NetGuard APK 2.327 MOD [PRO Unlocked] for Android

NetGuard APK 2.327 MOD [PRO Unlocked] for Android

App Name NetGuard - no-root firewall
Publisher Marcel Bokhorst, FairCode BV
Genre Tools
Latest Version 2.327
Update on Dec 3, 2023
Requirements 5.1
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NetGuard is an open source Android app that provides control over which apps are allowed to access the network. With over 10 million downloads, NetGuard is one of the most popular firewall apps on Android.

NetGuard MOD APK


NetGuard acts like a firewall by blocking connections to the internet for specific apps. This allows you to control which apps can access the network and when. By default, NetGuard uses a whitelist approach, restricting access for all apps except those you specifically allow. This helps improve privacy, security, and data usage control.

Some key features and benefits of NetGuard include:

  • Ad blocking: Block ads and tracking across all apps to enhance privacy.
  • Data saver: Reduce data usage by preventing background connections.
  • Parental control: Easily limit internet access for kids’ apps.
  • Firewall: Fine-grained network access control.
  • Open source: Reviewed by security experts and updated frequently.
  • No root required: Works on any standard Android device.

NetGuard MOD APK

This Application Story

NetGuard was created in 2016 by developer Marcel Bokhorst from the Netherlands. Bokhorst has over 10 years of experience developing apps and solutions around computer networking and IT infrastructure.

Frustrated by the lack of granular control over network access in Android, even with VPN apps, Bokhorst developed NetGuard to function as an application-based firewall. Unlike typical VPN tools that tunnel all traffic through a single connection, NetGuard leverages the local VPN service to dynamically change routes to block connections for specific apps.

After initially releasing on Github, NetGuard quickly gained popularity in the Android community. Users praised its effectiveness in blocking ads and protecting privacy without requiring root access. Bokhorst continues to maintain NetGuard today, keeping it up-to-date with the newest versions of Android. Recently surpassing 100 million total connections blocked, NetGuard proves the demand for smart network-level privacy and security tools on mobile.

NetGuard MOD APK

Key Features

NetGuard provides a robust set of features to control network access, including:

Application-Based Firewall

  • Set network rules per app, not just globally
  • Toggle access instantly with one click
  • Allow/deny Wi-Fi and/or mobile data

Privacy Protection

  • Block ads & tracking across all apps
  • Prevent apps running silently in background
  • Toggle internet access system-wide with one switch

Data Saving & Battery Life

  • Stop background data usage per app
  • Extend battery life by limiting resource access
  • View data usage statistics

No Root Required

  • Works on any standard Android device
  • No need to root device for firewall functionality
  • Easy setup without advanced configuration

Open Source & Actively Developed

  • View and audit source code on Github
  • App is actively maintained by lead developer
  • Frequent updates with new features & fixes

NetGuard MOD APK

What is the NetGuard Mod Apk?

The NetGuard Mod Apk provides premium features without any ads or limitations. This modded version unlocks functionality like theme customization, allowing you to personalize NetGuard to your liking.

Extra Features

The NetGuard Mod Apk includes all features from the free open source version, plus:

  • No ads: Removes all advertising
  • Premium themes: Unlocks multiple color themes
  • Update checker: Get notified when new versions are available

By removing ads and unlocking premium themes, the NetGuard Mod creates an uninterrupted experience focused solely on smart network security controls.

Why Use NetGuard?

NetGuard simplifies network access control in Android. Without root or advanced setup, you can easily:

  • Save data by preventing background app connections
  • Preserve battery life by limiting resource access
  • Enhance privacy by blocking ads & trackers
  • Regain control over which apps access the network

Whether you want to block distractions, limit kids app time, reduce data usage, or simply feel more secure, NetGuard makes it easy to set enforceable network rules on a per app basis.

Patrondis MOD APK

NetGuard MOD APK


With over 10 million downloads and 100 million blocked connections, NetGuard proves that smart network-level controls resonate with Android users. Its firewall functionality and ad blocking capabilities demonstrate that privacy and security solutions need not require root access or obscure technical configuration.

As apps continue proliferating and consuming more data, NetGuard provides the control needed to manage network access intelligently. Give NetGuard a try to block ads, conserve data usage, preserve battery life, and ultimately feel more secure on Android.

* Guarantee showing app names in notifications * Optimizations * Small improvements and bug fixes * Updated translations

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