Monthly Entertainment MOD 1.0.264 APK (Unlimited Resources/ Shopping)

Monthly Entertainment MOD 1.0.264 APK (Unlimited Resources/ Shopping)

App Name Monthly Entertainment
Publisher 608Factory
Genre Simulation
Size 83 MB
Latest Version 1.0.264
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Unlimited Resources/free Shopping
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Monthly Entertainment Mod Apk is a brand new idol simulation game for Android that lets you live out your dreams of becoming a K-pop music mogul. Developed by Korean game studio 608Factory, Monthly Entertainment builds on their previous hit game Monthly Idol to deliver an even more immersive and addictive idol management experience.

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In Monthly Entertainment Mod Apk, you take on the role of a CEO of your own entertainment company. Your job is to recruit trainees, train them to become pop idols, then debut them in K-pop groups that take the music charts by storm. Every step of the idol life cycle is simulated in the game, from auditions and training to album production, concerts, fan meetings, and promotional activities.

Gameplay Overview

Here’s an overview of the main gameplay elements in Monthly Entertainment:

  • Audition trainees – Scout potential idols from auditions and survival shows. Review their stats and skills to recruit the most promising trainees.
  • Train idols – Schedule training in singing, dancing, acting, and more to improve your idols’ stats. Provide lessons and practice opportunities to boost their skills.
  • Create idol groups – Strategically assemble your trainees into idol groups. Consider their skills, personalities, and group dynamics. Give them a concept and name.
  • Promote idols – Promote your groups through photoshoots, TV shows, interviews, social media, and other activities. Build their fame and public recognition.
  • Produce albums – Finance, produce, and release albums for your groups. Decide between mini, single, or full albums. Hire composers and writers.
  • Manage concerts – Organize concerts and tour events. Provide setlists, costumes, and stage direction. Concerts raise funds and popularity.
  • Interact with fans – Idols can communicate with fans through messages and social posts. Respond to fan requests and gifts. Increase loyalty.
  • Run the company – Manage every aspect of your entertainment company. Hire staff, train idols, manage finances and growth. Become an industry leader.

With so many options, you have complete creative freedom to launch the next K-pop sensation. You decide on group concepts, styling, songs, choreography, and more. All your choices affect the idols’ success as they rise from unknown trainees to celebrated superstars.

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Key Features

Monthly Entertainment Mod Apk packs an incredible amount of depth across multiple game systems. Here are some of the key features that make the gameplay so engaging:

In-Depth Idol Simulation

The core of the experience is the idol simulation which brings every aspect of a K-pop idol’s career to life. You get to:

  • Audition hundreds of unique, randomly generated trainees
  • Schedule training in vocals, dance, rap, instruments, acting, variety skills, and more
  • Design stunning stages and costumes for concerts
  • Compose songs by selecting genres, moods, and song structures
  • Choreograph intricate dance routines by choosing move styles and patterns
  • Shoot glamorous photoshoots and magazine covers
  • Interact with fans through social media posts and messages
  • And much more!

No other game delivers this level of detail in simulating the idol experience.

Company Management

On top of managing individual idols, you also run every aspect of your entertainment company:

  • Hire staff – Recruit managers, trainers, composers, designers, and other staff. Level them up to improve performance.
  • Build facilities – Construct training and rehearsal studios, offices, dorms, and other facilities. Expand as your company grows.
  • Manage finances – Balance expenses for promotion, training, concerts, and more. Earn income from album sales, tours, ads.
  • Develop technologies – Research and develop new technologies that provide unique bonuses and advantages.
  • Decorate interior – Customize the interior design and decor of your company building for a stylish look.
  • Achieve goals – Complete challenges and missions to gain rewards and grow the company. Rise in the entertainment industry ranks.

Juggling company growth with idol training provides satisfying long-term progression and strategic depth.

Gorgeous Graphics and Visuals

Monthly Entertainment features full 3D graphics with detailed character models and environments. The polished art style brings every aspect of the idol world to life:

  • Character models – Trainees and idols sport unique looks with customizable hairstyles, outfits, and more.
  • Concert stages – Colorful, vibrant stages with real-time lighting effects and cheering crowds.
  • Dance animations – Smooth, dynamic dance animations make the choreographed routines pop.
  • Music videos – Cinematic music videos feature your idols and high production values.
  • Photoshoots – Take magazine cover shots of your idols striking poses in beautiful locations.
  • Company building – Manage your company in a fully 3D-rendered office building you can decorate.
  • Dorm rooms – Idols hang out together in detailed dorm rooms you expand as your company grows.

The polished graphics make it feel like you’re an insider in the world of K-pop.

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Extensive Customization

One of the most addicting parts of Monthly Entertainment is the sheer amount of customization available for your idols and groups:

  • Outfits – Dress your idols in stylish outfits for their day-to-day schedules, stages, photoshoots, and more.
  • Hair colors and styles – Choose from dozens of hair colors and styles to create your idols’ looks.
  • Stage outfits – Design flashy performance outfits for concerts that match your group’s concept.
  • Choreography – Customize dance routines by selecting move styles and formations.
  • Album concepts – Give your albums a concept like “teen crush” or “hip hop” that influences the styling.
  • Light sticks – Design custom light sticks for your fandom to wave during concerts.
  • Group names and logos – Choose the perfect name and design an iconic logo for your groups.
  • Dorm decoration – Decorate your idols’ dorm rooms with furniture and items.

No detail is too small when it comes to crafting your idols’ identities and stages. The creative options are endless.

Social Media Interactions

One unique feature in Monthly Entertainment is the ability to interact with in-game fans through social media. As your groups gain fans, you can communicate with them:

  • Read fan letters – Fans will send letters and gifts to your idols. Read and respond to their messages.
  • Post updates – Idols can post updates, photos, and videos. Fans will react and leave comments.
  • Receive requests – Fans will make requests like “Post a selca!” or “Eat this food!”. Fulfill their requests to raise loyalty.
  • Give fan service – Idols can respond to fans with fan service messages, photos, calls, and video chats.
  • Increase loyalty – Interacting with fans raises their loyalty, unlocking bonuses and rewards for your idols.

The social media interactions make your fandom feel alive. You get to engage with them and shape your idols’ personalities.

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Game Modes

Monthly Entertainment offers different game modes so you can enjoy idol management in different ways:

Story Mode

The main story mode has you build your company and idols from the ground up. You’ll complete missions that teach you the ropes while advancing an entertaining story about climbing to the top of the K-pop charts. Story mode offers the full experience.

Sandbox Mode

Prefer open-ended gameplay? Sandbox mode lets you manage your company with complete freedom, without missions or limitations. Build multiple groups and aim for high scores.

Battle Mode

In this unique mode, you form idol groups to compete in monthly battles against other players. Win battles to earn points and rewards. Show off your management skills against others.

Event Mode

Limited-time weekly events present fun scenarios and challenges to complete for bonuses. Events keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

With diverse modes, you can enjoy Monthly Entertainment in different ways tailored to your style.

Getting Started

If you want to get started on your path to K-pop stardom, here are some tips for new Monthly Entertainment players:

  • Complete the tutorial – Make the most of the robust tutorial that teaches the basics. Don’t skip it!
  • Start story mode – Play through story mode first to learn without being overwhelmed. It eases you in.
  • Develop one idol at a time – Focus training on one trainee at first so you can promote them to an idol.
  • Balance training types – Don’t neglect non-music skills like variety. Well-rounded idols perform better.
  • Specialize your company staff – Hire composers, trainers, and other staff that boost specific stats.
  • Manage finances wisely – Keep an eye on expenses and income. Spend smartly as a small company.
  • Interact with fans – Communicate with your idols’ fans for bonuses. Increase their loyalty.
  • Have fun roleplaying – Get into the fantasy! Name your groups, craft concepts, and roleplay as a CEO.

As a new label CEO in Monthly Entertainment, the sky’s the limit. Build an entertainment empire and watch your idols top the charts!

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Tips for Advanced Players

Once you grasp the basics, here are some expert tips for succeeding at high levels in Monthly Entertainment:

  • Develop specialties – Focus each idol group on specific stat specialties like dance or vocals.
  • Coordinate promotions – Schedule complementary promotion activities that make efficient use of time.
  • Master mini-games – Improve your reflexes and reap big rewards in rhythm and vocal mini-games.
  • Invest in technologies – Prioritize tech upgrades that boost your strategy like training speeds.
  • Manage multiple groups – Juggle activities for each group and stagger their promotions.
  • Craft stories and personas – Give each idol and group a backstory that connects with fans.
  • Analyze metrics – Study fan data, reviews


  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Resource
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Diamond
  • Unlimited Ruby
  • Unlimited Tickets

-Improved buff on off function -Fixed other bugs

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