nTrack Studio Pro APK 10.0.104 MOD (All Unlocked) for android

nTrack Studio Pro APK 10.0.104 MOD (All Unlocked) for android

App Name n-Track Studio Pro | DAW
Publisher n-Track
Genre Music & Audio
Size 128 MB
Latest Version 10.0.104
Update on Nov 17, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info All Unlocked
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n-Track Studio Pro is a powerful and full-featured digital audio workstation (DAW) app for Android that turns your mobile device into a portable recording studio and music production workstation. With n-Track Studio Pro, you can record, edit, and mix audio and MIDI tracks to create professional quality music productions directly on your phone or tablet.

nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK

Overview of Main Features

Here are some of the main features and capabilities of n-Track Studio Pro:

  • Unlimited audio, MIDI, and instrument tracks – Record as many tracks as you need with no limits. Each track can contain audio recordings, MIDI data, or virtual instrument plugins.
  • High quality audio engine – 64-bit audio processing delivers pro-studio quality recording and mixing. Supports sampling rates up to 192kHz.
  • Recording options – Record audio through the built-in mic, external USB/MIDI devices, or virtual instruments. Input monitoring allows hearing live inputs with effects.
  • Editing capabilities – Cut, copy, paste, delete, split, trim, and more. Draw volume and pan envelopes. Edit MIDI data with piano roll. Quantize audio or MIDI timing.
  • Mixing and effects – Mixer with level, pan, solo/mute, and FX send controls. Over 40 plugin effects like reverb, delay, EQ, compression, amp/cab sims, pitch shift and more.
  • MIDI sequencing – Piano roll editor to create and edit MIDI data. Step sequencer for quick beat/melody creation. External MIDI keyboard support.
  • Instruments and sounds – Over 400 built-in software instrument sounds. Compatible with SoundFonts, VST instruments, and external MIDI gear.
  • Audio loops and samples – Huge library of royalty-free loops and one-shot samples. Drag and drop loops right into your project. Timestretch to match project tempo.
  • Export and sharing – Render and export your final mix as WAV, MP3, MIDI, or stem files. Share songs online and collaborate via Songtree.
  • Cross-platform – Project file compatibility with n-Track Studio on Windows, Mac, iOS for seamless workflows.

nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK

Recording and Importing Audio

The foundation of any DAW is the ability to record high quality audio tracks. n-Track Studio Pro provides flexible options for getting sound into your projects:

  • Built-in microphone – Quickly capture song ideas, vocals, acoustic instruments, or ambient sounds using your device’s built-in mic.
  • External audio interfaces – For pro-level recordings, connect USB/MIDI interfaces like Focusrite, Presonus, or RME for pristine audio quality.
  • Virtual instruments – Add unlimited virtual instrument tracks using the built-in sounds or VST plugins. Record MIDI data to control external synths.
  • Audio import – Import existing WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA files from your device storage or cloud drives. Drag and drop audio clips directly into the timeline.
  • Loop browser – Huge selection of royalty-free loops that can be auditioned and imported into your project. Timestretch loops to match your song tempo.
  • Sample editor – Record or import samples and edit them in the built-in sample editor. Trim, normalize, fade in/out, reverse, pitch shift, and more.

MIDI Recording and Virtual Instruments

In addition to audio, n-Track Studio Pro provides extensive tools for working with MIDI sequences and virtual instrument plugins (VSTi) to open up unlimited sonic possibilities:

  • MIDI tracks – Record MIDI data from external keyboards or use the on-screen piano keyboard. Quantize and edit MIDI in the piano roll editor.
  • Step sequencer – Quickly build beats, basslines, and melodies with the touch-based step sequencer.
  • Virtual instruments – Use the built-in General MIDI sound set or add VSTs like Kontakt, Omnisphere, etc. for synth and sampled instruments.
  • MIDI editing – Comprehensive piano roll editor for editing MIDI note timing, velocity, length, and more. Draw automation curves for synth parameters.
  • MIDI effects – Transform your MIDI tracks using arpeggiators, chord generators, note randomizers, and other creative MIDI effects.
  • Hardware synth integration – Drive external hardware synthesizers from your device via USB/MIDI interfaces or wireless MIDI.

nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK

Mixing and Effects

n-Track Studio Pro provides a full-featured digital mixer and suite of effects plugins for polishing your tracks and mixes:

  • Mixer – Intuitive mixer interface with level, pan, solo, mute, and 6 aux sends per channel for routing audio to effects.
  • Effects plugins – Over 40 studio-grade effects like reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, amp simulation, graphic/parametric EQ, compressor, and more.
  • Per-track and master effects – Add any combination of effects to each track as well as the master output.
  • Automation – Draw volume, pan, and effect parameter automation curves to create dynamic mixes.
  • Equalization – Sculpt your sound with the built-in parametric EQ or linear-phase graphic EQ effects.
  • Compression and dynamics – Control dynamics on individual tracks or the entire mix with the compressor, limiter, and noise gate effects.
  • Audio analysis – See a realtime waveform and frequency spectrum analyzer to visually monitor audio signals as you mix.

Editing and Arrangement

n-Track Studio Pro provides a timeline-based multitrack editor for arranging your project. Comprehensive editing tools make it easy to build and refine your song:

  • Multitrack editor – Vertical multitrack view with waveform display makes visual editing and mixing easy.
  • Clip-based editing – Edit audio by cutting, copying, pasting, deleting, splitting, trimming clips. Fade in/out, crossfade, draw curves.
  • Nudge and snap – Nudge clips and selections by time increments. Snap edits to bars, beats, timeline grid for precision.
  • Timestretching – Stretch or compress audio clips to fit your project tempo without changing pitch.
  • Quantization – Quantize the timing of audio or MIDI clips to lock them to a grid or groove. Tighten up loose performances.
  • Arranging – Easily rearrange sections of your song by dragging clips around the timeline. Copy/paste sections to build structure.
  • Automation – Draw volume, pan, and effect parameter curves to create dynamic mixes as your song plays.

Exporting and Sharing

Once your track is complete, n-Track Studio makes it easy to share your music with the world:

  • File export – Bounce down your mix or export individual tracks as WAV, MP3, MIDI, and other standard formats.
  • Stems export – Export tracks or groups of tracks as stem files for more advanced mixing in other DAWs.
  • File sharing – Share songs or collaborate with others via export to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  • Social features – Upload your music directly to the Songtree community to get feedback and find collaborators.
  • Cross-platform compatibility – Thanks to standardized file formats, easily transfer projects between n-Track on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK

Interface, Usability, and Workflow

In addition to its extensive features, n-Track Studio Pro stands out for its clean, intuitive interface design and customizable workflows:

  • Modern UI – Sleek, flat interface design provides efficient access to all functions in a minimal, uncluttered layout.
  • Touch operation – Fully optimized for touchscreens with gesture-based editing, mixing, and instrument control.
  • Customization – Arrange windows, toolbars, and docked panels to optimize workflow for your device screen size.
  • Multiple display modes – Switch between fullscreen and movable/resizable windows for tools like the mixer and piano roll editor.
  • Keyboards – On-screen piano keyboard and customizable drum pad controller for playing instruments and entering MIDI data.
  • Gesture recording – Draw automation curves, fades, and volume envelopes using touch-based gesture recording.
  • Tablet optimization – Extra screen real estate on tablets allows simultaneous access to editing, mixing, and instruments.
  • Templates – Choose from different template sessions with tracks, routing, and effects pre-configured for faster starting points.

Performance and Hardware Optimization

n-Track Studio Pro is designed to provide reliable, low-latency performance on a wide range of Android devices:

  • 64-bit audio engine – For maximum audio quality, all mixing and effects are processed at 64-bit resolution.
  • Low latency monitoring – Minimizes delay on audio inputs for more responsive recording and overdubbing.
  • Multicore optimization – Spreads processing across all available CPU cores for efficient performance on multicore devices.
  • Memory management – Precisely manages memory allocation to support larger projects based on your device RAM.
  • External hardware support – Use USB/MIDI interfaces and controllers to offload processing for reduced latency.
  • Audio buffer adjustments – Tweak audio buffer sizes to optimize the latency/performance balance for your specific device.
  • Smart resource usage – Suspends inactive instrument and effect plugins to conserve CPU and RAM when not needed.

In-App Purchases and Add-ons

n-Track Studio Pro provides the full core DAW feature set right out of the box. Additional content and capabilities can be purchased as in-app purchases:

  • Premium sample packs – High-quality loop, sample, and instrument libraries for genres like EDM, hip hop, rock, pop, and more.
  • Additional effects – Expand your effects collection with premium plugin packs like guitar amp simulators, mastering suites, etc.
  • Feature unlocks – Permanently unlock advanced features like expanded track count, audio recording quality, and simultaneous Wifi/audio.
  • Theme packs – Customize the look and feel with different color themes and skins.
  • New MIDI instruments – Add specialty MIDI sound libraries for genres like cinematic, 8-bit video game sounds, etc.
  • Content discounts – Save money by bundling multiple sample packs, MIDI instruments, and effect plugins into discounted packs.
  • Subscription plan – For unlimited access to all content packs and future updates, subscribe monthly or annually.

nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK


In summary, n-Track Studio Pro provides Android users with a fully professional, mobile music production studio. Its unlimited track count, pro-grade mixing, extensive editing tools, and array of virtual instruments and effects offer the capabilities of a high-end desktop DAW in the palm of your hand. An intuitive, customizable interface optimized for touch makes music production fluid and enjoyable on phones and tablets alike. With n-Track Studio Pro, you have the power to record, produce, and share professional quality music everywhere you go.

  • Unlocked All Content

• Create your own instruments by dragging & dropping or recording sounds into the step sequencer, piano roll, drums or screen keyboard • Save and recall chains of effects and instruments • Quickly reload saved songs with the new Song Browser • Add some celestial magic to your tracks with the new Shimmer effect Like n-Track Studio? Please leave a review & help us keep improving the app for you. If you have found a problem with the app please use the Report Problem button in the Settings box.

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