MadLipz MOD APK 2.7.34 (No Watermark)

MadLipz MOD APK 2.7.34 (No Watermark)

MadLipz – The Hilarious App Creating Wacky Stories

App Name MadLipz
Publisher Eigenuity Inc.
Genre Entertainment
Update on Dec 31, 2023
Requirements 8.0
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MadLipz is a popular mobile app that allows users to create their own hilarious stories by filling in the blanks. With over 100 million downloads, MadLipz provides entertainment for all ages.


Android App Overview

The MadLipz Android app has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to create silly MadLibs-style stories. Some key features of the app include:

  • Library of templates – Choose from over 1000 wacky stories across various categories like school, animals, fairytales, etc.
  • Record audio – Record your story out loud to share the funny audio stories with friends.
  • Share stories – Easily share completed stories via text, email, social media and more.
  • Online and offline play – Internet connection not needed to create stories.
  • Kid-friendly – With no ads or in-app purchases, MadLipz is safe for kids.
  • Custom stories – In addition to pre-made templates, users can create fully custom stories.

Main Features

MadLipz Android app has several main features that make it stand out:

Huge Selection of Pre-Made Templates

With over 1000 wacky MadLibs-style templates across various categories, there’s no shortage of content to inspire unique stories. Whether it’s back-to-school tales, funny animal adventures, fairytales gone weird, or entirely random plots – there’s something for everyone.

The pre-made stories handle the hard work, users just fill in the blanks!

Record Hilarious Audio

Once you fill out the words, record yourself reading the story out loud. Hearing the silly stories actually voiced adds a whole new dimension of hilarity!

Share the audio recordings with friends and family for endless laughs. Recording is easy with the in-app recorder.


Share Completed Stories

Easily share your wacky MadLib creations via text, email, social media, and more.

Bring joy to others by spreading the weirdness! Share just text or link to the audio recording.

Online and Offline Access

No internet, no problem! The MadLipz app lets you download templates for offline access anytime, anywhere. Play without wifi or data.

Of course, you can still access all content and share stories while online. Seamlessly transition between offline and online.

Kid-Friendly Fun

With no ads, no in-app purchases, and strictly kid-appropriate content, MadLipz is safe for children.

Let their creativity run wild filling out silly stories! It’s a screen time activity parents can actually appreciate.

Create Custom Stories

For limitless variety, MadLipz lets you create fully custom stories from scratch. Develop your own template complete with fill-in-the-blank fields.

Get clever with story ideas and field placeholders, then challenge your friends!


MadLipz Mod APK Overview

The MadLipz mod APK unlocks additional features not available in the regular version, including:

Unlocked Premium Templates

The mod APK offers completely unlocked access to all 1000+ premium MadLibs templates without any purchases required.

Enjoy the full library of hilarious pre-made stories without spending money!

No Watermark on Exports

When exporting completed stories in the regular app, a small “Made with MadLipz” watermark appears on the image.

The mod APK removes this watermark on exports, allowing clean shares without branding.

Unlimited Saves

While the regular app limits how many stories you can save locally, the unlocked mod provides unlimited story saving with no caps.

Save as many wacky story creations as you want for continual laughs!


5 Key Questions

Here are answers to 5 key questions about MadLipz:

How many pre-made MadLibs templates are included?

MadLipz offers over 1000 hilarious pre-made MadLibs templates across various categories like school, animals, fairytales, and more. New templates added regularly.

Can you play MadLipz without internet?

Yes! The app lets you download templates for offline use anytime, anywhere without wifi or data required.

Is MadLipz safe for kids?

Yes! With strictly kid-appropriate content and no ads or in-app purchases, MadLipz is totally safe for kids.

How do you share completed MadLibs?

Easily share your wacky stories via text, email, social media and more. Share just text or link to the audio recording.

Can users create fully custom MadLibs?

Yes! In addition to pre-made templates, MadLipz users can create completely custom stories from scratch.

Get creative with your own fill-in-the-blank tales to challenge friends!

I hope this overview gives helpful insight into the MadLipz app and mod APK! Let me know if you have any other questions.

This release fixes bugs and improves performance and stability.

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