Mixcloud APK 35.4.7 APK (Premium Unlocked)

Mixcloud APK 35.4.7 APK (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Mixcloud - Music, Mixes & Live
Publisher Mixcloud
Genre Music & Audio
Size 45 MB
Latest Version 35.4.7
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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Mixcloud is a popular online audio streaming service that allows users to listen to radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts uploaded by various creators from around the world. It has both a website and mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.

In this extensive review, we will be taking an in-depth look at Mixcloud’s Android app, its features, interface design, usability, audio quality, and overall user experience..

Mixcloud MOD APK

Key Features

Here are some of the key features and capabilities of the Mixcloud Android app:

  • Browse and search – Explore Mixcloud’s extensive catalog of over 15 million shows by genre, tags, trending, and search. Find shows based on your interests.
  • Follow creators – Follow your favorite DJs, radio stations, and podcasters to get notified when they release new shows.
  • Create playlists – Build custom playlists by adding shows, episodes, and tracks from Mixcloud’s catalog.
  • Offline listening – Download shows for offline listening when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Notifications – Get notified when the creators you follow release new content.
  • Cross-device sync – Sync listening progress across mobile and desktop devices.
  • Live streaming – Tune into live streams from Mixcloud creators.
  • Social features – Like, repost, comment on shows and share them with friends.

Interface and Design

The Mixcloud Android app features a clean, minimalist interface with an emphasis on large visuals and intuitive controls.

The home screen displays personalized recommendations and trending shows along with tabs for browsing Mixes, Cloudcasts (podcasts), Live (live streams), and Following (new shows from creators you follow).

Profiles of creators and radio stations showcase their artwork, bio, followers, and full catalog of shows.

The now playing screen puts album art front and center with options to like, repost, add to playlists, and view show details. Playback controls like play/pause, skip track, and a progress slider are conveniently located at the bottom.

Overall, the app follows Google’s Material Design language to create a visually appealing experience that also feels very responsive. The navigation and controls are well-optimized for mobile.

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Ease of Use

Navigating Mixcloud’s extensive catalog and using the app’s features is straightforward and intuitive.

Browsing for new content can be done either by exploring genre/tag categories or using search. Search results make it easy to identify relevant shows through their titles, creator names, and snippets of tracklists.

Playback is simple – just tap on a show thumbnail to start listening. The app remembers your playback position so you can easily resume after exiting the app.

Creating playlists lets you organize your favorite shows in one place. Adding a show to a playlist can be done with just two taps.

The app settings provide options to control streaming quality, offline listening, and notifications. Users can also link their Mixcloud account for full social features.

Overall, the app is designed for ease of discovery and listening to audio content. The navigation and controls are responsive and simple enough for most users to start enjoying Mixcloud’s catalog right away.

Audio Quality

Mixcloud offers high quality audio streaming at 128kbps in the Android app by default.

The sound quality is very good – on par with other top streaming services. The audio streams come through crisp and clear.

Mixcloud’s shows span many genres including music, talk shows, and podcasts. The app handles all types of content very well. Streamed music has good stereo separation and a full-bodied sound.

For talk-based shows like podcasts, the vocal reproduction is natural and conversations are easy to understand. The app also adjusts seamlessly when switching between music and talk content.

Streaming over WiFi or mobile data works flawlessly. Even at lower connectivity speeds, the buffering is minimal and streams start playing quickly.

Overall, the audio performance of the Mixcloud Android app is excellent. The sound quality enhances the listening experience across all types of content.

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Reliability and Performance

The Mixcloud Android app delivers a very reliable and smooth streaming experience.

Playback issues like stuttering or buffering are very rare occurrences. The streams start instantly without lag or interruptions.

Browsing the app and using features like search and playlists is snappy. Screens and menus load quickly without any lag.

The app stays responsive even when multitasking or when connectivity speeds fluctuate. Playback resumes quickly if you switch to another app and come back.

In terms of stability, the app does not crash or freeze up. It can play content for hours without any shutdowns or issues.

The reliability ensures uninterrupted listening and allows you to fully enjoy Mixcloud’s content. Overall, the performance is very optimized for mobile.

Content Catalog Quality

Mixcloud offers an expansive and diverse catalog of audio content through their Android app.

The collection includes over 15 million original shows spanning radio, DJ mixes, and podcasts. The content comes from both well-known creators as well as up-and-coming talent.

There is a vast variety available across music genres like electronic, hip-hop, jazz, rock etc. Popular podcasts and talk shows are also available.

The content is generally high quality. Most creators put effort into their productions and programming. Discovering new and interesting shows is easy through the app.

For music, the library includes both mainstream hits as well as rare mixes. The range of music content is a highlight of Mixcloud’s catalog.

The Android app makes all this content easily searchable and streamable. Overall, the breadth and depth of their catalog gives you many options to explore.

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Social and Community Features

The Mixcloud Android app lets you engage with creators and listeners through its social and community features:

  • Profiles – Every creator has a profile showcasing their bio, shows, and followers. Users can follow creators to get notified of new shows.
  • Activity Feed – A personalized feed showing recent activity from creators you follow and your friends.
  • Comments – Leave comments on any show or episode. Reply to comments from other listeners.
  • Likes & Reposts – Like a show or repost it to your profile to share it with your followers.
  • Playlists – Create public playlists to share. Follow other users’ playlists.
  • Live Streaming – Chat with listeners and the broadcaster during live streams.

While basic features like listening and browsing work without an account, creating an account allows full social participation in the community.

Additional Features

Some other notable features of the Mixcloud Android app:

  • Chromecast support – Stream Mixcloud shows and playlists to TVs and speakers using Chromecast devices.
  • Android Auto support – Access Mixcloud from Android Auto-enabled vehicles.
  • Offline listening – Download shows for offline playback when internet connectivity is limited. Downloads are managed in the app.
  • Sleep timer – Set a sleep timer to stop playback after a set duration. Great for listening while falling asleep.
  • Google sign-in – Quickly sign in to the app using your Google account.

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Drawbacks and Limitations

While the Mixcloud Android app delivers an excellent streaming experience, there are some drawbacks:

  • Limited skips – Free users only get a limited number of skips per show. Unlocking unlimited skips requires a paid subscription.
  • Occasional ads – Some audio ads are inserted between shows. A paid subscription removes ads.
  • No music downloads – Downloading shows for offline listening is available, but downloading individual music tracks is not.
  • No podcast organization – Podcasts show up in a generic list rather than a dedicated podcast section.
  • No recommendations personalization – Recommendations are not tailored specifically based on your listening history and likes.

The Verdict

The Mixcloud Android app provides an easy way to access Mixcloud’s extensive catalog spanning radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts.

It delivers a smooth and reliable streaming experience. The interface is visually appealing and designed for quick discovery. Playback controls are simple and intuitive. Audio quality is excellent across music and talk content.

The content catalog itself is diverse, high-quality, and offers deep cuts for music fans. Social features allow for engaging with creators and listeners.

While some drawbacks like limited skips and lack of podcast organization exist, they do not detract much from the overall experience.

For Android users looking to expand their audio horizons beyond just music, Mixcloud provides a vast streaming library and great app experience worth exploring.

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  • Clean, visually appealing interface optimized for mobile
  • Easy discovery through browsing and search
  • Reliable and smooth playback performance
  • High audio quality enhances listening
  • Expansive catalog spanning radio, DJ mixes, and podcasts
  • Community features for engaging with creators
  • Drawbacks include limited skips and lack of podcast organization
  • Overall an excellent free streaming option beyond just music
  • No Ads

What's new in 35.4.7 - General improvements and fixes. Have any feedback? Please get in touch at support@mixcloud.com

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