Ninja Survivors Online APK 1.480 MOD [Unlimited Money/Gems]

Ninja Survivors Online APK 1.480 MOD [Unlimited Money/Gems]

App Name Ninja Survivors Online
Publisher PuzzleMonsters Inc.
Genre Arcade
Latest Version 1.480
Update on Dec 23, 2023
Requirements 5.1
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Ninja Survivors Online is an exciting multiplayer survival RPG game for Android and iOS. Join a community of ninjas and cooperate to survive against waves of monsters. With quick 7-minute battles, intelligent skill combinations, and roguelike progression, this game offers a unique survival experience.

Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK

The Adventure Begins

You are the newest graduate from ninja academy. Today is your first day as a full-fledged ninja warrior. The village chief gathers all rookie ninjas and informs you of increased monster attacks recently. More areas have been overrun and villagers kidnapped. He tasks your squad to reclaim territory, rescue hostages, gather supplies, and defeat the source of this monster surge. This will be the ultimate test of your combat abilities. Are you ready for the challenge?

Main Features

Ninja Survivors Online provides intense survival gameplay with the following key features:

Quick and Intense 7-Minute Battles

Unlike most RPGs with longer battle durations, Ninja Survivors Online offers faster-paced skirmishes. The average battle lasts just 7 minutes. This keeps the action tense and unpredictable. Survive waves of monsters through skill and strategy in these brief yet thrilling survival challenges.

Four Playable Ninja Classes

Play as one of four unique ninja classes – the Assassin, Samurai, Shinobi, or Kunoichi. Each has different stats, skills, and fighting capabilities. Choose a ninja matching your playstyle, whether melee brute force, ranged attacks, stealth, or magic abilities.

Intelligent Skill Combinations

At the start of each battle, you receive random skill cards. Strategize and choose the best skills to equip for your ninja. Combine skills to maximize battle effectiveness against certain monsters or terrain. Adapt your skill set as the situation changes. Victory goes to the ninjas who skillfully adapt their abilities.

Roguelike Progression

Start battles with basic gear and progress your ninja after each victory. Unlock new equipment, upgrade weapons and armor, and strengthen your ninja’s stats. The farther you advance, the greater the rewards – but also the tougher the opponents!

Online Multiplayer Battles

Team up with friends or get matched with other players to battle swarms of monsters. Coordinate your squad’s skills and resources. Revive fallen teammates and share health packs. With cooperation, your squad can achieve victory against overwhelming odds.

Monthly Events

Participate in monthly in-game events with special survival challenges and exclusive rewards. Limited-edition cosmetics, equipment, and more are up for grabs!


Compare your squad’s survival ranking on the global leaderboards. Climb to the top for bragging rights! There are also rankings for individual ninjas by class and overall stats.


Earn brag-worthy achievements as you master survival skills like consecutive wins, defeating monster leaders, and reaching new areas.

Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK

What is the Ninja Survivors Mod APK?

The Ninja Survivors Online mod APK is a hacked version of the game with handy extras. Here are some key features offered:

Unlocked Premium Content

Get exclusive ninja classes, cosmetics, and weapons without paying real money. Experience full content without annoying ads either.

Increased Battle Rewards

Earn double gold, gear drops, and upgrade materials from battles. Progression and upgrades become much faster.

Max-Level Ninja Unlocked

Start battles with a max-level ninja who has top-tier equipment and skills already unlocked. Decimate monsters with ease! Of course, you can still level other ninjas normally.

Custom Game Options

Set custom rules like one-hit kills, infinite health, faster skill cooldowns, and more. Add fun mutators or make the game easier if you please.

Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK

Why Play Ninja Survivors Online?

If the survival RPG genre appeals to you, Ninja Survivors Online is a must-try thanks to:

  • Quick and intense battles that minimize dull moments
  • Cooperative online multiplayer gameplay for camaraderie
  • The ability to strategize skill combinations and experiment with synergies
  • Progression and customization to tailor your ninja
  • Roguelike elements that keep each run unpredictable
  • Competitive rankings and events that motivate continuous play

Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this game require an internet connection?

Yes, as Ninja Survivors Online is primarily a multiplayer online game. An internet connection is necessary to find matchmaking lobbies and interact with other players. The only single player mode is training.

Is there a clan/guild system?

Yes, you can join or create a ninja clan with friends and other players. Clans allow easier squad formation into battles and have a shared clan rank on the leaderboards.

Can I play on both mobile and PC?

Your ninja data is synced across mobile and PC thanks to cloud saving. Therefore, you can play on one platform and continue progression on the other.

Do I need to pay to unlock content?

No payments are necessary as this game is free-to-play friendly. However, there are optional in-app purchases for cosmetics that don’t affect combat.

How often does the game receive updates?

The developers update Ninja Survivors Online every 1-2 months with adjustments and new content like limited-time events, gear, and playable ninjas.

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Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK


With deadly monsters invading the land, the ninja village needs your help to reclaim territory and restore peace. Gather your friends and test your survival skills in the addictive battles of Ninja Survivors Online. Through cooperation, strategy, and skill, you shall prevail! Now get out there ninja – the battle awaits!

- Soul Collection Event Ends - Midnight Parade Begins - Boss Co-op Battle Season 3 Open - Explore Maximum Time Adjustment - Dark Rift Perk Balance Adjustment

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