OsmAnd+ APK 4.6.9 MOD [Premium Unlocked/Subscription]

OsmAnd+ APK 4.6.9 MOD [Premium Unlocked/Subscription]

App Name OsmAnd+ — Maps & GPS Offline
Publisher OsmAnd
Genre Paid
Latest Version 4.6.9
Update on Dec 20, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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OsmAnd+ (pronounced “Osmand Plus”) is an open source navigation application for Android based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, OsmAnd+ has become a popular choice for offline navigation and trip planning.


The OsmAnd Story

OsmAnd was created in 2009 by OsmAnd B.V., a company based in The Netherlands focused on open source software. The goal was to build a free and open source alternative to proprietary map and navigation apps.

The application uses OpenStreetMap vector maps which are distributed under the Open Database License (ODbL). This allows OsmAnd to provide worldwide offline maps for free without restrictions.

Some key milestones in OsmAnd’s development:

  • 2010 – First Android application released.
  • 2012 – iOS application released.
  • 2016 – Introduced online maps and navigation.
  • 2017 – Added support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
  • 2021 – Launch of free cloud sync between devices.

Over the years, OsmAnd continued improving the app by adding new features while staying true to its open source roots. The application is now completely free, with a paid “Plus” version offering advanced functionality.


Why Choose OsmAnd+?

Here are some of the key advantages of using OsmAnd+ for navigation:

Completely Offline Maps

  • No internet required – All map data is stored locally on your device
  • Worldwide coverage – Supports maps of the entire planet
  • Save mobile data costs when traveling

Privacy Focused

  • No tracking or ads – Does not collect user data or location history
  • Open source code that is transparent and auditable

Highly Customizable

  • Flexible interface – Tons of options to customize map layers and widgets
  • Routing profiles – Optimize routes based on vehicle type and road preferences
  • Themes – Light and dark mode map themes

Active Development

  • Regular updates – Frequent improvements and bug fixes
  • User focused – Responsive development team addressing user feedback


Key Features

Here are some of the standout features in OsmAnd+:

Offline Vector Maps

OsmAnd uses vector maps from OpenStreetMap allowing for efficient offline storage and fast performance compared to bitmap tile maps used in Google Maps. Various map layers can be selected including tourist attractions, public transport stops, speed limits, bike paths and more.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Get voice guided turn-by-turn routing for driving, walking and cycling. Supports offline GPS navigation anywhere in the world without mobile reception.

Public Transport Routing

Plan routes using public buses, trains, trams and even ferries by selecting public transport as the routing profile. Scheduled arrival and departure times are shown.

Bicycle Routing & Navigation

Specialized bicycle routing takes into account bike paths, trails and avoids roads not suitable for cycling. Voice guidance and display modes optimized for bike navigation.

Global Search & Discovery

Search for places and addresses across the globe. Results shown on the map instantly. Tap to add as a destination or favorite place for quick access later.

Map Downloads

Download maps regionally or entire countries over WiFi for offline access later. Updates can download only changed map data saving bandwidth.

GPX Track Recording

Record GPS tracks in GPX format as you move. Analyze speed, altitude and other details later. Useful for hiking, cycling, running and outdoor activities.

Android Auto & CarPlay

Use OsmAnd for turn-by-turn navigation on your car’s dashboard display with Android Auto and CarPlay integration. Control navigation via voice commands.

OsmAnd Cloud Sync

Sync your favorites, map markers, GPX tracks and settings securely between devices using end-to-end encrypted OsmAnd Cloud storage.


OsmAnd Mod

There are modified versions of OsmAnd+ known as “OsmAnd Mod” that offer additional functionality by unlocking paid features for free. However, using these requires circumventing OsmAnd’s licensing protections.

The OsmAnd team does not recommend or support these modded APKs. They often contain malware, violate OsmAnd’s copyright and go against the spirit of open source.

Purchasing an OsmAnd+ subscription or lifetime unlock is recommended to access advanced features ethically while supporting continued development.

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OsmAnd+ brings the power of OpenStreetMap to your mobile device for free. With worldwide offline maps, privacy focused design and highly customizable navigation features for driving, cycling and walking – it is an compelling alternative to mainstream navigation apps.

The open source community behind OsmAnd continues advancing it every day. So give it a try next time you need maps or navigation!

• Android Auto: Added 3D mode • Tracks: Introduced filters and smart folders, optimized memory for larger files • Enhanced top and bottom widget panels to accommodate all widgets • Improved local resource management • Customizable button mapping for external controllers • New widgets: "Glide Ratio" and "Sun Position" • OsmAnd Cloud: Now access deleted files • Enhanced track coloring in Slope mode with new symmetric gradient • Resolved issues with transparent status bar

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