My Movie APK 12.10.1 MOD [VIP Unlocked, Premium] for Android

My Movie APK 12.10.1 MOD [VIP Unlocked, Premium] for Android


App Name Video Editor & Maker- My Movie
Publisher MyMovie Inc.
Genre Video Players & Editors
Latest Version 12.10.1
Update on Dec 20, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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My Movies is a popular mobile and desktop application that helps users catalog, organize, track, and discover both physical and digital movies across various devices. First launched in 2009, My Movies aims to be a one-stop solution for managing personal movie libraries with key features like barcode scanning, customized details, statistics, parental controls, and more.

My Movies is available as a mobile app for iPhone, Android, and a desktop app for Windows and Mac. Users only need a single account to access their collection across devices, with data stored in the cloud.

My Movie MOD APK

Key Features

My Movies packs in robust functionality across 8 main areas:

  1. Collection management
    • Add movies easily via barcode scanning or searches
    • View rich details like trailers, ratings, technical specs etc
    • Sort, filter, search collections with various criteria
  2. Tracking & discovery
    • Mark movies watched and record viewing history
    • Discover new movies through recommendations
  3. Loans & sharing
    • Lend movies to friends & family and track loans
    • Share collections, watches, reviews socially
  4. Customization
    • Custom lists, filters, ratings, reviews and more
    • Tailor main dashboard with favorite features
  5. Statistics & analysis
    • View infographics around collection and habits
  6. Platform integration
    • Integrates with popular streaming platforms
    • Single collection across mobile, desktop, and web
  7. Parental controls
    • Manage maturity ratings and restrictions
  8. Backup & sync
    • Backup data to the cloud automatically
    • Sync collections across mobile and desktop


  • Consolidated movie tracking across devices
  • Discover more movies with intelligent recommendations
  • Share movie experiences with friends & family
  • Powerful search, filter & organization
  • Visually rich with trailers, posters and more
  • Safeguard children with parental controls
  • Insights into your habits with statistics
  • Access collection offline after initial sync

My Movie MOD APK

The My Movies Mod Apk

For Android users, a My Movies Mod Apk can be downloaded that unlocks additional benefits on top of the regular app, including:

  • Ad-free experience: No bothersome ads
  • Premium features: Access to all advanced pro features
  • Latest updates: Get mods before official public release
  • Customization: Additional customization options
  • Enhanced security: Improved privacy protections

Mod Apk Benefits

  • Cleaner user experience without ads
  • Test cutting-edge features early
  • Tailor My Movies further to your needs
  • Peace of mind with extra security

My Movie MOD APK

My Movies Mobile App Features in Depth

Now let’s explore the 8 main features of the My Movies mobile application in more detail:

Collection Management

My Movies makes building and organizing your movie collection a breeze.

  • Quick adding: Use the barcode scanner on mobile or searches to quickly add movies. Over 950,000 titles supported.
  • Enriched details: High quality database provides key details like trailers, ratings, cast info, technical details and more.
  • Physical & digital: Catalog both physical disc-based movies as well as digital purchases.
  • Powerful tools: Sort, filter, search and browse your collection on various criteria. Customize default views.

Tracking & Discovery

Never wonder “Have I seen this movie already?” again.

  • Watch tracking: Mark movies watched and record exact viewing history and platform.
  • Wishlists: Easily track movies you want to see.
  • Recommendations: Discover new movies based on your viewing habits and ratings.

Loans & Sharing

Stop losing track of loaned movies and share your collection with others.

  • Loans: Lend movies to friends & family and record details like borrow date and custom notes.
  • Social sharing: Easily share your collection, reviews, and watches via social media or exported file.
  • Remote access: Friends can view your shared collection online from anywhere.


Tailor My Movies to match your personal style and needs.

  • Custom lists: Create unlimited custom smart lists and filters like “Comedies my wife would enjoy”
  • Reviews & ratings: Share your thoughts on movies through reviews and 1-5 star ratings
  • Dashboard controls: Add favorite features to main dashboard like new releases, random picks etc.

Pixel Art MOD APK

My Movie MOD APK

Statistics & Analysis

Understand your movie watching habits better through insightful stats.

  • Infographics: Visually track collection stats like formats owned, genres breakdown, watches by year etc.
  • List analytics: View stats on custom lists like average rating.
  • History: Analyze history to uncover patterns, favorite eras and directors etc.

Platform Integration

My Movies seamlessly integrates with popular movie platforms.

  • Streaming services: Add movies and shows from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc to your collection
  • Online databases: Integrated access to IMDb, TMDb and other databases to auto-fill movie details
  • Remote access: View your collection from anywhere online through browser access

Parental Controls

Manage restrictions on mature content to protect children.

  • Maturity filters: Filter collection by MPAA or custom maturity ratings
  • Access controls: Set viewing and search restrictions by profile. Customize allowed ratings.

Backup & Sync

Never worry about losing your precious data.

  • Cloud backup: Collection automatically backed up to the cloud
  • Syncing: Securely sync your collection across mobile, desktop and web
  • Offline access: View your collection offline after the initial sync

My Movie MOD APK


My Movies delivers an unparalleled experience for creating and engaging with your personal movie collection across devices. Intuitive features cover every aspect from quick cataloging to powerful organization tools, tracking capabilities, sharing options, statistics, and customization configurations.

The My Movies Mod Apk unlocks additional benefits like an ad-free experience and early access to new features. For movie buffs looking to get more value from their personal libraries, My Movies is a must-have application.

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