Onmyoji Arena APK 3.183.0 MOD (Unlimited Money/One Hit/God Mode)

Onmyoji Arena APK 3.183.0 MOD (Unlimited Money/One Hit/God Mode)

App Name Onmyoji Arena
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre Strategy
Latest Version 3.183.0
Update on Dec 30, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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Onmyoji Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for Android and iOS devices. Developed by Chinese company NetEase Games, Onmyoji Arena brings fast-paced 5v5 battles to life with anime-inspired graphics and characters.

The game is set in ancient Japan and features heroes, known as “shikigami,” from the popular mobile title Onmyoji. Players take control of these shikigami and use their unique abilities to defeat the opposing team.

Key Features

  • Stunning anime-style graphics
  • 5v5 real-time battles
  • Over 50 shikigami to choose from
  • No rune system for balanced gameplay
  • Multiple fun game modes
  • Weekly updates and events

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Onmyoji Arena is gaining popularity around the world. Let’s take a closer look at why this exciting MOBA stands out.

Onmyoji Arena MOD APK

Smooth Gameplay and Controls

Unlike other mobile MOBAs, Onmyoji Arena provides PC quality maps and a fog-of-war system for tactical gameplay. The on-screen virtual joystick and abilities are also optimized for mobile devices, allowing for fast yet precise control of your shikigami.

Fighting is intuitive but full of depth, with each hero having four abilities to mix and match. This creates ample room for strategizing your builds and playstyle.

Fair and Balanced Gameplay

Onmyoji Arena does away with MOBA rune systems which tend to cause imbalance between heroes. Instead, the game uses a fair “Onmyodo” system, where players customize their shikigami’s abilities before each match.

The developers also frequently tweak shikigami skills and stats to help keep things balanced. This creates an enjoyable competition where victory depends almost entirely on team strategy and skill.

Onmyoji Arena MOD APK

Innovative Game Modes

In addition to classic 5v5 matches, Onmyoji Arena has several fun casual game modes to enjoy, including:

  • Mahjong Battle: A lethal twist on the classic tile game mahjong. Make poker hand combinations to defeat opponents.
  • Shikigami Brawl: All-out brawling with no lanes or turrets. First to 30 kills wins!
  • Royal Battle: 3 teams of 3 players battle it out on one map. Work with your team to be the last ones standing.

These unique modes offer new ways to play with Onmyoji Arena’s roster of heroes, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

Onmyoji Arena Mod Apk Overview

The Onmyoji Arena mod apk unlocks extra features and customizations for an enhanced gaming experience. Here’s a quick rundown of what the modded version includes:

Key Features

  • Unlocked heroes and skins
  • Custom shikigami skins
  • Increased gold and experience gain
  • No skill cooldowns
  • AI difficulty adjustment
  • Ad-free experience

With these bonuses, players can acquire and upgrade shikigami faster while customizing their look through exclusive skins. The cooldown and AI tweaks also allow you to pull off incredible moves against smarter opponents.

Overall, the mods provide a more convenient and visually impressive arena to showcase your strategic mastery and competitive spirit!

Onmyoji Arena MOD APK

Key Questions about Onmyoji Arena

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this popular MOBA title:

  1. Is Onmyoji Arena pay to win?

    No. The game is very balanced and there are no runes or overpowered upgrades locked behind paywalls. Paying mainly provides access to more cosmetic hero skins.

  2. How big is the playerbase?

    Onmyoji Arena has over 50 million downloads worldwide. However, most active players are currently located in Asia. Queue times in other regions can be longer.

  3. Will my progress carry over across platforms?

    Yes! You can link your account to Facebook or Twitter to continue playing on iOS or Android devices.

  4. Is there controller support?

    Partial controller support was recently added, but touchscreen controls are still recommended for the best experience.

  5. Are there heroes for different playstyles?

    Absolutely. With over 50 shikigami, there are mage, assassins, tanks, supports, and more. There are also free hero rotation weeks to try different heroes.

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Onmyoji Arena MOD APK


From stunning anime visuals to innovative game modes, Onmyoji Arena brings a thrilling and balanced MOBA experience to mobile devices. The modded apk unlocks even more customization and rewards for dedicated players.

With so much to offer in terms of heroes, abilities, and strategies, Arena provides endless hours of competitive gaming and teamwork. If you’re seeking your next big multiplayer obsession, look no further than this anime-inspired battle arena!

Onmyoji Arena APK 3.183.0 MOD (Unlimited Money/One Hit/God Mode)

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