Node Video Pro APK 6.9.2 MOD (Pro Unlocked, Lifetime Unlocked)

Node Video Pro APK 6.9.2 MOD (Pro Unlocked, Lifetime Unlocked)

App Name Node Video - Pro Video Editor
Publisher Shallway Studio
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 87 MB
Latest Version 6.9.2
Update on Nov 26, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Pro Unlocked/Lifetime Unlocked
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Node Video Editor is a feature-rich video editing app for Android that allows users to edit videos with professional-grade tools similar to desktop apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. With its flexible timeline, array of effects, and precise editing capabilities, Node Video Editor stands out among mobile video editing apps.

Node Video Editor MOD APK

Overview of Features

Some of the key features of Node Video Editor include:

  • Multi-layer timeline – Stack clips and apply effects to each layer independently. Move, trim, and adjust opacity of layers.
  • Keyframe animation – Animate layer properties like position, scale, and rotation over time by setting keyframes. Includes curve editor for fine-tuning animations.
  • Masking – Create masks with adjustable feathering to selectively hide or show portions of a layer. Masks can be animated frame-by-frame.
  • Color correction – Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, highlights, shadows, and more with color wheels, curves, and sliders.
  • Blend modes – Apply blend modes like screen, overlay, multiply, color burn etc. to create unique combinations of layers.
  • Audio spectrum – Visualize audio waveform and tie layer animations to the amplitude for cool audio-reactive effects.
  • 3D effects – Map videos and images onto 3D models to create an immersive look.
  • AI features – Automatically separate foreground subjects from background in real-time using artificial intelligence.
  • Pro presets – Get access to new effects and presets with a Pro subscription.

In addition to these advanced features, Node Video Editor also includes basic editing tools like trimming, splitting, rotating, speed adjustment, filters, transitions, text, stickers and more. The flexible interface allows combining different types of edits and effects to create unique videos.

Node Video Editor MOD APK

Ease of Use

Despite having professional-level features, Node Video Editor is designed to be user-friendly for beginners. The clean timeline layout at the bottom shows all layers, and tapping on a layer brings up the property panel above with controls specific to that layer.

The transform controls like position, scale and rotation have an intuitive drag-and-drop style interface. Masks and animations can be created just by tapping and drawing on the preview. For more complex color grading and audio-reactive effects, parameters are adjustable with sliders.

While the learning curve is steeper than basic mobile editors, Node Video Editor has helpful tooltips explaining what each setting does. With some experimentation, the app allows users to unlock advanced techniques like rotoscoping and motion tracking that are typically reserved for desktop apps.

Quality of Output

Videos edited in Node Video Editor can be exported up to 1080p resolution at 60fps with high bitrate for crystal clear quality. The app renders edits swiftly so you can preview the final result instantly.

The proprietary video encoding ensures minimal quality loss on export. Users have the option to export videos with transparent background which is ideal for further compositing. Overall, the output quality lives up to the professional editing experience that Node Video Editor provides.

Node Video Editor MOD APK

Standout Features

Here are some of the most impressive features that make Node Video Editor stand out from other mobile video editors:

Keyframe Animation and Curve Editor

The keyframe animation engine lets users animate layer properties like position, scale, rotation and opacity over time by setting keyframes on the timeline. The accompanying curve editor provides precise control over the interpolation between keyframes for creating smooth, natural animations. This opens up possibilities to do advanced motion graphics and visual effects.

Powerful Color Grading Tools

Node Video Editor includes pro-level color wheels, curves, sliders and numeric inputs for color correction. You can color grade each layer independently. Features like hue vs saturation curves, RGB mixing, and selective color adjustment give endless options for achieving the desired cinematic look.

Real-time AI Background Removal

With a single tap, the AI engine can automatically remove the background from a video clip leaving just the foreground person or object. This works reliably in real-time without needing a green screen. The resulting cutout can then be composited into a new background.

Audio Reactive Effects

The audio spectrum display lets you visualize audio waveforms and tie parameters to the amplitude. For example, you can make layer positions, opacity, colors and effects pulse to the beat of the music. This takes editing to the next level by creating stunning audio reactive animations.

3D Rendering

Node Video Editor has a powerful 3D engine that can map layer textures onto 3D models. You can import 3D models or choose from a library of shapes like spheres, cubes, planes etc. The 3D mode has cameras, lights and materials to craft an immersive three-dimensional look.

Node Video Editor MOD APK

Pros and Cons


  • Professional desktop-class tools for mobile
  • Multi-layer timeline with tons of effects
  • Keyframe animation and curve editing
  • Masking, color grading, blend modes
  • Real-time AI powered features
  • Audio reactive visualizations
  • 3D rendering of layers
  • Fast rendering of edits
  • 4K export resolution at 60fps
  • Intuitive interface and layout
  • Regular updates with new features


  • Steep learning curve compared to basic editors
  • Requires powerful phone for smooth experience
  • Pro subscription for some features
  • No cloud sync between devices
  • Cannot save projects to external SD card

Node Video Editor MOD APK

Use Cases

Node Video Editor is a versatile app that can be used by a wide range of users for various video editing purposes:

  • Vloggers/YouTubers – Create engaging videos by compositing green screen footage, doing picture-in-picture, animating text, applying cinematic color grades etc.
  • Marketers – Craft professional social media ads, promotional videos, explainers and more with motion graphics, visual effects and dynamic pacing.
  • Students – Explore their creativity by experimenting with animations, visual effects and audio reactive edits for school projects and assignments.
  • Freelancers – Offer professional video editing services right from their phone to clients and businesses. Add a polished look to corporate videos, wedding films, music videos etc.
  • Artists – Unleash their artistic expression by using the advanced tools to create unique audiovisual artworks.
  • Enthusiasts – Make entertaining videos for personal use like travel vlogs, family/pet videos, gaming highlights reels etc.


Node Video Editor is undoubtedly one of the most feature-packed video editing apps available on Android today. The professional-grade tools, intuitive interface, and rendering performance make it a very capable mobile alternative to desktop editors.

While the learning curve may be steeper compared to basic editing apps, the possibilities are endless once you grasp the various features. The regular app updates add even more capabilities over time. For anyone serious about video editing on Android, Node Video Editor is easy to recommend.

It may not replace desktop editors completely due to some limitations, but Node Video Editor certainly bridges the gap significantly. For $5 per month, the Pro subscription is affordable and unlocks even more advanced features. Overall, Node Video Editor sets a new standard for mobile video editing that lives up to the expectations of professionals and casual users alike.

Node Video Editor MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require internet to use?

No internet connection is required once the app is installed. All editing can be done offline.

What phones are supported?

Node Video Editor works on most modern Android phones. However, at least 3GB RAM is recommended for smooth performance.

Can projects be transferred between devices?

Currently there is no cloud sync feature to transfer projects. But videos can be exported and imported on different devices.

Is a stylus pen supported?

Yes, you can use a stylus for more precise control when drawing masks, animating, or rotoscoping.

Does the free version have a watermark?

No, videos exported from the free version do not have any watermark. Some advanced features require a Pro subscription.

How is Node different from other mobile editors?

Node Video Editor stands out for its desktop-like capabilities through features like multi-layer timeline, keyframe animation, color grading, 3D rendering etc.

Can chroma keying/green screen be done?

Yes, chroma keying is possible using the blend modes and masking tools. The AI background removal also works like a green screen key.

Are elements like music, SFX, graphics etc. included?

The app does not include any bundled media elements. You need to import your own videos, photos, audio files, graphics, 3D models etc.

What file formats are supported?

Node Video Editor supports MP4, MOV and image formats like JPG, PNG for importing. Exports are currently only in MP4 format.

Is there a frame-by-frame editing feature?

Yes, you can precisely edit frame-by-frame by moving the playhead in the timeline or using the arrow keys to advance frames.

What rendering resolutions are available?

On export, you can choose resolutions ranging from 360p to 4K, frame rates from 24 to 60fps and bitrates up to 100Mbps.

Does it support vertical 9:16 aspect ratio?

Yes, 9:16 vertical projects can be created directly within the app for formats like Instagram and TikTok videos.

Can projects be saved externally to SD card?

Currently saving projects to external SD card is not supported. They can only be saved internally on device storage.

Does it have a desktop version?

No, Node Video Editor is available only on Android mobiles and tablets. There is no desktop version.

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Without watermark
  • Ads-Free Access

- Improved [Sea Reflection], now support [Ripple] effect. - Other bug fixes and improvements.

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