Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk 1.3.7 (Free Upgrades, Daily Rewards)

Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk 1.3.7 (Free Upgrades, Daily Rewards)

GAME INFO: Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk
MOD Features Free Upgrades, Daily Rewards
Category Games
Size 78 MB
Version 1.3.7
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Welcome to Medieval Idle Tycoon Mod Apk, a strategy game about building and managing your own medieval empire! In this game you’ll be able to use various buildings, troops and heroes in order to make a prosperous kingdom. Construct towns and cities across lands gathering resources for survival but also build walls around them in case of attack. Gather gold coins by rescuing princesses from dungeons or fighting battles against your enemies! And take charge of all sorts of developments making improvements on roads & bridges as well as exploring new technology that will benefit the whole empire. With careful planning and decision-making you can see greatness reach its peak – become the ruler who castles were made for: King or Queen!

Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk

Commissioning Buildings & Structures in Your Kingdom

In Medieval Idle Tycoon, you will be able to commission buildings and other structures such as churches, farms or training camps across your kingdom. Each building has its own advantages and associated benefits tied to it which can range from increased resource production or defensive capabilities. To start things off, you will have the decision about what resources are produced when selecting one of these buildings while over time a greater array of choices based on economic power or prestige will open up giving more flexibility. Other types of structure such as walls can also be commissioned too for extra defensive bonuses including increasing your troops’ hit points making them harder to defeat!

Training Troops for Defense & Attack Purposes

In Medieval Idle Tycoon players can train a variety civilian / military units specialized in different fields like healing properties right through until siege machines for destroying castles with ease! Each unit is upgradable at specific level stages unlocking new abilities with bigger impacts thus affecting the whole match itself whether baldly fighting against many foes all by yourself defending another allied castle from attackers etc.. Everything ties into the larger game plan so putting thought behind each speaker’s strength and weakness goes long way depending on their role type within Player vs Environment (vsE) fights campaign stories . As results with well-balanced use this feature beats rival teams far easier than going it alone!

Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk

Exploring The Wilds & Dungeons For Fame And Fortune

The wilds & dungeons of Medieval Idle Tycoon are laden with rewards for the brave and curious. From discovering upgrades scattered in the wilderness to slaying dragons and monsters for their loot there’s ample opportunity here paving the way to success through risk-taking. Dungeon bosses represent a greater challenge featuring difficult battles or solving tricky puzzles but also come bearing big rewards if you manage to outwit them! You may stumble upon special tools, gain access secret chambers containing precious objects or find traps that can be used against your opponent later – ahed those experienced have plenty incentives should venture into these regions!

Create Allies & Form Trade Links For Greater Benefits

In Medieval Idle Tycoon players will have an arsenal of diplomatic measures like creating allies and forming trade links at their disposal, as well as rallying units together against common enemies in joint operations which can pay off dividends depending on how alliances end up panned out . Diplomacy is key when it comes making lasting relationships with neighbouring lordships so always aim make good relation all around (ensure sending generous tributes/gifts if needed.) As result new paths opens export/import goods from outposts ensuring clear protection one side territories ir providing further options pour surplus products markets – this helps grow economy faster plus having more valuable items prosperity overall visitors.

Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk

Research New Technologies Using Your Royal Library

In addition coordinating attacks formations researching technologies available through royal library , commanding respective country position within kingdom whether rely gold statue campaigns prove leadership capabilities while giving boost production troops different capacities . A variety tiles shown representing advances such increased harvesting rate production tools weapons etc.. each require different resources order developed altered players choice expendinglater examples allowing raise popularity other nations via wedding marriage alliance contracts between rulers changes reign heavily these regulations policies made provided ruler future decisions intent affect game topics actions they take careful wise when choose technology

Construct Roads & Bridges To Improve Transportation Capacity

And as you make progress with the game also come access options like roads & bridges construction this part important conquerors since allows better transportation capacities moving troops resources one region another speedier manner. Doing can unlock several advantages example cut down travel times reaching certain locations saving turns thus making shortage reach point crucial military engagements any less tight end, while shortening trade routes increased profit economic situation depending on choices made establishment links raise trading opportunities accordingly . When thought out think result huge mass goods smoother infrastructure build purpose.

Rescuing Princesses For Coins Rewards

Finally, you will tasked save princesses kidnapped evil forces order rewarded coins bountiful supply they all hidden dungeons guarded monsters traps Therefore what strategy use discover their location if succeed acquiring valuable items comes bonus Incidentally using same tokens purchase upgrades capabilities or buy extra units ranks further extend army anyway these presents pretty much every player should aim it means staying keep eye those pesky villains intentions executing reforming plans counteracting effect plundering raids saves many headaches long run .

What is Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod APK?

Medieval Idle Tycoon mod APK is a modified version of the popular strategy game for Android devices. It includes an unlocked version of all features such as buildings and structures, troops and heroes, technology research, roads & bridges construction along with princesses rescuing. This enables gamers to enjoy the full experience without having to grind for coins or resources required normally in order to gain access! The application also comes with cheats that make it easier play including cheating on levels allowing players make progress faster too – perfect those who want get ahead field quickly.

Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk

Features of Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod APK

Free Upgrades

The free upgrades in Medieval Idle Tycoon Mod APK are especially useful, allowing players to save up coins and other resources for more complex tasks instead. With this feature gamers also have the option to upgrade their buildings without spending any money of their own! It makes it easier level-up by bypassing the grind for gold often needed raise stats , so those who opt play can find themselves ahead competition in no time.

Daily Rewards

Players can enjoy daily rewards with the mod APK version of Medieval Idle Tycoon. Each day login, gamers will receive bonus items such as gold coins or other valuable prizes which can then be used for factor like funding upgrades paying troops etc… Doing offers extra incentive stick game longer making it worthwhile investing time even when resources run low having another top-up coming right up doorstep How! very convenient those who don’t enough patience reach higher rankings quicker way plus also encourages people come back over often since’d promised themselves some sort reward .

Faster Progress

The Medieval Idle Tycoon Mod APK should make progress faster than before as cheats are built into the system and features unlocked from start allowing greater flexibility when challenging opponents in battle. Gamers should be able to access a larger range advanced options without needing wait certain times investment cost example being able upgrade armory level only difference compare regular package putting cutting edge weaponry disposal much earlier Point being get ideas plans motion far more efficiently creating impressive army building empire fast-paced method

Early Access Content

In addition faster progress, players will also gain early access new content types including events, quests missions that normally wouldn’t become available until later stages development cycle As result won’t have sit around watch others taking lead instead given opportunity right away becoming important part action allows them expand their territories align ranks formidable adversary own respectively bringing back original dynamic was intended within framework

Invincibility Mode

Finally, players utilizing invincibility mode cheat provided mod package sees immunity hostile forces greatly allowing destruction foes resulting massive riches plundering all apart creation pools If needed companion units fighting though could suffer severe loses case vulnerabilities attack Extra feature fact open never worry consequences actions taken Good bad may but freeing think outside box you pay dearly risking ever facing opposition kind difficult gamble take sure.

Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Medieval: Idle Tycoon Mod Apk

• Download the Medieval Idle Tycoon Mod APK Free Download from a reputable source such as
• Navigate to the downloaded file and make sure it is in .apk format.
• Open your device’s settings and enable installation of applications from unknown sources if you haven’t already done so for any other mods.
• Locate the mod apk file on your phone or tablet and tap to install it like you would do with any other app.
• Once installation has completed, open up Medieval Idle Tycoon Mod APK Free Download on your device and begin playing!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Delete outdated versions of the game before installing the mod apk.
• Check that your device has enough storage space for installation and updates if necessary.
• Turn off any security features or antivirus software which may interfere with installation process.
• Make sure to navigate to where you have stored downloaded Droid APK file click install it instead opening up browser
• Double check that download source legitimate hasn’t been tampered malware viruses present
• If experiencing difficulty can try re-downloading mod apk once again clearing memory device .

Visual and sound quality


The graphics of Medieval Idle Tycoon Apk Mod are a key element to its success. The visuals in the game take you away from everyday life and transports you back into an era of knights and castles. It features detailed 2D environments set within stunning vistas with various buildings, decorations, characters coming together creating immersive atmosphere befitting times! Every scene also rich textures adding extra depth drawing almost instantly making journey complete- more experienced players can even upgrade effects some options bring out greater lifelike clarity completely haul .


Medieval Idle Tycoon Hack Apk is enhanced by powerful musical scores that evoke items emotions feel while playing such aggressive rifts when reaching heated battles melodic tunes meaning well large-scale thanking’s heard tribes stay humble when their lands invaded note for node every feeling taken into account underlay set forth these realms complimenting core concepts perfectly without getting tiring time , plus audio clips sound FX can alert sales reliable manner leave lasting impression overall .


Medieval Idle Tycoon Mod Apk is a great game for players looking to test their tactical and strategic skills in an immersive, historical environment. With building and upgrading options along with troops & heroes training there’s plenty to do as you make your way up from humble beginnings lead powerful king or queen of your own land. Plus with the Mod APK also comes cheats that unlock content making progress much faster plus daily rewards allow gamers start each day anew more incentives stay logged it feels like haven been created especially them appreciate !

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does it cost anything to download and install the mod apk?

A1: No, the mod apk is free to download and install.

Q2: Is there any additional content included in the mod version?

A2: Yes, there are cheats for faster progress as well as early access content that normally wouldn’t be available until later stages of development.

Q3 : Are all features unlocked from start with this version?

A3 : All buildings, structures and other resources like gold coins are unlocked from start making it easier to make progress quickly compared regular game play .

Q4 : What advantages come with using invincibility mode cheat ?

A4 : The invincibility mode enables users become immune most hostile forces thus providing near immunity against attacks here which can result large plundering rewards at expense destruction foes

Q5 : Can I still join other players on their servers using this package ?

A5: Of course – no restrictions here so feel go ahead into adventurous journey random folks or members close global round-ups gain extra bonus rewards while being did something fun too !


• Medieval Idle Tycoon Modded Apk is a great strategy game for players looking to test their tactical and strategic skills in an immersive, historical environment.
• With building and upgrading options along with troops & heroes training there’s plenty to do as you make your way up from humble beginnings lead powerful king or queen of your own land.
• The mod APK comes with cheats unlocking content making progress faster plus daily rewards incentives stay logged in.
• All buildings, structures and other resources are unlocked from start making it easier make progress quickly compared regular game play .
• Invincibility mode enables gamers become immune most hostile forces providing near immunity against attacks resulting large plundering rewards should destroy foe successfully .

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