My Talking Angela MOD APK (Unlimited Coins and Diamonds)

My Talking Angela MOD APK (Unlimited Coins and Diamonds)


App Name My Talking Angela
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Genre Casual
Size 104 MB
Latest Version
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Unlimited Coins and Diamonds
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My Talking Angela is a virtual pet game developed by Outfit7 for iOS and Android devices. The game allows players to take care of and interact with the animated character Angela, a female cat. My Talking Angela is part of the popular Talking Tom and Friends franchise which includes other virtual pet games like My Talking Tom, My Talking Hank, and My Talking Ben.

My Talking Angela MOD

The game was first released in December 2012 for iOS devices and later came to Android in January 2013. Since then, My Talking Angela has become hugely popular among children and young teenagers.

In this detailed review, we will cover all aspects of the My Talking Angela game including gameplay, graphics, sounds, pricing model, age-appropriateness, and overall fun factor.


The core gameplay of My Talking Angela involves taking care of the animated cat character Angela. As a virtual pet, players need to regularly feed Angela, take her to the bathroom, bathe her, and put her to bed. Angela also occasionally gets bored, so you need to play mini games with her and keep her entertained.

Here are some of the main activities you can do in My Talking Angela:

  • Feeding: Angela gets hungry from time to time, so you need to give her food and drinks to keep her health up. You can make her smoothies, pancakes, hot dogs, ice cream and more.
  • Cleaning: Just like a real pet, Angela needs cleaning up once in a while. You have to give her a bath, brush her teeth, and even take her to the toilet.
  • Mini games: There are various mini games in My Talking Angela like puzzles, dance competitions, and reflex challenges. These games help boost Angela’s happiness and mood.
  • Customization: Players can customize Angela’s appearance by changing her fur color, eye color, hairstyle and outfit. There is a wide selection of stylish clothes and accessories to choose from.
  • Travel: Angela can travel to exciting destinations around the world like Paris, Hawaii, London and more. At each location, there are unique activities and outfits to discover.
  • Decorating: Angela’s house can be decorated with furniture and items purchased from the in-game store. Players can choose to decorate different rooms in various styles.
  • Stickers: As you play and complete tasks, you’ll earn stickers that can be collected and added to Angela’s sticker album.

The main goal is to keep Angela happy by taking proper care of her needs and playing games with her regularly. If her mood drops too low, she’ll get upset. The more you play with Angela, the more she levels up which unlocks new outfits and room decorations.

My Talking Angela MOD (1)

Overall, the gameplay is fairly simple and repetitive but perfect for young kids. It’s not challenging by any means but the fun animations and Angela’s cute reactions make taking care of her enjoyable. The mini games add some variety and entertainment value.

Graphics and Animation

One of the highlights of My Talking Angela is the top-notch 3D graphics and animations. Angela is brought to life with slick animations and responds to everything you do with cute vocal reactions.

The environments are all brightly colored and have a distinct cartoonish look. Angela’s house has a modern design with vibrant decorations and furniture. When traveling, the destinations are beautifully depicted whether it’s the streets of Paris or sandy beaches of Hawaii.

Angela herself is creatively designed to be an adorable animated cat. Everything from her big expressive eyes to the fluid animations of her tail wagging and ears twitching make her feel alive. She blinks, smiles, yawns and has various animated reactions to your actions.

The mini games also have polished graphics and smooth animations. Overall, the visuals and animations in My Talking Angela are very well done and bring an interactive cartoon world to life. The graphics hold up nicely on both mobile and tablet.

My Talking Angela MOD (2)

Sounds and Music

To go along with the eye-catching animations, My Talking Angela has cute sound effects and charming music.

Angela speaks in a playful high-pitched voice and makes cat-like sounds when you pet or poke her. From happy purring to annoyed hissing, her vocal reactions are varied and fit her personality.

The soundtrack is upbeat with catchy tunes that change based on what activity you are doing. The travel destinations have their own unique background music like accordion music when in Paris.

The mini games have immersive sound effects like splashes when giving Angela a bath or tapping noises when brushing her teeth. Overall, the audio design is lively and adds to the fun experience. Angela’s voice in particular gives her a lot of personality.

Pricing and In-App Purchases

My Talking Angela is free to download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. However, there are optional in-app purchases available for real money.

Here are the available in-app purchases:

  • Coins – Coins are the main virtual currency used to purchase food, outfits, furniture and mini games. Coins can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money.
  • Diamonds – Diamonds are the premium currency used to purchase rare exclusive items. They are harder to obtain through normal gameplay.
  • Pets – Additional pet characters like Talking Ben can be purchased.
  • No Ads – Removes all video ads from the game.

Most items in the game can be obtained for free just through normal gameplay. However, players who want instant access to exclusive items and costumes can pay real money to speed up unlocking rewards.

My Talking Angela MOD (3)

On the App Store, in-app purchase prices range from $1.99 to $49.99 per item. The game is free to start but players should be aware of potential real money costs for premium content.

Age Appropriateness

My Talking Angela Mod Apk has an age rating of 4+ on the App Store and Everyone on Google Play. The game is appropriate for young children, both girls and boys.

There is no objectionable or inappropriate content. Gameplay is family-friendly and involves taking care of Angela’s daily needs like feeding, bathing and playing. The social interaction is limited to simple conversations with Angela herself.

The only potential concern is that very young kids may not understand in-app purchases. Parents should disable in-app purchases if letting young children play to avoid unwanted real money costs.

But overall, My Talking Angela is perfectly fine for children ages 5 and up. Older kids and teens may find the game too childish. The target demographic is really young elementary school aged boys and girls.

Fun Factor

My Talking Angela is a cute and entertaining virtual pet game, especially for young kids and animal lovers. The slick animations and Angela’s fun personality make interacting with her enjoyable. There’s also a sense of fulfillment that comes from taking care of her needs and seeing her reactions.

The mini games provide some added variety and challenge. While the core gameplay loop of feeding and cleaning Angela can get repetitive, the mini games and travel locations keep things interesting. There’s always something new to check out whether it’s a new outfit or sticker.

Kids will have a blast customizing Angela’s appearance and decorating her house. Unlocking new rewards and leveling Angela up is satisfying. The overall experience is lighthearted and puts a smile on your face.

My Talking Angela may not have the most complex gameplay, but it excels at delivering adorable animations and fun interactions perfect for its target young audience.

My Talking Angela MOD (4)


My Talking Angela Mod Apk scores points for its smooth 3D graphics, cute animations, and lively sounds. The virtual pet gameplay loop is simplistic yet satisfying for young gamers. There’s plenty of fun customization options and rewards to unlock.

The in-app purchases are optional for those who want premium items and costumes. But the core experience is free and accessible. The lack of objectionable content also makes it suitable for kids.

While older gamers will find it too simplistic, My Talking Angela hits the right notes for its intended young audience. Kids will love the talking cat Angela and everything the game has to offer.

Overall, My Talking Angela earns a recommendation for children and families looking for a wholesome virtual pet game. The adorable animations and interactions make caring for your very own talking cat an enjoyable experience.


  • Adorable animated cat character
  • Fun, expressive animations
  • Variety of activities from mini games to travel
  • Customization through outfits, furniture and decorating
  • Kid-friendly content suitable for young gamers
  • Catchy music and lively sound effects


  • Gameplay is simplistic and repetitive
  • In-app purchases may cost real money
  • Lacks depth and challenge for older gamers

In-Depth Game Analysis

Now let’s take a deeper, more detailed look at the different aspects of My Talking Angela.


As covered earlier, the main gameplay revolves around caring for Angela’s needs. Here is more detail on how each activity works:


  • Angela gets hungry every few minutes
  • Players can make her a variety of meals and drinks
  • Food includes hot dogs, pancakes, ice cream, smoothies, etc
  • Each food takes different amounts of time to prepare
  • Food can be decorated and customized, like adding syrup to pancakes
  • Angela will yum or yuck certain foods based on her preference
  • Feeding her preferred foods improves her mood faster


  • Needs to be taken to bathroom regularly
  • Bath time involves washing her with soap and water
  • Can customize bath with bath bombs that change water color
  • Brushing her teeth through mini game
  • Brushing well avoids cavities and improves hygiene
  • Toilet time has the player guide Angela to sit properly
  • Cleaning up after accidents keeps living space clean

Mini Games

  • Puzzle game involves sliding tiles to put together photo
  • Reflex game has player tapping fingers that appear on screen
  • Dance game shows arrows flowing upward and player taps them in sequence
  • Cooking game has player chopping ingredients by tapping them
  • Each mini game rewards coins upon completion
  • Mini games increase Angela’s energy and happiness


  • Players can change Angela’s fur, eyes, mouth, hairstyle and color
  • Wide selection of outfits ranging from dresses to uniforms
  • Outfits organized by categories like Sporty, Party, Vacation, etc
  • Lots of accessories like hats, glasses, jewelry and more
  • Makeup options include lipstick color, eyeshadow, blush and nail polish
  • New outfits and customizations unlock as Angela levels up


  • Angela can travel to destinations like Paris, Hawaii, London, etc
  • Each travel place has unique activities and outfits to discover
  • Hawaii lets Angela surf, build sandcastles and wear tropical flower necklaces
  • Paris offers activities like painting at an easel while wearing a beret
  • London has Angela drink tea and wear a palace guard outfit
  • Travel is a fun way to explore new mini games and costumes for Angela


  • Completing tasks and mini games earns stickers
  • Stickers feature Angela making different expressions and poses
  • Earned stickers can be added to collection in sticker album
  • Album divided into categories like Party, Silly, Cute and more
  • Collecting more stickers unlocks sticker packs
  • Stickers provide rewards and incentives for gameplay

My Talking Angela MOD (5)


  • Angela’s house has several rooms that can be decorated
  • Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, yard, garage
  • Hundreds of furniture and decor items available
  • Items include chairs, tables, beds, appliances, wall decor and more
  • Players can customize each room’s furniture, wallpaper and flooring
  • Decorations can be bought with in-game coins or real money
  • Provides creative outlet and personalization for players

Social Interaction

  • Players can directly talk to Angela via microphone
  • Angela will repeat words said to her and respond
  • Responses are mostly pre-recorded lines, not true AI conversations
  • Appropriate for young kids since topics are limited
  • Can take photos and videos with Angela to share
  • Social options safer compared to true multiplayer games


The 3D cartoon graphics and animations bring the world of My Talking Angela to life. Let’s analyze the visual elements in more detail:


  • Angela’s house has modern architecture with bright colors
  • Rooms are detailed with furniture, decorations and appliances
  • Travel destinations depict famous locations accurately
  • Hawaii has sandy beaches, palm trees and blue water
  • Paris has cobblestone streets, fountains and cafes
  • Visuals are immersive and match real-world counterparts

Character Models

  • Angela designed to be cute animated cat
  • Expressive big eyes with different colors available
  • Fluid animations like tail wagging and ear twitching
  • Body movement is very lifelike and smooth
  • Outfits have textures like shiny fabric or soft fur
  • Accessories customized to fit Angela like glasses and hats
  • Other characters also have unique models and animations


  • Bright, vibrant lighting fits the cheerful atmosphere
  • Day and night cycles change ambient lighting
  • Shadows add depth and enhance 3D environments
  • Light reflects off
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamond

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