MacroDroid APK 5.38.15 MOD (PRO, Premium Unlocked)

MacroDroid APK 5.38.15 MOD (PRO, Premium Unlocked)


App Name MacroDroid - Device Automation
Publisher ArloSoft
Genre Tools
Size 55 MB
Latest Version 5.38.15
Update on Nov 17, 2023
Mod info PRO/Premium Unlocked
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MacroDroid is a powerful and user-friendly automation app for Android. With MacroDroid, you can automate repetitive tasks on your device to optimize your workflow, save time, and boost productivity.

In this comprehensive review, we will cover the key features of MacroDroid, examine its ease of use, customizability, reliability, and performance impact. We will also look at some example use cases and macros you can create with MacroDroid.

MacroDroid MOD APK

Overview of MacroDroid

MacroDroid allows you to build macros – sets of triggers, actions and constraints – to automate tasks on your Android device. With MacroDroid’s intuitive interface, you can easily create macros in just a few taps. The app provides over 70 triggers, 100+ actions and 50+ constraints to choose from.

Some examples of what you can do with MacroDroid:

  • Automatically enable WiFi when you arrive home
  • Switch your phone to silent mode during meetings
  • Change audio output when headphones are plugged in
  • Send automated texts based on your location
  • Adjust screen brightness at night
  • Run shortcuts when NFC tags are scanned

And these are just a few of the possibilities. MacroDroid is extremely versatile for automating many aspects of your digital life.

The free version of MacroDroid allows you to create up to 5 macros. The paid Pro version ($4.99) lets you build unlimited macros and removes ads.

MacroDroid MOD APK

Key Features of MacroDroid

Here are some of the standout features that make MacroDroid a top choice for Android automation:

Simple and Intuitive Interface

MacroDroid makes it easy for anyone to build powerful macros without coding knowledge. The visual drag-and-drop interface lets you put triggers, actions and constraints together like building blocks.

Configuring each part of a macro is straightforward using simple dropdown menus and toggles. MacroDroid color codes triggers, actions and constraints so you can visually distinguish them.

The interface focuses on usability rather than technical complexity. This allows both novice and advanced users to be productive with MacroDroid.

Wide Range of Triggers

Triggers tell MacroDroid when to run your macros. With over 70 triggers, MacroDroid offers incredible flexibility to automate based on different events.

Trigger categories include:

  • Location – Using GPS, network location, WiFi near, geofencing
  • Time – Specific times, time range, stopwatch, calendar events
  • Device – Charging, idle, screen on/off, headset plugged in
  • Connectivity – WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC tags, notifications
  • Sensors – Accelerometer, orientation, light level, power button
  • Apps – App launch, app closed, app update
  • And many more

You can even trigger macros using home screen shortcuts, widgets and external Bluetooth buttons. Chaining multiple triggers together with constraints creates complex logic.

Diverse Actions

The action is what MacroDroid will do when triggered. With over 100 actions covering a wide scope, you have endless options to build powerful automations.

Some of the helpful action categories are:

  • Ringtones and audio – Change volumes, mute, play tones
  • Notifications – Send notifications, flash light, vibrate
  • Connectivity – Enable/disable WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data
  • Device settings – Screen brightness, rotation, airplane mode
  • Messaging – Send SMS, email, WhatsApp
  • Media – Take photo, record audio, open YouTube
  • App actions – Launch app, kill app, restart app
  • Advanced – Run shell scripts, Tasker plugins, root actions

Chaining multiple actions in sequence or in parallel allows complex automations.

Flexible Constraints

Adding constraints to your macros gives you finer control over when they run. Constraints add conditional logic – the macro will only run if the constraint is satisfied.

MacroDroid offers over 50 different constraints including:

  • Locations and geo-fences
  • Time of day, day of week, calendar events
  • Power conditions – Charging, battery level
  • Connectivity status – WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Device conditions – Screen on/off, idle
  • And many more

Constraints allow you to restrict your macros so they only run in the desired context. This prevents unwanted trigger activations.

Reliable Background Execution

A key benefit of MacroDroid is that it reliably executes macros in the background, even with the screen off. MacroDroid uses Android’s accessibility services to keep monitoring triggers in the background.

The developer is careful to optimize battery usage for background execution. MacroDroid also ensures the app is not improperly killed by overzealous battery optimizers on some devices.

This reliability ensures your automations run when expected. MacroDroid also provides persistent notifications when macros are active so you can monitor status.

Automation Templates

MacroDroid offers hundreds of downloadable templates to implement common automations.

Templates make it easy to quickly add useful macros without building them from scratch. Categories include:

  • Productivity – Scheduling, reminders, file management
  • Connectivity – Home WiFi, auto-tethering, save data
  • Multimedia – Audio controls, auto-start music, YouTube actions
  • Travel – Driving mode, trip tracking, flight mode
  • System – Battery saving, auto rotation, night mode
  • And many more

The template library saves you time and provides inspiration for useful macros. You can browse popular templates or search for specific needs.

Backup and Sync

MacroDroid offers multiple ways to backup your macros so you don’t lose your hard work. You can manually export individual macros or all macros to files.

For Pro users, MacroDroid provides cloud sync to backup your settings. This allows syncing your macros across all your Android devices logged into the same MacroDroid account.

The backup and sync features provide essential redundancy for your automation recipes.

Tasker Integration

MacroDroid integrates nicely with the popular third-party automation app Tasker. You can trigger Tasker tasks from MacroDroid actions and vice versa.

This interoperability gives you the best of both worlds – MacroDroid’s simplicity plus Tasker’s depth for power users.

If you’ve already built Tasker profiles, you can easily incorporate them into your MacroDroid automations.

Continuous Evolution

The MacroDroid developer is very responsive and keeps improving the app based on user feedback. The app is updated frequently with new features, triggers, actions, bug fixes and performance improvements.

An engaged community of users provides suggestions to enhance MacroDroid. The developer actively solicits ideas for improvements.

This ongoing evolution ensures MacroDroid becomes more powerful and robust over time.

MacroDroid MOD APK

Ease of Use

MacroDroid stands out for its sheer ease of use compared to other automation apps. The polished interface allows you to be productive quickly without a steep learning curve.

Here are some of the aspects that make MacroDroid intuitive and user-friendly:

Step-by-Step Wizard

When creating a new macro, MacroDroid guides you through a simple step-by-step wizard:

  1. Select a trigger
  2. Choose your actions
  3. (Optional) Set constraints
  4. Name your macro

The wizard makes it easy to put together macros in a logical sequence. Default settings reduce initial complexity.

Visual Programming

MacroDroid uses a visual drag-and-drop workflow for building macros. You simply drag triggers, actions and constraints onto the canvas and connect them visually.

This is far more intuitive than text-based coding. The visual approach is easier for most people to understand.

Simple Configuration

Configuring each part of a macro utilizes simple dropdown menus, toggles, text inputs and number pickers. Advanced options are hidden in expandable sections.

This focused configuration style simplifies setup without overwhelming you initially. Default values minimize required inputs.

Color Coding

MacroDroid color codes triggers, actions and constraints with different colors – red, blue and green respectively.

This color coding allows you to distinguish the logical components visually at a glance. It becomes very easy to interpret long macros.

Contextual Help

Long pressing on any item in MacroDroid brings up a help screen with details about configuring and using that item.

This contextual help saves you time searching for assistance. It provides guidance right where you need it.

Thorough Documentation

The developer provides extensive documentation on using MacroDroid on the forum site and YouTube channel.

The forum includes sections for general help, troubleshooting, macro recipes and ideas. Many questions have already been answered.

Template Library

The wide selection of pre-made templates allow you to use MacroDroid successfully without any programming.

Browsing and activating templates gives you working automations immediately. You can then customize them as desired.

MacroDroid MOD APK

Customization and Extensibility

While MacroDroid makes it easy to build basic macros, the app offers extensive customization for power users. You can tweak macros in countless ways and extend functionality using plugins.

Here are some examples of customization options:

Custom Triggers

Beyond the built-in triggers, you can create custom triggers by combining conditions using constraints. This allows triggering macros based on complex logic.

For instance, you could trigger when:

  • Battery below 30% AND Charger disconnected
  • In Car Bluetooth AND Weekday AND Time between 3-7pm

Custom triggers give you maximum flexibility to automate for specific contexts.

Repeating Macros

You can configure macros to repeat actions periodically using wait actions or loops. This allows automating repetitive tasks on schedule.

For example, you could:

  • Refresh app data every 30 minutes
  • Take a photo daily at 8am

Loop counts and wait durations are configurable for your needs.

Global Constraints

Adding global constraints applies those conditions to the entire macro. This simplifies adding common constraints.

For instance, you could set a Night Time constraint from 10pm to 6am. All triggers and actions in that macro would then be restricted to night time.

MacroDroid MOD APK


For advanced scripting, MacroDroid supports JavaScriptlets – short JavaScript functions that can be used as actions.

JavaScriptlets allow building complex logic using code. You can integrate with MacroDroid variables and functions.

Root Actions

If rooted, MacroDroid provides additional actions to automate system-level tasks like manipulating WiFi, rebooting or controlling screen brightness below default minimums.

Root powers up automation possibilities.

Tasker Integration

Incorporate existing Tasker profiles as triggers or actions in your macros for advanced functionality via the Tasker plugin.

This leverages the wide range of Tasker capabilities at your disposal.


Additional plugins like AutoInput and AutoTools extend MacroDroid to support accessibility actions, expanded UI queries and control over secure settings among other advanced features.

Plugins augment MacroDroid with more advanced task automation capabilities.

MacroDroid MOD APK


Based on thousands of user reviews, MacroDroid scores very high marks for reliability. The biggest complaint with automation apps is macros failing to run.

  • Premium Unlocked

Edit Macro screen now supports search functionality. Added JavaScript action (Beta). Added Fold State trigger. Added Fold State constraint. Compare Values Constraint now supports expressions for integer and decimal values. Tweaked App Launched/Closed trigger and Foreground App name to work more reliably. Added support for including user icons when sharing macro/categories that reference them. (Not supported in templates at this time)

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