Match Masters Mod Apk 4.623 [Unlocked/Unlimited Money]

Match Masters Mod Apk 4.623 [Unlocked/Unlimited Money]

Match Masters – A Thrilling Match-3 Puzzler with Competitive Multiplayer

App Name Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3
Publisher Candivore
Genre Casual
Size 75MB
Latest Version 4.623
Update on Dec 15, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info
  • Unlocked
  • Unlimited
  • Money
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Match Masters Mod Apk [Unlocked/Unlimited Money] is an incredibly addictive and competitive match-3 puzzle game for Android. With its polished graphics, fun powerups, and real-time multiplayer, Match Masters offers a fresh take on the classic match-3 formula. This article provides an in-depth review of the gameplay, features, and mod benefits of Match Masters Mod APK.

Match Masters Mod Apk


Match Masters 4.623 apk is developed by Candy Mobile and offers match-3 puzzle gameplay with a real-time PvP multiplayer twist. Players take turns matching gems on the same board, having to consider both their own moves as well as the opportunities they create for their opponent.

Key Features:

  • Addictive match-3 puzzle mechanics
  • Real-time PvP multiplayer
  • Take turns with opponents on the same board
  • Special gems and powerup boosters
  • Unlock new arenas as you progress
  • Leaderboards and tournaments

With colorful graphics, smooth animations, and a variety of game modes, Match Masters manages to feel fresh while retaining the core matching concept.


The gameplay revolves around matching at least 3 gems of the same type to clear them from the board. Matches also charge up your boost meter which can activate powerful boosters to attack your opponent or gain bonuses.

Match Masters Mod Apk

Here are some key gameplay:


  • Clear gems by matching 3 or more of the same type
  • Charge your booster meter to activate powerups
  • Outscore your opponent when the timer runs out

Game Board

  • 7 x 7 grid filled with colored gems
  • New gems fall from the top when matches are made
  • Create power combos by clearing gems in quick succession


  • Match 3+ gems of the same color to clear them
  • Bigger matches create more damage against your opponent
  • Strategically plan matches to activate boosters or create cascades


  • Activate powerful boosters with your booster meter
  • Attack your opponent with damage boosters
  • Gain bonuses like extra time, gem destruction, etc
  • Use them strategically to outwit your opponent

Game Modes

  • VS Battles: Face off 1v1 against opponents in real-time
  • Tournaments: Compete in brackets of up to 32 players
  • Weekly League: Rank up across divisions from Bronze to Master

Overall, Match Masters apk mod combines classic match-3 puzzle mechanics with a competitive multiplayer twist to create an incredibly fun and addictive experience.

Match Masters Mod Apk

Features and Graphics

Match Masters on shines when it comes to features and graphics, standing out as a high quality match-3 title.

Slick Graphics and Animations

The graphics are polished and colorful, with a bright and vibrant style that pops on your mobile screen. Seamless animations when matching gems or activating boosters also adds to the visual appeal.

Range of Fun Game Modes

In addition to the real-time VS Battles, there are also asynchronous Tournaments against up to 31 opponents, and a Weekly League to climb by winning matches.

Customizable In-Game Profiles

Show off your style by customizing your in-game profile. Unlock profile frames, backgrounds, emojis, and titles as you progress through the leagues.

Collectible Characters

Win matches to earn keys that can unlock collectible characters. Each character provides unique boosters and bonuses to give you an edge.

With so much variety and depth across gameplay, graphics and features, Match Masters always feels fresh and entertaining to play.

Mod Features and Benefits

The Match Masters mod apk unlocks unlimited money and all boosters/powerups upfront. This enhances the gameplay by allowing you to focus on strategizing against opponents rather than grinding.

Key Mod Benefits

  • Unlimited coins
  • All boosters unlocked
  • No ads or popups
  • Faster progression

Unlimited Coins

Normally coins are earned slowly from matches, daily rewards, etc. The mod provides unlimited coins upfront to spend on whatever you want.

All Boosters Unlocked

All boosters are instantly available, allowing you to use them freely without needing to collect booster shards. This is great for testing different strategies.

No Annoying Ads

The mod removes all ads and popups for uninterrupted gameplay. No longer do you have to watch videos just to claim basic rewards.

Quick Progression

You can instantly unlock new arenas and characters rather than slowly grinding wins. This lets you access all content faster.

Overall the mod removes monetization barriers, allowing you to fully enjoy Match Masters gameplay, graphics and modes without hinderance.

Match Masters Mod Apk


Match Masters apk delivers a fresh competitive twist to classic match-3 puzzle gameplay. With vibrant graphics, unlockable content and multiplayer depth, Match Masters manages to feel both new and familiar.

The mod removes all monetization, enabling unlimited boosters, coins and unlocks upfront. This accentuates the strategic and competitive elements against real opponents rather than just grinding.

For match-3 fans looking for something new or puzzle gamers seeking real-time competition, Match Masters is certainly worth checking out, especially with the benefits of the mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mod safe to use?

Yes, the mod is completely safe and does not affect your account progress. It simply unlocks features to remove monetization barriers.

Does it work on both Android and iOS?

The Match Masters mod APK currently only works for Android devices. An iOS version may be released in the future.

Do I need to root my device?

No root or jailbreak is necessary! The mod works just by installing the APK file like any other Android application.

Where can I download the Match Masters mod?

You can download it from trusted sites like HackDL. Always ensure you download from reliable sources.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

You should not get banned as the mod does not tamper with online features and keeps your account safe. Avoid cheating online as that can risk bans.

  • Unlocked
  • Unlimited
  • Money

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