OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app v1.4.9 MOD APK [Full Pro Unlocked]

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app v1.4.9 MOD APK [Full Pro Unlocked]

App Name OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app
Publisher Voltas IT
Genre Tools
Latest Version 1.4.9
Update on Dec 18, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Get it on Google Play
The OBDeleven car diagnostics app has taken the automotive world by storm. This ingenious piece of technology connects to your vehicle’s OBD2 port and unlocks powerful features and insights into your car. With over 1 million active users worldwide, OBDeleven has become a must-have app for DIY mechanics, professional technicians, and everyday drivers alike.


OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app MOD APK

The Story Behind OBDeleven

OBDeleven was founded in 2014 by a team of engineers and automotive enthusiasts in Lithuania. They recognized the need for an easy-to-use and affordable car diagnostics solution that put capabilities once reserved for professional shops into the hands of regular drivers.

The name “OBDeleven” cleverly hints at its purpose – it connects to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port found in most modern vehicles. The number 11 references the fact it works specifically with vehicles adhering to the OBD2 and EOBD standards – the second generation of on-board diagnostics implemented in all cars from around 1996 and onward.

Armed with this technology, the OBDeleven team set out to build an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and accompanying smartphone app that would bring powerful diagnostics and programming capabilities to DIYers and everyday drivers.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app MOD APK

OBDeleven’s Key Features and Capabilities

Over the years, OBDeleven has expanded into an incredibly versatile tool. While the core purpose remains unlocking and understanding diagnostics trouble codes (DTCs), it can now do far more.

Here are some of the key features that make OBDeleven an essential app for any car owner:

1. Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes

The ability to read and clear engine fault codes is at the heart of OBDeleven’s capabilities. Without the need for expensive dedicated scan tools, you can now diagnose and reset engine warning lights right from your smartphone.

2. Live Data and Gauges

OBDeleven allows you to tap into your vehicle’s onboard sensors and view live engine data. Key parameters like coolant temperature, engine load, vehicle speed, RPM, and much more are displayed in real time. The app even includes digital gauges for sensor values like boost pressure, intake air temperature, and throttle position.

3. Automated Vehicle Health Reports

OBDeleven introduced an automated health check feature that scans your vehicle’s systems and generates a detailed health report. This report highlights any issues found, provides troubleshooting tips, and rates components like the battery, emissions system, and oxygen sensors. It’s like taking your car to the mechanic without ever leaving your garage.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app MOD APK

4. Adaptations and Codings

Here’s where things get really powerful. Through OBDeleven, you can access an extensive array of manufacturer-level adaptations and codings to customize and fine-tune your vehicle’s behavior. Things like:

  • Enabling/disabling features
  • Adjusting lighting behaviors
  • Configuring locking/unlocking settings
  • Reprogramming the remote key fob
  • Setting service reminders
  • Calibrating components

And much more. This level of customization was previously only accessible to dealerships and tuning shops.

5. One-Click Apps

In addition to manufacturer adaptations, the OBDeleven community has developed thousands of One-Click apps. These apps bundle together common adaptations and codings into an easy one-click installer. Want to roll down your windows with your remote key fob? Enable lap timer videos while driving? There’s a One-Click app for that.

6. Data Logging

OBDeleven’s built-in data logger allows you to record multiple vehicle parameters over time while driving. This is invaluable for diagnosing intermittent issues or monitoring your modifications. Data logs can be exported via email or analyzed visually with charts and graphs within the app.

7. Community Knowledge Base

With over 1 million users, OBDeleven has developed an extensive community knowledge base. If you ever have questions or need help decoding a cryptic German adaptation option – chances are another OBDeleven user has the answer.

8. Supports All Volkswagen & Audi Vehicles 1996+

OBDeleven was designed specifically for Volkswagen Group vehicles, which includes VW, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, and more. It supports any 1996+ vehicle adhering to the OBD2/EOBD diagnostics standard. Specific support also extends to modern Lamborghinis.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app MOD APK

The OBDeleven Mod Experience

The standard OBDeleven app provides an incredibly deep feature set on its own. However, rooted Android users can tap into an even more powerful customized version of the app with the OBDeleven mod APK.

Here are some of the key advantages unlocked by the OBDeleven mod:

Full Unlock

The modded APK fully unlocks OBDeleven’s complete feature set for free. This includes live data, adaptations/codings, automated health reports, and much more – all without needing to purchase any subscription.

Early Access to New Features

You gain early access to cutting-edge OBDeleven Pro features before they are publicly launched. This means you’ll be one of the first to experience new capabilities as soon as they are developed.

Enhanced Adaptation Capabilities

While the standard OBDeleven app limits certain sensitive adaptations, the modded version lifts many of these restrictions. You can tap into deeper customization and tuning options without artificial limitations.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app MOD APK


For DIY mechanics, professional techs, and everyday car enthusiasts alike, OBDeleven transforms how you interact with your vehicle. This ingenious technology unlocks capabilities that were previously only accessible to dealership technicians with expensive proprietary tools. OBDeleven delivers an incredibly versatile feature set in an easy-to-use package that fits in your pocket.

- Resolved an issue where some users couldn't log in to their accounts with their emails - Fixed a bug where the app showed the wrong vehicle brand during detection. Now, it accurately displays your car's make.

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