Mighty Party APK 39.0.3 MOD [Menu/Unlimited Gems/Resources]

Mighty Party APK 39.0.3 MOD [Menu/Unlimited Gems/Resources]

App Name Mighty Party
Genre Role Playing
Latest Version 39.0.3
Update on Dec 27, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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Mighty Party is a popular mobile game for Android and iOS devices. It is a fun strategy game with RPG and card battle elements. Players build up a team of heroes and battle against other players in PvP arena battles.

Mighty Party MOD APK

Game Story and Setting

The game takes place in a fantasy world full of magic and mythical creatures. You play as a summoner, someone who can summon mighty heroes to fight by your side. As you progress through the game, you unravel an epic story campaign and learn more about the world and characters.

Key elements of the story and setting include:

  • A rich fantasy world with different factions like humans, orcs, elves etc.
  • Epic tales of heroes and villains battling for supremacy
  • A mystical force infecting the land, corrupting heroes into villains
  • Your role as a summoner to build a hero squad to fight the impending evil
  • Interesting and humorous character interactions as more heroes join your party

Mighty Party MOD APK

Main Features of the Game

Mighty Party has many great features that make it an engaging and addictive mobile game.

Diverse Hero Collection

There are over 100 unique heroes in the game, with different rarities, abilities, and visual designs. Collecting and upgrading heroes is a key part of progression.

  • Heroes have different classes like warriors, mages, tanks etc
  • Each hero has a distinct skillset and playstyle in battle
  • Heroes can be upgraded, evolved, and equipped with artifacts
  • Rarer heroes are harder to obtain but very powerful

Strategic Card Battles

The battle system is a mashup of RPG, tower defense, and card games. You strategically place your heroes on the battlefield and use their skills and abilities to defeat the enemy.

  • Heroes, spells, and abilities are played as cards
  • Managing mana efficiently is key to victory
  • Heroes can be moved around the battlefield as needed
  • Terrain and positioning plays an important tactical role
Heroes Spells Abilities
Warrior Fireball Provoke
Archer Heal Dodge
Mage Poison Cloud Critical Strike

Competitive PvP Arena

Test your squad against other players in the PvP arena ladder. Climb higher for glory and better rewards!

  • Real-time battles against other players’ squads
  • Multiple arena tiers and leagues to progress through
  • Daily rewards based on your arena ranking
  • Regular tournaments and events

Guilds and Social Play

Join a guild to take down raid bosses, chat with friends, trade resources, and participate in guild wars against rivals.

  • Active social community with global chat
  • Guild events and cooperative play
  • Guild shop to obtain rare heroes and artifacts
  • Guild wars feature competitive player vs player guild battles

Ongoing Events and New Content

Regular new updates add heroes, dungeons, battle modes and story campaigns. Limited time events with special rewards keep gameplay fresh.

Mighty Party MOD APK

Mighty Party Mod APK

The Mighty Party mod apk is a modified version of the game for Android devices. It offers some handy cheats and benefits:

  • Unlimited money and gems for free purchases
  • Free upgrade materials to max out heroes faster
  • One hit kill in PvE battles
  • High damage output in PvP battles
  • Unlocked VIP status features

However, there are some downsides:

  • Could get banned for cheating
  • Removes challenge of the game
  • Stops official updates from working
  • Could contain malware risks

So use mods at your own risk! Playing the original game as intended is most recommended.

Mighty Party MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Mighty Party:

Q: How do I obtain new heroes?

A: You can acquire heroes from chests, shops, dungeons, events, and using summoning stones. Rare heroes are harder to find.

Q: What are artifacts and glyphs?

A: Artifacts provide bonus stats and abilities when equipped on heroes. Glyphs add special effects to spells used in battle.

Q: How do I increase my hero squad power?

A: Upgrade hero rarity, level, skills, artifacts, and glyphs. Evolving heroes to the next star tier also boosts stats.

Q: Is VIP membership worth it?

A: VIP unlocks bonus rewards, daily gems, and other benefits. It improves long-term progress so can be valuable for serious players.

Q: What is the best hero faction?

A: There is no definitive best faction. Each has pros and cons. Build teams utilizing faction strengths and hero synergies.


Mighty Party MOD APK


Mighty Party offers a fun and casual gaming experience with enough depth and progression to keep players engaged for the long run. If you enjoy collecting heroes, RPG mechanics, and strategic multiplayer battles, give Mighty Party a try today!

• New Event: The Maze. Play Morgoth and tread its eternal paths, corridors, and chambers to find treasures! • New Event: Fair of Fortune. Pick a card and receive rewards or even multiply them! • Collection Gallery. View your previously collected shard collection series. • Updated base skins for three heroes. • Added several minor quality of life changes and bug fixes to Regatta and guilds. • Fixed several rare but nasty bugs in Event Pass, Expedition, Hints, Shops, and Localization.

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