Neo Monsters APK 2.42 MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems, Menu)

Neo Monsters APK 2.42 MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems, Menu)


App Name Neo Monsters
Publisher ZigZaGame Inc
Genre Role Playing
Size 110 MB
Latest Version 2.42
Update on Nov 14, 2023
Requirements 4.4
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gems/Menu
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Neo Monsters is a monster catching and battling RPG game developed by ZigZaGame and released in 2015 for iOS and Android devices. The game allows players to capture, train, and evolve over 1000 different animated monsters in order to build the ultimate monster battling team. With its addictive gameplay, epic turn-based battles, and deep monster customization, Neo Monsters provides a fun and strategic monster battling experience on mobile.

Neo Monsters MOD APK


The core gameplay loop of Neo Monsters involves exploring the world to find and capture new monsters, training and evolving them to make them stronger, and then battling other monsters and tamers.

Capturing Monsters

There are over 1000 fully animated monsters to find and capture in the world of Neo Monsters. Monsters appear randomly on the world map and in dungeons. When encountering a monster, the player can attempt to capture it using Capture Cards. Capture Cards have unlimited uses, but if a capture attempt fails, that monster can no longer be captured. This adds an element of risk and excitement to the monster capturing process. The wide variety of monster designs, types, strengths, weaknesses, and abilities means players must strategize about which monsters to capture and add to their collection.

Training and Evolving Monsters

After capturing monsters, players must train them to increase their levels and make them stronger. The training system in Neo Monsters is reminiscent of a board game, providing an enjoyable way to improve your monsters outside of battle. Monsters gain XP from winning battles and can level up to a maximum level of 99. In addition to leveling up, monsters can also evolve into more powerful forms. Evolving requires special evolution ingredients that must be collected through gameplay. Deciding when to evolve certain monsters adds another layer of strategy.

Monster Battles

The primary gameplay in Neo Monsters revolves around turn-based 4v4 monster battles. Players assemble a team of up to 16 monsters and then select 4 to battle against either computer or player-controlled opponents. The combat system is strategic and complex, with hundreds of different monster abilities to choose from. Monsters have unique types and strengths/weaknesses that must be taken into account. Winning battles earns the player medals which unlock new areas and progress the story.

Multiplayer Battles

In addition to the single player campaign, Neo Monsters also features asynchronous online multiplayer battles. Players can battle against others using teams they’ve built in the single player mode. Multiplayer features leagues and rankings, providing incentive to keep improving your team to climb the ranks.

Monster Customization

A major part of the gameplay is customizing and optimizing your monsters. With over 1000 monsters to collect, the possibilities for unique team builds are endless. Players must consider monster types, abilities, strengths and weaknesses and how they synergize when assembling the ultimate team. Monsters can equip runes and gear that provide stat boosts and bonuses. The depth of monster customization ensures engaging and strategic team building.

Neo Monsters MOD APK


Neo Monsters features a full 60+ hour single player RPG campaign. The story follows the protagonist, a young monster tamer who is the nephew of the legendary monster tamer Hector Finnegan. After inheriting their uncle’s old monster ranch, the protagonist sets out on a journey to become a champion monster tamer, while also investigating the truth behind their uncle’s alleged crimes.

The campaign takes the player through 6 monster catching leagues while exploring multiple islands and dungeons. The story is told through dialogue sequences and gradually reveals a conspiracy surrounding the protagonist’s uncle. There are twists and turns as the player gathers allies and uncovers the real truth behind the allegations against their uncle.

While not overly complex, the campaign provides context and motivation for the monster catching gameplay. Extra story content can also be experienced through special online events.

Graphics and Audio

Neo Monsters utilizes a colorful, anime-inspired art style. The monsters, characters, and environments are visually engaging with lots of detail. Battles are especially impressive with fully animated monsters and attacks. The graphics hold up well on mobile devices, providing a console-quality experience.

The audio mainly consists of upbeat background music that creates an adventurous tone for exploring the world. The music transitions seamlessly into a more intense, fast-paced melody during battles. The overall sound design is high quality and enhances the gameplay.


Neo Monsters is an upfront paid game costing $0.99 on iOS and Android. There are optional in-app purchases available primarily for “gems” which are used to purchase monster eggs and other bonuses. However, the game itself can be completed and fully enjoyed without spending anything beyond the initial $0.99. While the in-app purchases may help accelerate progress, they are not required by any means. This makes Neo Monsters easily accessible while still providing the option for players who want to enhance their experience further by spending extra.

Neo Monsters MOD APK

Game Length

Neo Monsters provides dozens of hours of content. Completing the main 60+ hour single player campaign will take the average player over a month of playtime. Even after that, players can still improve their teams by capturing new monsters, and the competitive multiplayer battles provide motivation to keep honing skills. Additional playtime is added through regular special events and updates. Unlocking all monsters and achievements could amount to hundreds of hours of total playtime.


The difficulty curve of Neo Monsters is well balanced. Early areas ease players into the mechanics, but the challenge steadily ramps up. The hardest battles require smart team building and strategy. However, there are no difficulty spikes so insurmountable that they halt progress. Grinding levels and acquiring better monsters will help overcome any obstacles. Players looking for a relaxed experience can lower the difficulty setting. Overall, the challenge level remains engaging without getting frustrating.


One common concern with freemium games is whether they are “pay-to-win,” meaning spending money gives an advantage over free players. However, Neo Monsters does an excellent job at avoiding this pitfall. The game is perfectly enjoyable without ever spending money. While in-app purchases can provide a faster progression, skillful play and strategy outweighs having premium monsters. The asynchronous PvP matches players based on ranking rather than monster rarity, so free players are not at an inherent disadvantage in multiplayer either. Thus, the optional purchases feel like bonuses rather than requirements.

Neo Monsters MOD APK


Neo Monsters executes the monster catching and battling formula brilliantly on mobile. With diverse gameplay, tons of content, and fair monetization, it’s easy to recommend for RPG fans. The deep but accessible mechanics ensure both casual and hardcore gamers can find enjoyment. Capturing and customizing hundreds of unique monsters remains engrossing even after dozens of hours. Regular updates with new events and content further extend the lifecycle. For anyone looking for a monster battler on mobile filled with strategy instead of excessive monetization, Neo Monsters is a must play.

Gameplay – 9/10

  • Capturing monsters is exciting and strategic
  • Complex but accessible turn-based battle system
  • Deep monster customization and team building
  • Fun and quick board game-style training mini-game
  • Asynchronous PvP battles add replayability

Story – 7/10

  • Full 60+ hour single player campaign
  • Interesting story with some twists and surprises
  • Provides context for monster catching gameplay
  • Extra content through special events

Neo Monsters MOD APK

Graphics & Audio – 8/10

  • Bright, colorful anime-inspired visuals
  • Detailed monster designs and animations
  • Environments and characters are expressive
  • Upbeat soundtrack fits the adventurous tone

Monetization – 9/10

  • Only initial $0.99 purchase required
  • Optional purchases for gems to speed up progress
  • Completely playable without spending more money
  • Doesn’t feel “pay-to-win”

Verdict – 9/10

Neo Monsters excels at providing a deep monster catching and battling experience on mobile without excessive monetization. With excellent gameplay, tons of content, and fair pricing, it’s easy to recommend to all RPG fans.

Neo Monsters MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neo Monsters free to play?

Neo Monsters costs $0.99 to download on iOS and Android. There are optional in-app purchases but they are not required to progress or compete in PvP.

Is Neo Monsters pay-to-win?

No, Neo Monsters can be fully enjoyed without spending anything beyond the initial $0.99 purchase. While in-app purchases can accelerate progress, skillful play matters more than premium items.

How many monsters are in Neo Monsters?

There are over 1000 unique monsters to collect in Neo Monsters. The wide variety means tons of options for building unique battle teams.

How does evolving monsters work in Neo Monsters?

Monsters can evolve into stronger forms by spending evolution shards. Evolution shards are earned by releasing duplicate monsters. This gives a purpose to duplicates beyond just collecting them all.

Can you play Neo Monsters offline?

Neo Monsters can be played offline but you will be unable to access certain online features like PvP battles. A persistent internet connection is recommended but not required.

How long does it take to beat Neo Monsters?

The main story campaign takes over 60 hours to complete. Completing all side content and postgame will take over 100 hours. There is tons of content to keep players busy for months.

What are gems used for in Neo Monsters?

Gems are the premium currency used to purchase monster eggs, potions, materials, and other bonuses. They are obtained by real money purchases or through gameplay rewards.

Is Neo Monsters appropriate for kids?

Neo Monsters has cartoon violence but does not have any mature content. It is appropriate for kids, especially those who enjoy monster battling games like Pokemon.

Similar Games

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Neo Monsters takes heavy inspiration from Pokémon. Players who enjoy the classic monster catching gameplay of Pokémon games will feel right at home.

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Final Summary

In closing, Neo Monsters stands out as one of the premier monster catching experiences on mobile. With excellent strategic gameplay, tons of monsters to collect, and fair monetization, it’s easy to lose dozens of hours building the ultimate team.

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Cost

- Reworked HP boost system - Added a function in the Menu to protect your public persona when playing in public - Monster names for each form will now be displayed on the monster inspection screen - Adjusted monster balance - Introduced new monsters and skills. - Various bug fixes

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