Pacer Pedometer MOD APK 10.12.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Pacer Pedometer MOD APK 10.12.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Pacer Pedometer: The Step Tracking App That Gets You Moving

App Name Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker
Publisher Pacer Health
Genre Health & Fitness
Latest Version p10.11.2
Update on Dec 25, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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The Pacer pedometer app started with a simple idea – make fitness fun and social. Launched in 2014 by founders Peyton Stoner, Robert Patterson, and Alison Stanton, Pacer aimed to leverage technology to motivate people to walk more.

Pacer’s Humble Beginnings

Originally launched as just a basic step counter, the founders soon realized the potential for creating an engaging community around fitness. They pivoted to focus more on social features like groups, challenges, and data sharing.

This shift proved enormously popular, with users loving the gamification and camaraderie. Downloads soared over 10 million as Pacer organically grew into the lively community app it is today.

Key Features – What Makes Pacer Stand Out

With accurate step counting essential, Pacer also packs in features to entertain and motivate.

1. Challenges & Adventures

Challenges let you and friends compete on step goals over 7 days. Adventures are longer 2-4 week journeys where your steps count towards group rewards. These games make getting active addictive.

2. Pacer Groups

Joining active Groups centered on specific interests makes finding walking buddies a breeze. With local groups too, you can meet up in person.

3. Route Tracking

Using phone GPS, Pacer maps out walking, hiking and running routes. View details on distance, pace, elevation and more for outdoor workouts. Routes can be saved and shared too.

4. Training Plans

Pacer offers free 12-week training plans for losing weight, running, strength, yoga and more. Personalized workouts adapt as you improve over the weeks.

5. Calorie Tracking

As a certified calorie counter, Pacer uses your weight, height and steps data to generate personalized calorie burn estimates.

6. Sync With Other Apps

Pacer plays nice with other health apps, syncing step data to platforms like Apple Health and Google Fit. Your stats are available anywhere.

7. Achievements

As milestones are crossed, you unlock fun badges and achievements. These work great as extra motivation to keep moving.

8. Pacer Pulse

This unique feature shows your current daily step average against previous days. Quickly see if you’re on track to hit goals.

What is Pacer Mod APK?

Pacer Mod APK is a tweaked version of the app with ads removed and all premium features unlocked. As Pacer is free anyway, the mod’s benefits are minor – no ads and access to more detailed stat breakdowns.

Mod Details

  • No ads
  • Unlock premium stats insights
  • Unlimited access to training plans

Why Use Pacer Pedometer App?

Beyond basic step tracking, Pacer shines with social tools to stay engaged. The app makes achieving daily movement fun rather than a chore.

Motivation On Tap

Challenges and leaderboards give you added incentive to keep moving. The community inspires you to push further.

Tailored Guidance

Training plans adapt to your current fitness so you see steady improvement. Expert coaching without the cost.

Movement Monitoring

Check your daily step average anytime with Pacer Pulse. Review weekly trends in-depth under Stats.

Share The Journey

Whether you crave competition or camaraderie, Pacer Groups have your back. Social support can be a workout game changer.

5 Key Questions

1. Does Pacer work without internet?

Yes, Pacer will count steps without internet access. However, syncing data to view stats and groups requires a connection. Offline use is limited.

2. Is the step count accurate?

Generally yes, but accuracy falls as phones get older. Pacer uses accelerometers which can get less precise over time. Expect 5-10% variance.

3. How to change Pacer daily step goal?

In the app, tap the profile icon > Settings gear > Daily Goal > adjust target steps > Save

4. Does Pacer drain phone battery?

Pacer uses less than 10% battery over 24 hours on modern phones. Older devices may see greater battery drain of 10-15% with constant step counting.

5. Can multiple users share one Pacer account?

No, Pacer user accounts cannot be shared across multiple people. Stats get recorded against an individual, so each person needs their own account.


With Pacer pedometer, step tracking transforms from a solitary slog into an engaging adventure. Social challenges and groups make activity accountability easy, while smart training plans ensure continued progress.

Accurate and battery-friendly, Pacer removes all friction to get moving. Whether aiming to lose weight or hike more trails, Pacer provides the motivation and tools to turn good intentions into positive actions. The simple act of walking becomes almost addictive when game dynamics are thoughtfully layered in.

So next time you feel an afternoon lull, open Pacer and join an Adventure for instant inspiration. Let friendly competition put a spring in your step – your future self with thank you!

Pacer Pedometer MOD APK 10.12.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Hey Pacers! New in this version: - "Streak" feature tracks how many consecutive days you've reached your step goal! - Pacer for Teams Enterprise organizations can now create team-based and whole-organization Adventure Challenges. - MyFitnessPal integration is no longer supported by MyFitnessPal. New users will no longer be able to connect with their MyFitnessPal accounts. - Bug fixes.

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