Noteshelf APK 8.2.2 MOD (Full Patched/Paid for Free)

Noteshelf APK 8.2.2 MOD (Full Patched/Paid for Free)


App Name Noteshelf - Notes, Annotations
Publisher Fluid Touch
Genre Paid
Size 225 MB
Latest Version 8.2.2
Update on Nov 23, 2023
Requirements 9
Mod info Full Patched/Paid for free
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Noteshelf is a popular note taking and annotation app available for Android devices. With its intuitive interface, smooth writing experience, and robust features, Noteshelf aims to provide an exceptional digital note taking solution for Android users.

In this extensive review, we will take an in-depth look at the key features and capabilities of Noteshelf to see how it stacks up against other top note taking apps like Samsung Notes, OneNote, Evernote, and more.

Noteshelf MOD APK

Overview of Noteshelf

Noteshelf is developed by Fluid Touch, a Singapore-based company behind several note taking and productivity apps. The Android version of Noteshelf was released in 2018 after the huge success of the iOS version.

The core focus of Noteshelf is to provide a natural writing experience using styluses, while offering powerful organization and productivity features for serious note taking.

Some of the key capabilities and features of Noteshelf include:

  • Realistic writing experience – Noteshelf provides an exceptionally realistic writing experience using pressure-sensitive styluses. It offers multiple pen and highlighter styles to choose from.
  • Note organization – Notes can be organized into notebooks with customized covers and templates. Noteshelf also allows tagging notes for easy search and retrieval.
  • Audio notes – Ability to record audio and sync it with handwritten or typed notes.
  • Document annotation – Annotate PDFs and images with highlights, drawings, and text.
  • Cross-platform access – Notes sync across Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.
  • Security – Notes can be protected with fingerprint or password.
  • Export options – Notes can be exported as PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TXT, HTML or DOCX files.

Next, we’ll take a detailed look at the key features and capabilities of Noteshelf for Android.

Noteshelf MOD APK

Key Features and Capabilities

Realistic Writing Experience

The standout feature of Noteshelf is the exceptionally realistic writing experience it provides. Noteshelf is optimized to work seamlessly with pressure-sensitive styluses like the S Pen.

It offers 8 different pen styles including ballpoint, fountain, pencil, brush pen, and more. Each pen provides a unique texture and thickness. The pens respond realistically based on the pressure and tilt applied through the stylus. This gives a natural feeling of writing on real paper.

Two highlighter styles – neon and pastel – are also available to emphasize important points.

Overall, the writing experience on Noteshelf feels extremely natural and is among the best you’ll find in any note taking app.

Flexible Page Organization

Noteshelf provides extensive options to organize your notes across multiple notebooks and sections.

Notebooks act as containers for different sets of notes, similar to real notebooks. You can create unlimited notebooks and customize each one with different covers and templates.

Sections allow you to divide a notebook into logical sections. This is useful for longer notebooks on specific topics like courses or projects.

Pages can be added, reordered, copied, and deleted within a notebook section. Noteshelf also allows landscape page orientation for flexibility.

Templates – Noteshelf offers 18 paper templates to choose from for each notebook, ranging from college ruled to graph paper. The template can be changed anytime.

Covers – You can customize notebook covers using Photos, or choose from over 100 free designs.

With this flexible organization system, Noteshelf makes it easy to structure your notes in a way that suits your needs.

Audio Notes

The ability to attach audio recordings to notes is an immensely useful feature for students and professionals.

Noteshelf allows you to record audio from lectures, meetings, interviews, or personal memos. The audio can be embedded alongside your written notes and synced together.

You can quickly jump to any part of the audio by tapping on the corresponding text. This helps refresh your memory while reviewing the notes.

The audio notes feature transforms Noteshelf into a multi-sensory note taking tool.

Annotating Documents

Noteshelf makes it easy to annotate and take notes on PDF documents and images.

You can import a PDF or image into Noteshelf, and write directly on top of it using pens and text boxes. PDFs can also be annotated using highlights, underlines, and strikethroughs.

Annotations on PDF documents can be exported together as a new PDF, or flattened into images. This is useful for signing documents, filling forms, or collaborating using markups.

Overall, the annotation capabilities in Noteshelf are very robust and useful for paperwork and reviewing documents.

Cross-Platform Access

A major advantage of Noteshelf is its cross-platform accessibility across mobile and desktop devices.

Noteshelf has apps available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. This allows your notes to be accessed and edited from any device.

Syncing is handled automatically via your Google account. Any changes made on one device sync almost instantly to all other devices.

The cross-platform support makes Noteshelf great for users who need to access their notes from multiple devices for work or college.


Noteshelf provides security features like fingerprint lock and password protection to safeguard your sensitive notes.

The fingerprint locking allows quick, secure access by scanning your fingerprint on compatible devices.

Alternatively, you can set a password that needs to be entered every time the app is opened.

Individual notebooks can also be protected using fingerprint or password locks for added security.

Export Options

Noteshelf offers great flexibility for exporting and sharing your notes when needed.

Notes can be exported in PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TXT, HTML and DOCX formats. This allows you to quickly share notes for collaboration or integration into projects and documents.

Entire notebooks can be exported or shared as PDF files. Individual pages can also be exported separately.

The export flexibility makes Noteshelf fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Other Handy Features

  • Shape recognition – Draw perfect shapes like lines, arrows, circles, squares etc using the shape tool.
  • Lasso select – Lasso tool to select handwritten text and convert to typed text.
  • Zoom box – Magnified view with toolbar to write in a focused area.
  • Quick notes – Instantly start a new note from the home screen.
  • Dark mode – Dark theme to reduce eye strain in low light.
  • Cloud backup – Notes are backed up to Google Drive.
  • Import options – Import images, PDFs, and documents from cloud drives and device storage.

Noteshelf MOD APK

Noteshelf User Interface and Design

Noteshelf impresses with its clean, uncluttered interface optimized for note taking. The UI focuses on providing easy access to the tools you need while staying out of the way.

The home screen displays a gallery view of your notebooks and quick notes. It offers quick actions to search, sort, create a new item, access settings etc.

Opening a notebook shows a list of its sections. Tapping a section reveals the pages within it in a vertically scrollable view. Pages can be thumbed through horizontally as well.

The top bar contains neatly arranged icons providing one-tap access to key functions like pens, lasso, shapes, zoom, etc. Unused icons can be hidden to declutter.

Overall, Noteshelf’s UI feels light and responsive. Key functions are easily accessible without overwhelming you. The focus remains on your notes.

Advanced features like importing, exporting, and notebook settings are tucked away under the menu icon for a clean interface.

Compared to apps like OneNote and Samsung Notes, Noteshelf has a more streamlined UI that stays out of your way as you write.

Noteshelf MOD APK

Writing and Stylus Experience

Since writing is the primary focus, how Noteshelf performs in this aspect is critical. Fortunately, the writing experience on Noteshelf is excellent.

Writing feels extremely fluid and natural with pressure-sensitive styluses like the S Pen. The pens have realistic pressure sensitivity allowing thick and thin strokes.

Palm rejection is also excellent. You can rest your palm comfortably on the screen while writing with no accidental touches or smudges.

The anti-aliasing of the ink is superb, even when zoomed in. The writing looks clean without jagged edges or pixelation.

Noteshelf provides great tactile feedback while writing with subtle sounds and vibrations. This enhances the natural feeling.

Lassoing handwritten text for selection works very reliably. The shape recognition engine also accurately smoothens messy drawings into perfect shapes.

For left-handed writers, the wrist protection and palm rejection work well to avoid accidental marks.

Overall, the writing experience on Noteshelf is extremely natural and polished. This makes long note taking sessions comfortable and productive.

Noteshelf MOD APK

Customization and Templates

Noteshelf offers extensive customization options to personalize your notes.

Each notebook can be customized with a unique cover either by using one of your photos or choosing from over 100 free designs.

The paper style can be changed to suit your needs. 18 ruled, grid, and blank templates are available including dark mode versions.

You can create multiple quick access palettes with your favorite pens, highlighters, colors etc. for quick switching while writing.

The toolbar is also customizable, allowing you to hide unused icons and keep only your essentials visible.

Quick notes can be customized with your preferred paper style, palette etc. for fast access.

Page layouts like title pages and 2-column templates further allow customizing notebooks.

Overall, Noteshelf provides ample options to tailor your note taking experience through templates and personalization.

Collaboration and Sharing

Noteshelf offers a few ways to collaborate and share your notes with others:

  • Export as PDF – Entire notebooks can be shared as PDF files.
  • Export pages – Individual pages can be exported as images or PDFs and shared.
  • Email sharing – Notes can be emailed directly as PDF attachments from within the app.
  • Cloud services – Noteshelf supports syncing to cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. for sharing notes.

While the sharing and collaboration capabilities are decent, this is one area where Noteshelf lacks compared to rivals like OneNote and Evernote. Those apps have built-in collaboration features that allow others to directly access and edit your notes.

Noteshelf focuses more on personal note taking rather than multi-user collaboration. For quick sharing needs, the export options are handy but lack real-time collaboration.

Noteshelf MOD APK


Noteshelf is available as a paid app on Android priced at $4.99 USD.

The pricing is very reasonable compared to rival apps. For example, Squid costs $9.99 while INKredible is priced at $7.99. Samsung Notes and OneNote are free.

The paid model of Noteshelf allows you to access all features without ads or subscriptions. One-time pricing keeps the cost predictable compared to subscription models.

Overall, Noteshelf offers good value considering the quality writing experience and diverse features you get for just $4.99.

  • Patched
  • AD Free

- Fixed crash on tapping toolbar icons - Minor performance upgrades ~ Noteshelf- Digital Note-Taking, Simplified! ~

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