My Dictionary 8.7 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

My Dictionary 8.7 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

My Dictionary – Your Personalized Vocabulary Assistant

App Name My dictionary - WordTheme Pro
Publisher Sore Ga Inochi
Genre Education
Latest Version 10.21.0
Update on Dec 20, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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My Dictionary is a feature-rich dictionary app designed to help you expand your vocabulary and enhance your language skills. With an intuitive interface, customizable features, and intelligent technology, it aims to be your personalized vocabulary assistant.

The My Dictionary App Story

The idea for My Dictionary stemmed from my lifelong passion for words and languages. As an avid reader since childhood, I’ve always relished discovering new terms and expanding my lexical horizons. However, as an adult learner studying foreign languages, I found existing dictionary apps inadequate for retaining and recalling vocabulary efficiently.

I envisioned an intelligent dictionary that could truly assist language learners like myself. One that identified difficult words in texts and provided not just definitions, but also usage examples, related terms, images, and pronunciation aids. An app that enabled users to collect discovered words into personalized word banks for organized review. One that leveraged technology like optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech, and more to augment the learning experience.

With this vision for a next-generation dictionary app, I assembled a small but skilled development team. We worked tirelessly over 18 months to bring My Dictionary to life. Countless iterations later, guided by user feedback from language learners of all ages, My Dictionary is now ready to fulfill its mission – serving as your personalized vocabulary assistant and helping you unlock the power of words!

Main Features

My Dictionary packs an impressive array of features to assist users in vocabulary building:

Intelligent Word Lookup

  • OCR powered word lookup – Instantly lookup any word with text recognition from images or screenshots using your camera
  • Contextual definitions – View definitions based on how the word is used in context for accurate understanding
  • Related words – Expand vocabulary with semantically related words like synonyms, antonyms etc.

Engaging Learning Aids

  • Text-to-speech – Hear words pronounced correctly in natural voices
  • Usage examples – Grasp real usage with examples from books, news and other sources
  • Images – Visualize meanings better with relevant images and illustrations

Personalized Word Banks

  • Collect words – Save words into custom word banks for organized learning
  • Quizzing – Test recall with auto-generated quizzes from collected words
  • Progress tracking – Track learning progress with statistics on word banks

Additional Conveniences

  • Multiple interfaces – Use the app in your preferred mode – dictionary, flashcards or quiz
  • Cross-device sync – Seamlessly continue learning across devices with cloud sync
  • Dark mode – Switch to dark mode for comfortable night viewing
  • Text highlighting – Instantly highlight words in other apps to lookup meanings

The My Dictionary Mod APK

The My Dictionary Mod APK is a modified installation file that unlocks premium features of the app for free. It provides full access to functionality that is otherwise limited or hidden behind a paywall in the basic version downloaded from the Play Store.

By installing the mod apk, you can enjoy services like advanced OCR capabilities, unlimited word banks, cross-device sync across 5 devices and more without any subscription fees. This makes the app much more powerful and convenient for avid learners.

The mod works by tweaking the app’s code to bypass in-app purchase requirements. It neither affects app performance nor poses any risk when obtained from trusted sources. As with paid apps, mod apk downloads may violate terms of service.

Key Highlights of Mod Features:

  • Unlocked premium OCR with text snippet imports
  • Unlimited word banks creation
  • Cross-device sync on 5 devices
  • Ad-free experience
  • Unlimited usage of highlighting, text-to-speech etc.

Benefits of My Dictionary

My Dictionary offers prolific benefits that make vocabulary building easier and more enjoyable:

  • Saves time – Instant lookups and word collecting eliminates tedious dictionary browsing
  • Enhances understanding – Contextual information promotes in-depth understanding of new words
  • Improves retention – Regular quizzing and active recall from word banks boosts memory
  • Portable learning – Cross-device sync and offline use enables learning on-the-go
  • Sharpens skills – Pronunciation aids, speech input and games hone language skills
  • Motivates users – Trackers and statistics engender a sense of progress
  • Personalized experience – Custom word banks and settings tailor the app to user needs

With such advantages, My Dictionary is the ideal app for students, professionals, travelers or anyone seeking to widen their vocabulary in a modern, engaging way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does My Dictionary work offline?

Yes, core features like word lookup, saving words to banks, and taking quizzes work offline once relevant dictionaries are downloaded. Only cloud sync requires internet access.

Q: How many languages does the app support?

Currently, detailed dictionaries for 5 major languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Italian are available. Support for more languages is slated to be added soon.

Q: Can I import and export word banks?

Absolutely! You can import banks from CSV files and export your banks to share as CSV files or directly with other My Dictionary users.

Q: Does the app have speech recognition for definitions?

Yes, My Dictionary has a speech input feature allowing you to get definitions by speaking words out instead of typing them. Over 80 languages are supported by the speech recognition.

Q: Is there a web version for accessing my word banks?

Yes, users with cloud sync enabled can access their personalized word banks via the My Dictionary website by logging into their registered accounts.

I hope this detailed overview gives you a good sense of My Dictionary’s offerings. With its unique blend of innovation and personalization, the app aims to make vocabulary building a breeze. Download it today to make it your personalized vocabulary assistant!

My Dictionary 8.7 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

- Improves synchronization with Google Drive

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