PDF Converter MOD APK 4.1.8 [Premium Unlocked]

PDF Converter MOD APK 4.1.8 [Premium Unlocked]

App Name PDF Converter - Convert files
Publisher Offiwiz
Genre Productivity
Size 130MB
Latest Version 240
Update on Dec 28, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Converting files from one format to another is a common need in today’s digital world. Whether you need to create a PDF version of a Word doc for sharing or extract text from an image to make it editable, having a versatile PDF converter app on your Android device can save you time and hassle. In this article, we’ll explore one of the top PDF converter apps available for Android – PDF Converter – Convert Files.

PDF Converter MOD APK

This full-featured app makes converting various file types to PDF a breeze, while still offering advanced functionality like extracting images and text from PDFs. Let’s have a look at the key features that make PDF Converter a top choice for Android users.

Effortless PDF Creation

Creating PDFs from image files or document formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is straightforward with PDF Converter. Simply select your files, choose PDF as the output format, and click convert.

The process takes just seconds, even for large multi-page documents, and preserves all formatting, images, and layouts. This enables easy PDF creation without having to open other apps or even have Microsoft Office installed.

Robust Export Capabilities

While creating PDFs is convenient, you’ll likely also need to convert PDFs to other formats for editing or sharing purposes. PDF Converter makes exports easy with support for output formats like DOC, PPT, XLS, JPG, PNG, RTF, and more.

PDF Converter MOD APK

Whether you need to extract images from a PDF or convert a PDF presentation back into an editable PowerPoint file, PDF Converter has you covered. Just pick your desired format and this versatile app handles the conversion.

Intuitive File Management

Managing a collection of PDFs and converted documents is easy with PDF Converter’s built-in file manager. It lets you browse your stored PDFs, view metadata and previews, delete unneeded files, create folders, and share files with other apps.

This saves you from hunting through your device’s native file manager app whenever you need to access converted files. Instead, everything stays neatly organized within PDF Converter.

Handy Editing Tools

While PDF Converter excels at file conversions, it also offers a suite of built-in PDF editing tools for making quick changes without needing secondary apps.

You can add, replace, move, or delete pages from existing PDFs, split PDFs into smaller individual documents, or combine multiple PDFs together – all from within the PDF Converter interface.

OCR Text Extraction

PDF Converter makes it possible to extract text from scanned documents and image-based PDF files thanks to its integrated OCR (optical character recognition) functionality.

It can scan document pages, detect text, and export it to TXT/Word formats for editing. This text extraction capability essentially unlocks scanned PDFs and makes their text selectable, searchable, and editable.

PDF Converter MOD APK

Batch Processing

If you need to convert or process multiple files at once, PDF Converter delivers with batch processing capabilities.

Rather than having to convert or edit files one by one, you can queue up multiple files and process them sequentially. This saves tremendous time when handling large volumes of documents.

Offline Accessibility

As an Android app, PDF Converter doesn’t require an internet connection for any tasks. All file conversions and edits happen right on your device for true on-the-go productivity.

You aren’t limited by device storage either since converted files can be saved directly to external SD cards. This offline functionality ensures you can view, convert, and edit PDFs anywhere.

Annotation Features

Finally, PDF Converter enables directly annotating PDFs from within the app itself. You can add text boxes, highlights, lines, shapes, stamps, and free-form drawings on top of PDF pages as needed without having to employ secondary PDF annotation apps.

What is a Mod APK?

A mod APK refers to a modified version of an Android application package file (APK). Mod APKs have been tweaked and unlocked compared to the original APK released by the developer.

Common mods include removing ads, unlocking premium features, enabling unlimited usage of a normally restricted resource, or adding new functionalities. These modified APKs allow users to bypass normal usage restrictions or licensing fees.

However, modding does come with risks. Modified APKs may be unstable, open security vulnerabilities, or have compatibility issues. Users should exercise caution and only download mods from trusted sources. But for tech-savvy Android users, mod APKs present an appealing way to get more out of favorite apps for free.

Key Features of Modded PDF Converter

If you search for “PDF Converter mod APK”, you can likely find hacked versions that offer useful bonuses over the standard application, such as:

  • Unlocked premium features: Access advanced functionality like batch processing that is normally locked behind a subscription paywall.
  • No ads: Removes in-app banner/video ads and pop-up ad screens.
  • Faster performance: Improved processing and export speeds when handling large or complex PDF files.
  • Enhanced capabilities: Some mods may enable tighter Google Drive integration, new output formats like TIFF support, or other power-user features.
  • Free usage: Avoid file storage limits or caps on how many documents you can convert per month.

PDF Converter MOD APK

5 Key Questions about PDF Converter

1. Does PDF Converter work offline?

Yes, PDF Converter is a fully offline app so an internet connection is not required for any conversion or editing tasks. Files are processed directly on your Android device.

2. Is PDF Converter free to use?

The core file conversion and editing capabilities are free without any limits. There are optional premium subscriptions that unlock batch processing, encrypted PDF support, and access across devices.

3. What files can PDF Converter export to?

PDF Converter can export converted PDFs out to DOC, PPT, XLS, JPG, PNG, RTF, TXT, and some other formats. This allows easy extraction of images, text, presentations, spreadsheets from PDF sources.

4. Can PDF Converter edit existing PDFs?

Yes, built-in editing tools let you add, remove, re-order, split, or combine pages within existing PDF documents without needing a secondary PDF editor app.

5. Does PDF Converter have OCR for scanned PDFs?

Correct, the integrated OCR technology enables text extraction from scanned or image-based PDF files, allowing you to open and edit previously uneditable documents.

Input Formats Output Formats
Other Image Files XLS
Word Documents RTF
Excel Spreadsheets TXT
PowerPoint Presentations JPG
Text Files PNG

In summary, PDF Converter delivers an all-in-one hub for efficiently managing your PDF workflow on Android. With robust conversion capabilities, handy editing tools, OCR support, batch processing, and offline accessibility, this free app aims to be the only PDF solution you need on mobile. Whether you’re merging PDFs, extracting images, converting presentations, or anything in between – PDF Converter has you covered.

Premium Unlocked

- Minor bugs fixed - Now PDF Converter is faster than ever - New formats: HEIC , AZW3 , EPUB , MOBI Thanks for using PDF Converter! We publish updates regularly on Google Play with speed and reliability improvements to make our app better every day.

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