MX Player Beta APK 2.21.3 MOD (Unlocked)

MX Player Beta APK 2.21.3 MOD (Unlocked)

App Name MX Player
Publisher MX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 130MB
Latest Version 1.76.4
Update on Dec 28, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Get it on Google Play
MX Player is one of the most popular and widely used video player apps on Android. With over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, it has become the go-to app for playing videos locally stored on your Android device.

The developers of MX Player have recently released a beta version of the app that comes packed with some exciting new features to further improve the video watching experience. In this article, we will take a closer look at this beta version of MX Player and highlight some of its best features.

MX Player Beta MOD APK

Overview of MX Player Beta

The MX Player Beta is a test version of the app released ahead of the stable version. It allows the developers to test out new features and get feedback from users before rolling it out to everyone.

Installing the beta will get you access to the latest features before others. However, since it’s a test build, you may encounter some bugs or instability. But reporting those issues will help the developers improve the app.

MX Player Beta MOD APK

Some of the standout features that the MX Player Beta brings include:

Main Features

Built-in YouTube Support

One of the biggest additions in the MX Player Beta is the ability to search and play YouTube videos directly within the app. This eliminates the need to switch between apps when you want to play locally stored videos and YouTube clips.

To use this feature, simply select the “Video” tab in the bottom bar and use the search button to look up videos on YouTube. You can then play them without leaving the MX Player app. However, you won’t see the comments section or recommendations from YouTube.

Pinch to Zoom

Another useful feature in the beta version is pinch to zoom support when playing videos. This allows you to zoom in and out of the video by using standard pinch gestures on your phone’s screen.

So if you want to see something more clearly or focus on a particular aspect, you can simply pinch in to zoom. This makes it easy to view details and read text that may not be clearly visible otherwise.

Playback Speed Controls

The MX Player Beta also adds enhanced playback speed controls for changing the speed of your video. You can slow down or increase the speed as needed with more granular control.

This is helpful if you find the default pace of a video too fast or slow. You can tweak it to your liking for the best viewing experience.

Basic File Management

In addition to the above features, the beta version also enables basic file management capabilities within the app itself. You can copy, move, or delete video files without needing a separate file manager app.

So managing your locally stored video collection is easier than before. You can organize your video library completely within MX Player using these tools.

MX Player Beta MOD APK

What is MX Player Mod APK?

The MX Player Mod APK refers to a modified version of the standard MX Player app that unlocks additional features. These modded versions are not available on the Google Play Store and need to be downloaded from third-party sources.

Some of the key highlights of MX Player Mod include:

Features of Mod Version

No Ads

One of the biggest advantages of using the modded version of MX Player is you don’t see any ads during video playback. The official app includes ads, but the mod APK provides an ad-free experience.

Background Play

This mod also enables background play, allowing you to minimize the video while the audio keeps playing. This is useful for listening to music videos or podcasts like you would on other apps.

Dark Mode

It comes with an integrated dark mode or night mode option to switch to a darker theme. This is easier on the eyes and also saves battery life on AMOLED displays.

Additional Codecs

Furthermore, some variants of the mod APK feature additional codec support beyond what the original app offers. This results in compatibility with more video and audio formats.

MX Player Beta MOD APK

Key Questions About MX Player Beta

1. How to download MX Player Beta?

The beta version of MX Player is currently available only to testers who enroll in the beta testing program. You can join this program by heading over to the Google Play listing for MX Player and scrolling down to the bottom. Here, click the “Become a Beta Tester” option and accept the terms to sign up. Afterward, you will be able to update to the beta from the Play Store or by getting the APK file from APKMirror.

2. Is the beta version safe to install?

Yes, the beta version is generally safe to install as it’s an official release by the MX Player developers. However, since beta software can have bugs, it’s best not to install it on your primary device. Using a secondary device for testing is recommended.

3. How can I report bugs in the beta?

If you encounter any bugs or issues while using the MX Player beta, you can report them directly to the developers from within the app. Go to Settings > Beta Feedback. Here you’ll see options to submit bug reports, suggest new features, and more. The developers actively monitor and respond to beta feedback channels.

4. Will I still get future updates?

Yes, you will continue receiving regular app updates on the beta channel as the developers push out newer test builds. Eventually, the features from the beta version will graduate to the stable public release as well when ready.

5. Should I uninstall the beta when stable arrives?

You can keep the beta installed even after the stable version release if you want access to the latest test features. However, those looking for maximum reliability can uninstall the beta by joining the Play Store’s public release track again.

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MX Player Beta MOD APK


The MX Player Beta opens up some exciting new possibilities that take video playback to the next level. Built-in YouTube support, pinch to zoom, playback speed controls, and basic file management aid convenience and customization. On the other hand, the Mod APK unlocks bonuses like no ads, background play, and dark mode illegally.

With its already powerful set of core features combined with these upcoming additions, MX Player retains its position as the top media player for Android. The beta program lets you experience the improvements early while providing feedback to the developers. So if you are an avid MX Player user, joining the beta channel is certainly something worth considering.

MX Player Beta APK 2.21.3 MOD (Unlocked)


- Better support for USB OTG. - Improvements on player gesture. - Improvements on Privacy Folder landscape mode. - Other experience optimization and bug fixes.

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