Mad Skills Motocross 3 MOD APK 2.9.10 (Unlimited Money)

Mad Skills Motocross 3 MOD APK 2.9.10 (Unlimited Money)


App Name Mad Skills Motocross 3
Publisher Turborilla
Genre Racing
Size 140 MB
Latest Version 2.9.10
Update on Nov 23, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited Money
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Mad Skills Motocross 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the latest installment in the popular Mad Skills Motocross mobile game series by developer Turborilla. Released in May 2021, this dirt bike racing game builds upon the success of previous titles while introducing new features and improvements. With over 55 million total installs across the series, MSM3 brings the frenetic arcade-style racing action of motocross to Android devices.

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This in-depth review will examine the key aspects of Mad Skills Motocross 3 2.9.10 ‘s gameplay, controls, graphics, sound, customization, multiplayer, and progression system. Analysis of these elements provides insight into the overall quality and enjoyment of this mobile racing experience.


The core racing gameplay in MSM3 sticks to the proven formula of the series. As a 2D side-scroller, races involve navigating terrain filled with jumps, ramps, and obstacles by accelerating, braking, and adjusting your rider’s balance in the air. The intuitive touch controls make pulling off tricks, whips, and scrub jumps thrilling yet accessible. The physics engine convincingly conveys the momentum and weight of bike and rider, bringing an authentic motocross feel.

New to MSM3 is a career mode with various leagues to progress through, adding structure beyond individual races. The AI opponents scale in difficulty nicely, providing tense competition without seeming unfair. Additional quick race, time attack, and versus modes offer plenty of gameplay variety. Daily and weekly online events with leaderboards provide motivation to keep coming back.

Overall, the gameplay provides an addictive, pick-up-and-play experience for all skill levels. The simple controls combined with challenging bike physics and competitive AI make for intense, white-knuckle races every time.


The touch controls in MSM3 are optimized for mobile devices. The main inputs for accelerating, braking, leaning forward, and leaning back are large buttons placed ergonomically at the bottom left and right of the screen. This allows the core controls to be easily accessible without obscuring too much of the race view.

Additional buttons along the edges of the screen activate boosts, rewinds, and camera adjustments. The controls are customizable, so players can tweak the layout to their preferences. On-screen prompts help newcomers pick up the controls quickly.

Overall, the touch controls strike a great balance between simplicity and functionality. Performing actions like pre-loading for jumps or timing scrub landings feels natural, capturing that motocross flow. The controls let anyone hop in and compete while providing nuance for advanced technique.

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The visuals in MSM3 are a massive upgrade over previous installments. The 2D side-view races now have vibrant 3D environments and bike/rider models. Tracks come alive with details like animated crowds and banners. Bikes show realistic damage and dirt buildup as races progress. The polished graphics make every hair-raising jump and crash a spectacle.

The exaggerated ragdoll physics when crashing add humor and fun. Rider customization offers hundreds of gear and accessory options to personalize your avatar’s look. From deserts to snowy peaks, locations have distinct visual flair. The visuals pop on high-resolution displays and hold up on lower-end devices.

MSM3 sets a new graphical standard for mobile motocross games. The environments burst with life and personality befitting the extreme sport. Smooth animations and flashy effects like fireworks make victories exciting. No detail was overlooked in making the bikes, tracks, and riders look superb.


Complementing the eye-catching visuals is great sound design. The bike engine and acceleration sounds feel throaty and powerful. Landing gears, chain whips, and environmental effects like crowds immerse you in the race. Impacts and crashes deliver meaty audio feedback.

The upbeat rock/electronic soundtrack fits the high-speed racing action. Menus and UI audio cues keep you informed of unlocks and upgrades. Some ambient background noise could make the tracks sound more alive, but overall the audio shines.

Between the beefy bike audio and pumping music, MSM3 sounds as good as it looks. The audiovisual presentation creates an adrenaline-filled motocross atmosphere accessible anytime on your mobile device.

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A staple of the series, MSM3 offers deep customization of your rider and bike. With hundreds of options for gear like helmets, goggles, shirts, pants, gloves, and boots, you can create a unique look. Extensive bike customization lets you pick frames, wheels, exhausts, and more for aesthetics and performance.

Using coins and cash earned from races, you can buy better parts to boost stats like acceleration, handling, brake strength, and shock absorption. More advanced parts get unlocked as you progress. Applying decals and paint jobs adds flair. The sheer customization depth keeps bike tuning and outfitting engaging.

Between the gear and bike choices, you can put your personal stamp on every aspect of your rider and vehicle. The customization options make progression meaningful and are key for motocross fans. No two riders ever have to look alike.


While the single-player career forms the core experience, MSM3 adds new multiplayer components. Daily and weekly online events let you compete on special tracks to climb leaderboards and win big rewards. The asynchronous competition against ghost riders keeps the action hot.

Local multiplayer options are also available for competing against friends. The multiplayer gives the game longevity beyond the career and provides incentive to build the best possible ride. Leaderboard rankings and club teams foster a sense of community.

The multiplayer events capture the competitive spirit of motocross. Riding against ghosts still retains that solo flow state feeling while letting you measure up globally. Couch multiplayer delivers instant action with buddies. The multiplayer checks all the boxes.

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Progression and Monetization

Advancing through the career mode in MSM3 will take skill and commitment. The progression is fair – success comes from honing your abilities, not arbitrary difficulty spikes. New leagues introduce new race challenges, keeping things fresh. You earn coins for wins and completing race objectives, which are spent on better gear and parts.

Like many mobile games, in-app purchases exist for those wanting to speed up progression. However, they are not required to progress at a reasonable rate. Extra coins can be earned by watching ads or completing sponsor contracts. The game stays enjoyable for non-spenders.

The career mode strikes a great balance of rewarding progression. There is clear advancement with new gear and faster lap times, but it never feels like advancement is walled off. The overall progression system respects players’ time while providing avenues for faster unlocking.


With excellent touch controls, thrilling racing physics, intense competition, and deep customization, Mad Skills Motocross 3 represents the pinnacle of mobile motocross games. It captures the core essence of motocross – flowing rhythm, razor’s edge control, and spectacular aerial stunts. A long-lasting career mode and regular online events provide lasting enjoyment and replayability.

Minor nitpicks like limited bike varieties and occasionally repetitive environments do little to detract from the overall quality. Fans of motocross and mobile racing games alike will find much to love in this robust package. Mad Skills Motocross 3 delivers an adrenaline-pumping arcade racing experience to your Android device that lives up to its name.

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  • Intuitive touch controls make pulling off tricks and aerial maneuvers natural
  • Convincing bike physics deliver authentic motocross feel
  • Massive graphical overhaul with beautiful 3D environments and bike/rider models
  • Extensive customization for bikes and rider gear keeps you engaged
  • Career mode provides structured progression through leagues
  • Asynchronous online multiplayer events add competitive longevity
  • Progression rewards skill and commitment without frustrating walls
  • Minor flaws like limited bikes and repetitive environments
  • Captures the flowing, stunt-filled intensity of motocross
  • Sets a new standard for mobile motocross games

Game Information

Developer: Turborilla

Release Date: May 2021

Platforms: Android

Genre: Racing

Monetization: Free-to-play with ads and in-app purchases

Mad Skills Motocross 3 MOD APK (3)


I give Mad Skills Motocross 3 on a rating of 2.9.10 apk out of 5 stars.

The addictive arcade-style racing, stellar presentation, and extensive customization options make this a must-play for motocross fans and mobile gamers alike. Minor flaws aside, Turborilla delivered an excellent, content-rich motocross experience.

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Silver
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Free Shooping
  • Unlock Bike
  • No Ads

+ Season 8 starts on December 11! Prepare to unlock new, cool gear and bike decals. + Improved performance and minor fixes

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