocked by the PGSharp modded APK includes:

  • GPS spoofing for virtual location changes
  • Auto walk to hatch eggs without moving
  • Enhanced throw bonuses without effort
  • IV checking and radar scanning
  • Quick treat to efficiently heal Pokemon
  • Sniping coordinates for rare Pokemon
  • Mod menu to toggle various hacks

In essence, it strategically automates mundane tasks and provides critical game data to help players save time and effort while hunting Pokemon.

PGSharp mod APK

How to Download & Install PGSharp on Android

Follow these simple steps to get PGSharp MOD APK Mod Menu on your Android device:

1. Enable Unknown Sources

Go to Android Settings > Security > Enable “Unknown Sources” to allow installing third-party APKs.

2. Download PGSharp APK

Click the download button on the official PGSharp MOD APK website to get the latest APK file. Alternatively, you can check popular APK distribution sites as well.

3. Install the APK

Once downloaded, open the APK file and tap Install. Accept permissions and PGSharp will be installed as an app.

4. Setup Wizard

Open PGSharp mod and complete the initial setup wizard. Allow required permissions and you’re good to go.

5. Happy Hunting!

Start the app alongside Pokemon Go and enjoy exclusive mods, hacks and an enhanced hunting experience!

PGSharp mod APK

How to Use PGSharp on PC

To use PGSharp mod APK on your Windows PC or Mac, you’ll need an Android emulator software that mimics the Android environment on desktop devices.

Here are the steps:

1. Install Emulator

Download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer etc on your computer.

2. Download APK

Get the PGSharp MOD APK file through browser download on your computer.

3. Run Emulator

Launch the emulator application and drag-drop the PGSharp MOD APK file onto it. This will install the app.

4. Initial Setup

Complete the onboarding process and configure PGSharp’s settings as needed.

5. Pair with Pokemon Go

Install Pokemon Go through the emulator and run both apps together. Enjoy PGSharp’s MOD APK cool mods!

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PGSharp mod APK

FAQs about PGSharp

Here are some common questions about the PGSharp mod APK:

Is PGSharp safe to use?

Yes, PGSharp MOD APK Unlocked All is generally safe to use as it does not require root access or affect system files. However, features like spoofing may violate PoGo’s ToS.

Does PGSharp work on iPhone or iOS?

Unfortunately no. PGSharp mod APK is only available for Android devices currently. Any iOS version is likely fake.

Can I get banned for using PGSharp?

There is always a risk when using third-party apps. Avoid teleporting excessively and be wise when enabling certain mods.

Does PGSharp affect Pokemon Go app?

PGSharp MOD APK Joystick does not make any changes to the original app. Both run independently without interference.

Is PGSharp free?

Yes, PGSharp mod APK can be downloaded and used for free. There is a paid subscription for advanced features.

How do I uninstall PGSharp?

Simply delete the PGSharp app from your device like any other normal Android application.

So download PGSharp today and step up your Pokemon Go game! This mod APK is a must-have for trainers looking to catch ’em all and be the very best.

PGSharp APK 0.297.0 MOD [Unlimited Money, Mod Menu, Joystick]

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